Sunday 10 March 2024

Taking a Break (again)!

 Hi Guys. 

Life's been kinda getting on top of me lately and I'm struggling with motivation to keep on top of things, both here and in real life, so have decided to take a break from site updates for a little while.

This isn't the end, I will return, just as I did when I stepped away the other year. Also, I will  still be making the odd post over on my social media channels, so be sure to subscribe to those.

For now, I'm going to be spending time working on other projects and, in particular, trying to work on myself.

Site updates will (hopefully) return to normal sometime towards the end of the summer, if not sooner.

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Tuesday 5 March 2024

V/H/S/94 - UK BD Review

V/H/S/94 is the fourth in the popular series of found footage anthology films, which all revolve around some hapless person, or persons, coming across a collection of VHS tapes and discovering the disturbing content recorded on them.

This one takes place, as the title suggests, in 1994 where a SWAT team are raiding a warehouse, which is the headquarters of a bizarre religious cult, who they believe are involved with human trafficking.

Finding the cult members to have all commited ritualistic suicide, they proceed to sweep the building, where they encounter a series of TVs and projection screens, playing various disturbing films, which form the basis of the 4 grisly stories that make up the film.

The first, STORM DRAIN, follows a local TV news crew investigating reports of a Rat-Man creature that supposedly lives in the drains underneath Ohio. Only to discover it's never wise to ignore local legends.

Next, THE EMPTY WAKE, a young girl at a funeral parlour finds herself stuck in the building after hours when a flash storm and a tornado warning traps her inside, only to discover the dead body in the casket she's minding may not be willing to be interred just yet, with some wry humour and gore that should appeal to fans of Re-Animator.

The third film THE SUBJECT clearly seems to have been influenced by those Guines Pig films from the early 90s. Taking place somewhere in East Asia, the police raid the laboratory of a mad scientist they believe to be responsible for a number of dissapearances, only to find that the bizarre creations he's been working on may not let them leave.

Lastly TERROR seems to be a bizarre mash-up of Vampire lore and Monty Python, as a group of redneck survivalists think they've found the ultimate weapon to use against the Government, in a bizarre stranger they have captive, who seemingly cannot die and whose blood produces positively explosive results. What could possibly go wrong???

Of course the real twist comes in the wrap-around story with the SWAT team, who discover that whatever horrors where in the films playing in the complex, a fate potentially even more horrific awaits them...

Whether you will like this will of course depend on your love of found footage films, of which I'm not really a fan of to be honest.

That being said, V/H/S/94 isn't a bad film, and found it passed 90mins quite well. If you liked the other films in the V/H/S series, I'd say pick this one up.

Extras on the Blu-Ray include....

Film makers commentary track
Seperate audio commentary for "The Empty Wake"
Behind the Scenes Feature
San Diego Comic-Con panel
Behind the Scenes Picture Gallery
Special Effects Feature (showing how they designed the creature for "Terror")
"The Empty Wake" - Visual Effects breakdown
Hail Raatma! (a look at the Ratman suit from the first story)
6x Deleted/Extended Scenes
Bonus "Veggie Masher" commercial (full length phony advert, partly shown during "Storm Drain")

V/H/S/94 is out now on UK BD and DVD.

Buy the UK BD from

Buy the UK DVD from





From director Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, The Exorcist: The Beginning) comes THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1.

After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple Maya (Madelaine Petsch - Sightless) and Ryan (Froy Gutierrez - TV's Teen Wolf, Hocus Pocus 2) are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. 

But chaos and panic quickly ensue, as they are subsequently terrorised by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive.

Will they survive the night, in THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1? The chilling first entry of this upcoming horror feature film series.

View the Trailer on YouTube.

THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 is in UK cinemas 17 May from Lionsgate UK



Thursday 29 February 2024


Following its successful festival run and ahead of its digital release in June 2024, Severin Films announces a UK theatrical tour of the acclaimed film MANCUNIAN MAN : THE LEGENDARY LIFE OF CLIFF TWEMLOW.

Tour dates:

3 March – Nottingham Broadway + Q&A with Jake West & David Gregory

13 March – Birmingham – Mockingbird Cinema + Q&A with Jake West

23 March – Exeter – Exeter Phoenix + Q&A with Jake West

26 April – London – Prince Charles Cinema + Q&A with Jake West

4 May – Glasgow – Glasgow Film Theatre + Q&A with Jake West

With more to be confirmed

Meet Cliff Twemlow – AKA Mancunian Man…Bouncer. Novelist. Composer. Screenwriter Producer. Stuntman. Star. In 1980s Britain Twemlow was all of these and much, much more. For more than a decade, he was in fact Britain’s most prolific indie filmmaker and in his hometown of Manchester, he was – and remains – a bonefide legend.

Between 1982 and 1993, he gathered a devoted team, including local doormen, martial artists, variety performers, club DJs, models, girlfriends, gym friends, family members and B-listers and created his own cut-rate Hollywood empire.

Perhaps best known for the ultra-violent G.B.H. (Grievous Bodily Harm) – which was banned as one of the notorious Video Nasties – Twemlow was a true trailblazer. Shooting with pioneering video technology, composing the music himself and working to almost non-existent budgets – he crafted movies of all genres, from gangster flicks to horror films, spy thrillers to sci-fi epics and beyond, with the help of his unlikely ensemble of misfits.

Now his unbelievable, but totally true story is brought to life by director Jake West (Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape, Razor Blade Smile and Doghouse) and Severin Films through exclusive new interviews, insane film clips and rare behind-the-scenes footage.

There’s only one real Mancunian Man, a true one-of-a-kind and legend whose story needs to be seen to be believed.


AWARE OF THE WOLF and ABADDON'S PIT - Available from Vipco

Indie distributers VIPCO have just released 2 more titles to their Digital catalogue, AWARE OF THE WOLF and ABADDON'S PIT


VIPCO & BayView Entertainment have released the horror film AWARE OF THE WOLF, which is now available on Digital platforms (excluding Amazon Prime Video) worldwide. 

AWARE OF THE WOLF will also arrive on AVOD Digital Platforms worldwide on 30th April.
Official selection: New Jersey Mystery & Crime Film Festival, Thing In The Basement Film Festival.
Terry is a life coach and motivational speaker for the meek and afraid, and his methods are very effective. But when his students start to become aware of the “wolf” inside of them, their transformations take a dangerous turn.

AWARE OF THE WOLF was Written and Directed by Joshua Nelson. The film stars Tony Murphy, Jenn Nobile and Katie Raulerson.

View the Trailer on YouTube


VIPCO & BayView Entertainment have released the dramatic sci-fi thriller ABADDON'S PIT, which is now available on Digital platforms (excluding Amazon Prime Video) worldwide.

ABADDON'S PIT will also arrive on AVOD Digital Platforms worldwide on 30th April.
2023 Tabloid Witch Award Winner for Faith Kelly: Best Dramatic Actress ; Features the work of Emmy-nominated Production Designer Edic Dean (“The Bear”); Official Selection at these film festivals: Chain NYC Film Festival, Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Peephole FilmFest, International Art Film Festival, LA Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival, Tuesday of Horror Fest.
Blaming himself for the death of his wife Samara, Dave moves to the abandoned family farm to recover. There, he connects with his cousin Gareth. Together, they discover a bottomless pit that changes everything that enters it, and become obsessed with its secrets.
Abaddon’s Pit was Written and Directed by Jason Egan and Matthew Nash. The film stars Jeff Ayars, Alyssa Talbot, Lawrence Trailer and Faith Kelly.

View the Trailer on YouTube.

Monday 26 February 2024

NYX UK to screen explicit horror anthology series THE HUNGER

NYX UK shows appetite for explicit horror with anthology series THE HUNGER, plus there are channel premieres for SISTERS, DARK TOUCH, GRIMM LOVE and THE DEMONIACS.

Coming to NYX UK on Thursday nights at 11pm is THE HUNGER, the horror anthology series that ran from 1997 to 2000, captivating audiences with its feast of eroticism, horror, and the macabre. The first series features stories that range from a young man’s eerie encounter with a carnival, a tragic love story entangled with disability and dependency, to forbidden love with a vampire, a chef's sinister culinary journey, and a newlywed couple's horrifying discovery at a remote inn. Familiar faces include Timothy Spall, Daniel Craig, Margot Kidder and Amanda De Cadenet. Exec produced by Ridley Scott, the first series is hosted by Terence Stamp.

Fridays nights continues to explore the realm of Euro exploitation  horror and the latest addition is the channel premiere of Jean Rollin’s THE DEMONIACS, a vampiristic mix of sensuality, the supernatural, and psychological torment.

Friday 9th March is International Women’s Day and to mark the occasion NYX UK is streaming the channel premiere of DARK TOUCH, Marina de Van’s harrowing, Ireland-set supernatural tale of haunting trauma and family tragedy.

The UK’s prime destination for horror fans is also celebrating David Cronenberg’s birthday on Friday 15th March with a double bill of two of his classic and much-loved movies – RABID and SHIVERS, both of which explore Cronenberg's signature blend of body horror, surrealism, and sexual exploration.

There are two more channel premieres this month. De Palma's 1973 thriller SISTERS weaves a riveting tale of suspense, identity, and madness, with Margot Kidder in a memorable dual role.  Then there is GRIMM LOVE, directed by Martin Weisz, which delves into the harrowing depths of human depravity and obsession, inspired by the true and unsettling story of Armin Meiwes, the German cannibal.

Wednesday nights continues with ELVIRA’S MOVIE MACABRE, which revives the iconic horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as portrayed by Cassandra Peterson and  FrightFest Saturday Scares with Alan Jones continues, with our genial host introducing and discussing his favourite films, including THE BOOGEY MAN (1980).

For weekly schedule and full listings:



Sunday 25 February 2024

LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL - Coming to UK Cinemas, March

Shudder and Vertigo Releasing are thrilled to confirm the release of the upcoming horror, LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL. The film will be in UK Cinemas from 22nd March.

In 1977 a live television broadcast goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into living rooms across the United States.

The film stars David Dastmalchian (Dune, The Dark Knight) as Jack Delroy, host of a late-night talk show. On Halloween night 1977 havoc unfolds when Delroy interviews a parapsychologist and the subject of her recent book, a young teenager who is the sole survivor of a Satanic church's mass suicide. 

LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL will be in UK Cinemas from 22nd March 

View the Trailer on YouTube.