Wednesday 2 September 2015

Nail Gun Massacre comes to UK disc from 88 Films.

Available for the first time in the UK. No pennies??? No plot??? No problem!!!
With innovation comes influence - and so it was that, in 1985, another group of backwoods filmmakers from the Lone Star State gave us another legendary Texas-set splatter-shocker: NAIL GUN MASSACRE.

An icon of the VHS age, sleazier and cheesier than any of its contemporaries- and featuring more power tool plasma-spillage than you can shake a chainsaw at - NAIL GUN MASSACRE introduces a motorcycle-helmet wearing psychopath with a range of amusing one-liners. This mysterious marauders get their kicks from tracking down tempestuous teenagers and lowbrow locals so that they can be turned into human pin cushions. The motivation behind this macabre path of plasma-provocation may be linked to a psycho-sexual crime that took place years prior - although the local police force are understandably baffled as each new dead body turns up...

Never before released in the UK, 88 Films is proud to welcome this notorious late night beer 'n' pizza pot-boiler, restored and remastered from the original 16mm materials, into the Slasher Classics Collection! Don't expect high art, but do expect a bloody good time - because few slice and dice pictures pack in more mayhem than NAIL GUN MASSACRE!

•Available to watch in both 4x3 and 16x9 versions, transferred in HD from original 16mm materials.
•Audio Commentary by The Hysteria Continues
•Audio commentary with Texas Frightmare Weekend creator Loyd Cryer
•Alamo Drafthouse Screening
•Interview with Director Terry Lofton
•Interview with SFX and music supervisor, Whitey Thomas
•Locations of Nail Gun Massacre featurette
•Q&A, hosted by Joe Bob Briggs
•88 Films Trailer Reel
• Reversible sleeve with alternate poster Artwork

The film is released to UK BD and DVD this month from 88 Films.

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