Friday 20 June 2014

Uwe Boll sequel "Rampages" onto US DVD

Phase 4 Films has announced the release of "Rampage: Capital Punishment" onto US DVD and VOD.

The sequel to Uwe Boll’s best-reviewed film "Rampage" launches August 19 in the U.S. and October 21 in Canada. Brendan Fletcher (Rampage, The Pacific, Freddy vs. Jason), Lochlyn Munro (Assault on Wall Street, White Chicks) and Mike Dopud (Smallville, Stargate Universe) star.

Violent anti-hero Bill Williamson has a plan to change the world by exacting vengeance on the rich and ripping Washington apart. He holds a number of people hostage and uses his captives as his political platform to spread his message and awaken humanity.  It's time to destroy the system and change won't happen peacefully.
From producer Natalia Tudge, "Rampage: Capital Punishment" will be available on DVD/VOD on August 19 in the US and on October 21 in Canada.
The film will be available to pre-order shortly from

"Varsity Blood" comes to UK DVD

They cheer, they fear, they die in Varsity Blood, coming to UK DVD this August.

A pack of muscle-headed small town jocks and their bouncy cheerleader girlfriends share a dark secret – and they’re about to share a whole lot more. 

It’s Halloween, and they’ve got every reason to go wild. Heading out to a remote farmhouse for a night of booze and bad behaviour, they soon find more than they’ve bargained for in the shape of their team mascot, an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting axe.  One by one they will fall victim to a killer who is about to learn: a dead cheerleader can be pretty…bloody.
Varisty Blood is released to UK DVD from Image Entertainment on 11 August 2014.
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Tuesday 17 June 2014

"Scar Tissue" comes to UK screens this July

Detective Sam Cross (Charity Wakefield – Sense & Sensibility, The Raven) never got the chance for revenge. Twenty years ago, her sister became the last victim of serial child killer Edward Jansen, moments before he was shot dead by a police SWAT team.
But now, decades later, he's back…
Luke Denham (Danny Horn - Dr Who) is a normal guy living a normal life until he wakes up one morning to find a mutilated corpse in his bathroom. When the police find Jansen’s DNA all over the crime scene, Luke and Sam are thrown together on a mission to uncover the truth and stop the long-dead psychopath who stalks and taunts them. "SCAR TISSUE" is a shocking, gripping and stylish thriller from the producer of The Seasoning House that reminds us how the past can be impossible to escape.
A Sterling Pictures production, the film also stars Shaun Dingwall (Dr Who, Rock & Chips), Helen George (Call The Midwife), Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinner) and screen legend Kenneth Colley (most famous for playing Admiral Piett in the original Star Wars trilogy). Original music for SCAR TISSUE is composed by Mark Ayres, famous for his work on Dr Who in classic era of the 80s, and more recently as part of the reformed BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Evil leaves it's mark in "Scar Tissue", in UK cinemas 25th July and on DVD and VOD 4th Aug.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Kids Gets Deader!!!!

Michael Hall's "Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader", the follow up to his earlier "Kids Go Into the Woods" (2009) is a return to the classic midnight movie slasher genre featuring horror hostess Peaches McNeil (Samantha Glovin), which is due for release in the US later this month.
Continuing where part one left off. After years of nightmares and therapy sessions Casey (Leah Rudick) sets out to find the author of a mysterious novel that foretold the brutal murder of her brother at the hands of a masked maniac.
Meanwhile it’s all boobs, blood and rock ‘n’ roll for a group of teenagers at a house party. All except for Brian (Bradley Creanzo) who is buried in Charles Carver’s (Steve Buja) latest novel. When the crazed killer (Alexander Kollar) returns to slaughter their sexcapades with bloodsplattering similarity found within the novel Brian and Casey must struggle to unseal their own fates before it’s too late.
Are they just characters in a story living out the brutal fantasies of a mad man? Or can freewill save them from the clutches of a gruesome destiny?
View the trailer on Vimeo.
For more info on this release, checkout the Official Website

Fright-Rags' to release new "G.I. Jason" shirt

Friday the 13th has seen its fair share of sequels, but never quite like this.
Fright-Rags' most-requested design of all time is the G.I. Jason shirt, originally released in January 2012. "A Real American Slasher" returns today with G.I. Jason V2!
The design, by Jason Edmiston, mashes up horror icon Jason Voorhees (styled after his look in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) with G.I. Joe-inspired artwork. It's available on regular shirts, girls shirts and baseball tees.
As an added bonus, the first 200 orders will receive a FREE G.I. Jason V2 backer card. What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th?
Pre-orders are available now exclusively on Shipment will begin in late July.
Be sure to keep an eye out for Fright-Rags' Midnight Madness tees in the coming months. Once a month throughout the summer, Fright-Rags will release a brand new shirt for 24 hours only. The first installment was Ghostbusters, so who knows what awaits next month...
Pre-orders are available now at Fright-Rags.

Grindhouse Trailer Classics - Volume 4!!!!

Out tomorow (16/06/14). Just when you thought you'd seen everything, here comes another 55 trailers of sick, depraved and hysterically brilliant movie previews from the golden age of Grindhouse Cinema, courtesy of Nucleus films!
See! Depraved dwarves, delicious dominatrixes, kung-ku action, satanists, psychos, groovy chicks, vampires, college co-eds, super dudes, bikers from hell, disasters, euro thrillers, swinging couples, daring dobermans, killer cats.. and a glimpse into the end of the world!
Grab friends and booze, tune in and turn on to some of the most mind warping action your eyes will ever experience! All of the trailers in this collection have been sourced from ultra-rare 35mm prints, many of which haven't been seen since they first unspooled into the grimy 42nd Street flea pits of yesteryear!
View the trailer on YouTube.

The DVD is available from


Devil's Mile comes to US DVD and VOD

Phase 4 Films has announced an August 12 US DVD/VOD bow for director Joseph O'Brien's highly-anticipated horror-thriller Devil's Mile starring David Hayter (writer of X-Men and Watchmen), Maria del Mar (24) and Casey Hudecki (Wolves).
A gang of psychotic convicts take a dangerous and ill-advised detour after brutally kidnapping two young girls. As the captors speed away, events quickly turn out to be much more dangerous and gruesome than they had planned for. While driving down a long and dark stretch of deserted highway, the car becomes surrounded by mysterious sinister spirits, forcing the captors and young girls to work together in hopes of surviving the deadly evil force.
Devil's Mile is released August 12 on DVD and VOD in the US.
The film will be available for pre-order on Amazon shortly.

Saturday 14 June 2014

Walking Dead Series 4 - available to pre-order on UK disc.

Series 4 of "The Walking Dead" is coming to UK DVD and BD this September
In the aftermath of the war with the Governor, we see Rick and the group of survivors fostering a thriving community in the safe haven of the prison. Sadly, in this brutal world, happiness is short-lived and walkers are no match for a greater dangers brewing inside the fences. The group's home and new way of life will be thoroughly tested, and they will find themselves prepared to do whatever it takes to survive.
Special features on the discs include
-Over an hour of Audio Commentaries
-Deleted Scenes
-Extended episodes
The series is released to UK DVD and BD and in a special limited edition BD "Tree Walker" box set (exclusive to Amazon) September 15th from eOne entertainment.
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"Worm" - coming to US DVD from Synapse

In a future where we no longer have the ability to dream, people have turned to 'Fantasites,' genetically engineered worm-like parasites, for sleep relief. Delivered right to your door, these “worms” allow you to experience your wildest nocturnal fantasies by just dropping one in your ear canal right before bedtime!
Charles (John Ferguson), a socially awkward young man, begins using this new miracle dream aid hoping it will bring excitement to his mundane life and get him closer to the girl of his dreams. Soon, things squirm out of control for Charles and his friends, when the Government bans the product and people seek the addictive ‘Fantasites’ through underground illegal means...
A fascinating, genre-bending, sci-fi thriller, WORM is an outstanding independent production that took film festivals by storm.  Originally conceived as a short for Nashville’s “48 Hour Film Project” (also included as an extra on this release), this feature-length version was developed without a written script and the actors improvised their dialogue during filming.

Special Features on the disc include:
• WORM - Original Short
• Audio Commentary featuring Jeremy Pearce, Julian Herrera, Jennifer Bonior and director Doug Mallette
• Deleted Scenes
• Trailers
Worm squirms its way onto US DVD August 12.
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Friday 13 June 2014

Emily Cutting – "Blood Widow" interview!

Emily Cutting gives her lungs a good workout in her latest movie, "Blood Widow". But, she drew breathe long enough to answer a few of our questions.
How did you get the gig?

The casting director Kyle and I had been on set together. He reached out to me to audition for the film. I did and the rest is history.
For those that haven’t yet seen it, who do you play?

I play Amber. She is driven by the need for stimulation and excitement. She gets bored very easily and when brought out in the middle of the woods with no cell service she is constantly getting into mischief to keep herself from going stir crazy.
Was it frightening at times working with the Blood Widow character? She’s spooky-looking!
I don't want to be a spoiler but I never really have the chance to be frightened. I feel that the way Amber works is that she would have been more angry and annoyed with blood widow crashing her fun than frightened per se'.  My scene with the blood widow was much more frightening when I watched it on screen than during filming.
Was it sort of a family feeling, working on an indie like this? Are you all close now?
I had a blast with the cast and crew! I do occasionally talk to my most of co-stars via Facebook however I am very close friends with the actress that played Harmony and we actually began a small independent film company called " little black film"
How was Jeremiah Buckhalt, the director, to work with?
Jeremiah was great. He motivated us and gave everyone a lot of support. It was difficult at times working long hours in the summer, with no air conditioning but we made it. He was so dedicated we even filmed on his birthday.
Are you a fan of horror movies?
I hate scary movies. I am a chicken when it comes to that stuff. I am more of a comedy person.

What’s next for you?
The sky is the limit! I am continuing to audition and hopefully my breakout role is just around the corner.

"Blood Widow" is out now on US DVD and can be purchased from

You can follow Emily on Facebook and IMDB.



Today is Friday the 13th, a day synonymous with the supernatural, the macabre and the creepy, so what better date to release critically acclaimed horror film, "Oculus". To celebrate the film’s release of we take a look at superstitions surrounding this aptly chosen release day….

Millions of people fear Friday the 13th when it pops up in the calendar and even change plans to avoid tempting fate. People have admitted to taking extra care when getting around to the extent that some people don’t even leave the house, and it is estimated that travelers are 27% less likely to book a flight on this day.
5.8 million
If you avoid walking over three drains, never put new shoes on a table or frantically close your umbrella when you step indoors then chances are that you are one of the 5.8 million people in the UK who are superstitious. Other common superstitions include throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder whenever you spill some and keeping lucky underwear!
Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13, and this fear is so common that is has been estimated that 80% of high-rise buildings do not have a 13th floor. This phobia has also led to hotels missing a room 13, aeroplanes skipping the 13th aisle and hospitals avoiding naming a room 13.
10 million
One of the most practical superstitions safety-wise, but walking under a ladder remains a common superstition in the UK with 10 million people claiming that they avoid passing through the DIY instrument for fear that it will bring them bad luck.
Black cats became associated with witchcraft and bad luck way back in the middle ages, but this feline fear remains to such an extent in the 21st century that animal shelters report that the mysterious moggies are 50% less likely to be adopted than cats of any other colour.
Magpie numbers have more than doubled in the past 30 years, making them (creepily) the 13th most common garden bird. But lone magpies are considered an ill omen by some who believe that to counteract the bad luck, they must salute their feathered foes.
9 million
From the historical belief that they contain trapped souls to anyone who has ever caught a strange reflection from the corner of your eye, giving you a shiver down your spine, mirrors have always been a bit creepy. This explains then why an estimated 9 million people in the UK believe that breaking a mirror will cause seven years bad luck.
Flight 666 to HEL
Would you board flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th? For even the bravest of travellers, this might be a step too far but flight AY666 Copenhagen to Helsinki carries on as scheduled


Tuesday 10 June 2014

"The Complete Dr Phibes" - BD Box Set - A Review

“The Abominable Dr Phibes” and it’s sequel “Dr Phibes Rides Again” are, quite probably, Vincent Price’s most outrageous films. And they’re being released together on UK Blu-Ray for the first time by Arrow films this month in their “Complete Dr Phibes” Blu-Ray box set. 

"The Abominable Dr Phibes".

Set in the 1920s, the police are investigating a series of murders, involving various medical staff, who have been killed in the most bizarre of fashions. One doctor has been killed by vampire bats, another by a swarm of killer bees, whilst another is found tied to a chair with his blood drained.

The investigating officers, Inspector Trout (Peter Jeffrey – “Countess Dracula”) and Sgt Schenley (Norman Jones – “You Only Live Twice”) (a couple of bungling cops who appear to have been included for comic relief), discover that the manner of their deaths seem to be connected to the Ten Plagues of Egypt mentioned in the bible (boils, frogs, bats etc).

They also discover that each one of these doctors had been involved in trying to save a certain Victoria Phibes (played by future Bond girl and Hammer starlet Caroline Munro in an uncredited role), who died whilst in their care. Her Husband, Dr Anton Phibes (Vincent Price), was believed to have died in a car crash on his way to visit her. But it seems all those involved in trying to save her are now meeting a decidedly grisly fate.

The police suspect that Dr Phibes might not actually be dead and is somehow behind these killings. But despite their best efforts, he seems to be one step ahead of them at every turn, as the demented Doctor, who is indeed alive and lives in a crypt beneath his old mansion with the preserved body of his dead wife, continues to wreak his revenge on all those he holds accountable for her death, with the help of his mute assistant Vulnavia (Virginia North)

Noted American horror actor Joseph Cotton also stars, playing Dr Vesalius and, in one of his few rare non-comedy roles, British actor Terry Thomas also appears as a Brandy swilling surgeon with a penchant for vintage “erotic”  films, which provides the film with one of its more amusing death scenes. Perhaps more of a black comedy than a horror, in any case this is a definite must see for Vincent Price fans.
"Dr Phibes Rises Again".

The original Dr Phibes had been quite a success for its US distributors, so a sequel was quick to follow. Set shortly after the events of the first film, Phibes rises out of his tomb once more, only to find someone has demolished his mansion and stolen some Egyptian scrolls he had, that show the location of some mythical “River of Life”.

Summoning his assistant Vulnavia (now played by Valli Kemp… Hey, didn’t she die at the end of the last film?), they discover the scrolls were stolen by some wealthy adventurer named Biederbeck (Robert Quarry – “Count Yorga”), who wants the secrets of the River of Life for his own nefarious ends.
And so Phibes and company head off to Egypt in pursuit of Beiderbeck and proceed to bump off the people in his party in a suitably gory fashion as before (one chap being killed by Scorpions, another crushed in a sarcophagus and another, sand blasted to death etc) . One of the victims being none other than a young-ish John Thaw of “The Sweeney” and “Inspector Morse” fame.
Inspector Trout (Peter Jeffries) returns, this time assisted by his superior, Superintendent Waverly (John Cater of “Captain Kronos : Vampire Hunter” fame, reprising his earlier role), who attempt to stop Dr Phibes before he kills any more, but they fail to do much apart from provide more comic relief.
The film basically serves up more of the same as before, which should please fans of the original. There’s also some interesting guest roles in this, including Beryl Reid, Peter Cushing and Terry Thomas, who sharper eyed viewers will note is one of several cast members from the original film returning in a different roles.
Now, being an Arrow release, these discs come chocked full of extras.

On disc 1, accompanying “The Abominable Dr Phibes” you have
2x audio commentary tracks, the first with Director Robert Feust, moderated by film journalist Marcus Hearn, in which they discuss the making of the film. and the second with scriptwriter William Goldstein, which is moderated by his son Damon J Goldstein, which is really more of a running trivia track, as they discuss various anecdotes surrounding the production and release of the film.

Next up is a “Dr Phibes and the Gentlemen” feature. Which is a round table discussion with “League of Gentleman” stars Steve Pemberton, Jeremy Dyson, Mark Gatiss and Reece Sheersmith, exchanging stories about their love of the film
And lastly there's the original theatrical trailer.

On disc 2, accompanying “Dr Phibes Rises Again” you get

Audio commentary track with Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog magazine, who provides a running critique of the story, interspersed with the odd amusing anecdote.

Then there’s a “Daughter of Phibes” feature, in which Vincent’s Price’s daughter, Victoria shares her memories about the time her father was on set and discusses some of his other films.

“The Doctor will See You Now”, interview feature with cult film historian David del Valle who shares some of the more amusing stories about the making of the films.

And lastly, there’s the original theatrical trailer.

The case also comes packages with a 100 page collectors book featuring linear notes on the film, illustrated with behind the scenes stills and promotional artwork.
Definitely a must for Vincent Price fans, this box set is strictly limited  to 3000 copies and, at present, is the only BD release of this anywhere in the world. So if you are looking at adding these films to your collection, this release is an essential purchase.
Buy the UK BD box set from

Sunday 8 June 2014

Behind the scenes of "Survival".

Horror blogger John Neil Park got to go behind the scenes on director Steve Best's new UK Zombie Series "Survival". Here's his behind the scenes video...

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Saturday 7 June 2014

"Camp Dread" - UK DVD review

Big Brother meets Friday the 13th  in Camp Dread  which comes to UK DVD this month from Image entertainment, who were nice enough to send me a review copy.

The film stars noted screen baddie Eric Roberts, as Julian Barret. A former horror movie director who’s come up with a rather novel idea for a reality show.
Set at a summer camp, which they’ve wired with hidden cameras, the idea is to take group of reckless 20 year olds, who’ve gone off the rails, and try to rehabilitate them. Those who manage to stay in therapy and complete their tasks get to win a substantial cash prize. Those who don’t are “killed off” and sent back home with nothing.
Their counsellor is none other than former actress Rachel Steele, who starred in Barret’s earlier horror films (played by  “Sleepaway Camp” actress Felissa Rose), who’s since become a therapist.
But unfortunately, as filming begins, it seems there is a killer in their midst, who’s seen Barret’s old summer camp slasher films, and is looking at turning his new reality show into a real life slasher film.
Also starring horror veteran Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, Stakeland) I was really looking forward to this one. But sadly, I was left feeling a bit disappointed. For starters, there were these really long periods where nothing much happened. The acting by the supporting cast left much to be desired, the killings were very few and far between and overall the film was just way too slow.
A potentially interesting idea poorly done in my view, with Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose being woefully underused.
Extras wise, the disc was bare bones without any supplemental material. So nothing there to sweeten the deal either.
This one might appeal to slasher movie fans for the sheer novelty value of seeing Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose appearing with Eric Roberts. But otherwise, proves to be a lot less fun than it’s premise suggests…
The film is released to UK DVD June 23rd
Buy the UK DVD at

Hellraiser : Leviathan Project - Kickstarter Campaign

"Leviathan: The making of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II" is a documentary detailing the history and the making of – a process which was brimming with creativity and many a creative to boot - the first two Hellraiser movies, and showcases the creative genius of its creator, Clive Barker.
The documentary has completed UK production on interviews which includes Nick Vince, Barbie Wilde, Kenneth Cranham, Simon Banford, Chris Figg, Robyn Vigeon, Geoff Portass and many, many more. (Twenty-five interviews in total thus far.)
The stories and insights that have been gathered are making for a truly amazing documentary, which certainly makes it a ‘must see’ event for any fan of both the filmmaking process and of the films themselves.
The team now firmly have their sights set on a US trip to interview several of the American based members of the production team, most notably, hopefully the man himself Clive Barker, which would conclude principal photography and move the production into post-production.
The documentary has achieved so much in such a short time, but in order to complete this project Cult Film Screenings are seeking completion funding – having self-funded the project up to this point.
The director, K. John McDonagh, and producer, Gary Smart, are pushing hard to find the funds, and here’s what they have to say:
“It’d be a shame not to do this properly after all the hard work that has gone into it so far …” says director Kevin McDonagh. “… we could cut corners towards the end and phone it in, literally with Skype interviews and out sourcing, however we’ve strived to create and uphold a very specific look and vision for the documentary to compliment the films, and that is of a very high standard of which we intend to keep. The only way to achieve that is to go to US ourselves and do things right…”
“We’ve committed to this one-hundred percent,” says producer and co-writer Gary Smart, “and we want to see it through to the end in all aspects so that we can maintain the level of quality that we have achieved thus far; it’s what the fans deserve and it’s what the legacy of those two films deserves. One way or another we’ll give the fans what they’re after, and finish this documentary how we’ve envisioned it right from the start: by doing it the right way.”
If you’d like to help Cult Film Screenings and their production "Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II", you can donate to the project by clicking on the following link: Hellraiser : Leviathan Kickstarter Page

For more details on this project, visit their Facebook Page

Friday 6 June 2014

"Hunting the Legend" comes to UK DVD

There’s something out there that kills, and it’s coming for you in "Hunting The Legend" on DVD this July

In 2008, a deer hunter was mysteriously slaughtered by something in the Alabama woods. Only his rifle, blood and a 16" footprint were left behind... Five years later, his son seeks revenge.

Chris Copeland sets off into the Alabama woods. He’s out to prove the existence of a murderous creature that locals call Bigfoot – or die trying. Everyone has a tale to tell but what Chris and his companions are about to discover is that even if the stories aren’t true, there’s something out there; something merciless, something hungry, and something that kills.

As they become lost in the dense and desolate woods, they smell blood, sense fear and soon discover to their peril that the difference between the hunter and the hunted can be as thin as a strip of flesh.

Hunting The Legend is a Bigfoot horror that will have you shaking in your boots.
The film is released to UK DVD from Image Entertainment on 21st July.

Pre-order the UK DVD from

Tuesday 3 June 2014

"Edge of Tomorow" - in cinemas UK NOW!!!!

"Edge of Tomorow", the new sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise, is out in UK cinemas now. Checkout this exclusive clip...

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Steven King's "Mr Mercedes" out today...

Steven King's new novel "Mr Mercedes" is out today (03/06/14), checkout the following trailer

Meet Mr Mercedes from Hodder & Stoughton on Vimeo.

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Hellraiser Documentary - Exclusive T-Shirts

The much anticipated documentary "Leviathan: The Making of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2" announced a great opportunity for Hellraiser fans this week with the release of their Limited Edition ‘LEVIATHAN’ t-shirts

Exclusively designed by Leviathan artist Doug Saquic. These are limited at £18 plus £2 UK postage, £5 international postage.

The documentary has gathered a lot of support from the cast and crew as well as Hellraiser fans and in the run up to the release of the documentary, the release and successful sales of these shirts show just how popular Clive Barker's creations are.

"Its a chance for fans to help support the documentary and get some very rare collectable merchandise all at the same time" Says director K. John McDonagh

Follow the link to order Hellraiser Ltd Ed Shirts.

More details of the documentary can be found on its Facebook page

Monday 2 June 2014

Detroit to unveil statue honoring Alex Murphy (no REALLY)!!!

The city of Detroit will unveil a metal memorial to one of its most famous sons this week as an internet campaign to honour Officer Alex Murphy’s robotic alter ego reaches a climax.
Timed to perfection for the UK digital release of José Padilha’s action-packed sci-fi saga, ‘Robocop Day’ will see the citizens of Detroit treated to a range of robo-related activity that will include appearances from the cyborg himself and, most significantly, an announcement about the long-discussed crowd funded statue that sparked an internet storm nearly three years ago.
Despite an initially cool reaction to the planned statue from Detroit’s City Hall, public demand has led to the 10-foot statue becoming a reality now fully endorsed by public office. Tomorrow, the mayor himself will be marking Robocop Day at the Detroit Police Department before Officer Murphy sets off to protect the city with his contemporary counterparts.

More info on this on the Michigan Live website.

Robocop is available to own digitally on 2nd June and is released on DVD, Blu-Ray and on Limited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook from 9th June 2014.
Buy the DVD from
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Buy the BD Steelbook from