Sunday 29 July 2012

FrightFest 2012 - International Short Film Showcase Line Up revealed

Maniacs, monsters, demons, creepy kids, apocalyptic visions, phobias,  heavy metal meltdown and snails are just some of the highlight of this years eclectic mix of  cutting edge short films from the global arena of the fantasy and  horror genre being screened at this years "Fright Fest" in London!

The ninety-minute film extravaganza is a tasty selection box of Sunday afternoon treats, sponsored once again by Horror Channel.  It will kick-off at 1pm on Sunday 26th August at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Sq.  


THE HALLOWEEN KID   UK   Dir. Axelle Carolyn  7.20
8-year-old Henry, a lonely and imaginative child, can only finds happiness on Halloween...Narrated by Derek Jacobi and starring Anna Walton, Julian Glover, Dave Legeno and Leo Donnelly

ALEXIS   Spain   Dir. Alberto Evangelio   9.45
Nine year old Alexis has killed his parents, but can concerned officials uncover the supernatural truth?

GARGOLS! (SNAILS!)   Spain   Dir Geoffrey Cowper   16.57
Three friends are partying in a park, when suddenly, Joey sees his first girlfriend, Eva. Joey decides to go talk to her, and when he finally tells her that he's still in love with her, a king-kong size snail appear to ruin his night.

Holed up at the end of the world with her well-meaning but dim-witted brother Jo (Alex Esmail), Jess (April Pearson) isn’t sure what will destroy her will to live first: the zombies or Jo’s incessant optimism.

LOT 254   UK   Dir. Toby Meakin   13.00
A Collector discovers that a vintage cine camera bought at auction is broken. Repairing it unlocks the hidden terror of LOT 254.

UN JOUR SANG   France   Dir. Steven Pravong   14.00
She's not free. He will destroy her, ruin her, profane her...This story is not new. Let's tell it differently...

METAL CREEPERS   Spain   Dir J Oskura Najera and Adrian Cardona   11.00
A popular glam metal band is in the recording studio putting together their next record. Their producer hands them some strange scores that supposedly have magic powers.

TOKOPHOBIA   UK   Dir,  Evrim Ersoy, James Pearcey and Russell Would   6.25
 A young woman, alone in her house on a sunny afternoon, discovers she is pregnant and in her mind there can only be one course of action.

THE CAPTURED BIRD   Canada   Dir. Jovanka Vuckovic  10.00
In this dark fable, a little girl is drawn to a mysterious mansion where she witnesses the birth of five horrifying apparitions

For more info on these films, and how to book tickets to see these and other movies and events, visit the official website at...

You can also book tickets for individual films directly from the Empire cinema website at

Walking Dead Series 2 comes to UK DVD & Blu-Ray

The second installment of the post-apocalyptic, smash hit TV series "The Walking Dead" is being released on UK DVD and Blu-Ray this August.

Experience the nerve-racking thrills of a season whose finale was watched by a record-breaking 9 million US viewers as Rick Grimes and his family and friends fight to survive in a world fraught with dangers where they must overcome their differences in order to stay alive.

Armed with all-new special featurettes as well as deleted scenes, the new release promises to take viewers even deeper into the desperate world of "The Walking Dead" with a series of exclusive extras, including insights from the cast. Viewers can also hear directly from Executive Producer Glen Mazzara in the special optional deleted scenes commentary, learn more about the special effects and wardrobe and enjoy UK exclusive bonus character profiles. 

The Walking Dead : Complete Second Series is released to UK video shelves August 27, extras are listed as follows...

Featurettes : All The Guts Inside, Live Or Let Die, The Meat Of The Music, Fire On Set, The Ink Is Alive, The Sound Of The Effects, In The Dead Water, You Could Make A Killing, She Will Fight, The Cast On Season 2, Wardrobe of The Walking Dead.

Deleted Scenes (from the following episodes with optional Audio Commentary with Executive Producer Glen Mazzara) : "What Lies Ahead", "Save The Last One" "Secrets", "Pretty Much Dead Already", "Nebraska", "Judge, Jury, Executioner"  "Better Angels", "Beside The Dying Fire".

UK Exclusive Bonus Feature: Character Profiles 

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Thursday 19 July 2012

The Pyramid

Checkout the teaser trailer to Italian indie horror anthology "The Pyramid" which is being released this Sept.

For more info, visit the official Facebook page.

A Cursed DVD release!

Grayson Pictures is giving a UK DVD release to the rarely seen Singaporean military chiller CURSE this September.

Set in on the Island of Pulau Hantu in the south of Singapore. CURSE tells the terrifying tale of a military squad sent to an island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of soldiers. Accidentally disturbing a burial site, they unleash a terrifying supernatural curse…

Curse is directed by Esan Sivalinhgam who said of the shoot: “We expected it to be one hell of an adventure but it turned out to be the adventure from hell”. Facing torrential downpours, extreme temperatures, venomous reptiles plus censorship issues and stumbling across a real burial site, it was a miracle the film was completed in its fifteen-day schedule.

CURSE will be the first release by newly-created Grayson Pictures and more details of release, including artwork, more stills and special extras will be announced soon.

View the trailer on YouTube.

The film hits UK DVD shelves on Sep 10.

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Sunday 15 July 2012

The Cabin on Disc

Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's "The Cabin in the Woods" is being released to UK DVD and Blu-Ray this September.

Beginning as a conventional horror film, a rambunctious group of five college friends steal away for a weekend of debauchery in an isolated country cabin, only to be attacked by horrific supernatural creatures in a night of endless terror and bloodshed.

Sound familiar? Just wait. As the teens begin to exhibit standard horror movie behavior, the story is turned inside out, as we discover that sinister elements are at work behind the scenes manipulating events. With their efforts to escape being continually thwarted, do they have any chance of survival?

So, if you think you know the story, think again.

The film was written and directed by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), and was co-written and produced by Joss Whedon (Avengers Assemble, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Kristen Connolly (The Happening) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) star.

The film hits UK video shelves September 24.

Extras (to be confirmed) include...
Behind-the-scenes "making of" featurette
Make-up and Special effects featurette
Audio commentary with Writer/Director Drew Goddard and Writer/Producer Joss Whedon

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Tuesday 10 July 2012

The Raven comes to UK DVD & Blu-Ray

John Cusak plays Edgar Allen Poe in this fictional tale about a serial killer who is turning Poe's tales of murder and mayhem into reality in 19th century Maryland.

Believing that he might have some insight into how the killer’s mind works, he finds himself being draughted in to help the local police force solve the case. But they soon find themselves in a race against time, when the killer kidnaps Poe’s love interest Emily.

The film is basically a modern day twist on the works of the noted horror author, which takes many of his infamous tales, such as “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, “Pit and the Pendulum” and “Masque of the Red Death” and gives them an updated gothic feel, which fans of Poe’s work should enjoy.

Also starring Alice Eve, Luke Evans and Branden Gleeson, The Raven is directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta).

The film is released to UK DVD and Blu ray July 30th

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Cult Horrors coming soon to UK disc from Second Sight.

Following hot on the heels of THE definitive and hugely lauded "Return of the Living Dead" Special Edition Steelbook Blu-ray release, Second Sight has some exciting news of some cult classic special editions coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD.

First up is Frank Henenlotter’s "Basket Case" Trilogy which will be getting a special limited edition Blu-ray steelbook release, as well as a special edition DVD. Slated for release on 22 October 2012 it will come with an amazing array of special features plus specially commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.

Later on this year there will be some more classic 80's horror titles getting the special edition treatment including Stuart Gordon's "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond", and Brian Yuzna's "Bride Of Re-Animator" and "Society".

More info on what special features will be included on these discs will be published when it become available

You can keep up to date on these releases at

Synapse films gets "Hammered" in the US

Synapse Films is proud to present the complete series of HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR in its original airdate order, with all-new introductions and supplemental features on US DVD. This five-disc Collector's Edition presents each episode with all nudity and violence intact!

In 1980 Hammer took over the old Hampden Manor House in the heartland of England and produced a series of thirteen horror stories to air on British television.

With a host of Hammer regulars, including Peter Cushing (Twins of Evil, Star Wars) and Denholm Elliott (Raiders of the Lost Ark), classic thespians including Brian Cox (The Ring), Patricia Quinn (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Georgina Hale (The Devils), Diana Dors (Theatre of Blood) and Dark Shadows stalwart Kathryn Leigh Scott, along with early appearances by actors like Pierce Brosnan (James Bond series), each episode provides a completely new and individual tale of terror and suspense.

Specieal features on the disc include
• Episode introductions
• GRAVE RECOLLECTIONS: A Visit with Kathryn Leigh Scott
• HAMMER HOUSEKEEPING: A Visit with Mia Nadasi
• Animated Stills Gallery

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Monday 9 July 2012

Elfie Hopkins comes to disc this August.

Coming to UK DVD and Blu-Ray this August.

JAIME WINSTONE (Made in Dagenham, Kidulthood) is ELFIE HOPKINS - an animal-loving slacker, stoner, and wannabe detective,    living in a sleepy hunting village. Haunted by the death of her mother, Elfie seeks solace from the old school detectives in The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown. She entertains herself by investigating the villagers and upsetting everyone with her imaginative allegations.

Things get serious however with the arrival of trendy city dwellers, the Gammons, who weave seductive tales of adventure and entice the villagers with offers of exotic hunting holidays around the world. Elfie smells a rat - her mundane existence is about to be blown apart.

Blood quickly starts to spill, and it’s no longer just the blood of animals. Elfie discovers the villagers are disappearing and when she finally uncovers the truth, it’s darker than she could ever have imagined…

Extras listed on the discs include a Making-of feature, "Little Munchkin" - short film and Deleted scenes.

The film is released to DVD and Blu-Ray here in the UK August 13th.

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Saturday 7 July 2012

Latest YouTube review - Mortuary (1983)

My latest review video, 1983s "Mortuary" starring Christopher George and a young Bill Paxton.

The film is currently out on US DVD and is available from

Friday 6 July 2012

Playback trailer

Checkout the trailer for "Playback" starring Chrisitan Slater which hits UK DVD July 16...

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Re-Animator the Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe!!!

Last year Sturat Gordon and his cowriters Dennis Paoli, William J. Norris and composer/lyricist Mark Nutter turned their cult horror film Re-Animator into a musical for the stage, playing to rave reviews and standing ovations for a sold-out six month run.

Now, they've brought the show over to the UK for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which re-unites the cast of the US stage show.

George Wendt, best known as the affable Norm from Cheers plays the Dean of the Medical School who West transforms into a mindless zombie. Chris L. McKenna, the star of Gordon’s neo-noir thriller King of the Ants is Dan Cain, Herbert’s hapless roommate who finds himself drawn into the mayhem. And operatic Jesse Merlin is Dr. Carl Hill who loses his head for Meg, the dean’s beautiful daughter (Rachel Avery) only to actually lose it at the hands of Herbert West.

But thanks to the glowing re-agent, Dr. Hill is still able to take his curtain call with his head tucked underneath his arm. Rounding out the cast are Mark Beltzman,Cynthia Carle, Brian Gillespie, Marlon Grace and Liesel Hanson, and featuring Graham Skipper as Herbert West.

Winning the LA Drama Critics Circle Award for their work on the show, the special effects team is the same as the1985 movie: Tony Doublin, John Naulin and John Buechler, joined by Greg McDougal and Tom Devlin. And the blood will flow so freely that the first few rows will be designated as a “splash zone.”

Re-Animator - The Musical will play the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 1-27 at the Assembly George Square theatre yard.

FrightFest 2012 programme

The Film Four FrightFest returns to the Empire Cinema Leicester Square in London this August Bank Holiday and have just unveiled what is arguably their most ambitious line-up in history.

From the sensational SINISTER starring Ethan Hawke, the Sam Raimi produced THE POSSESSION and Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s jaw-dropping CHAINED, to the MANIAC remake, the surgical underground of AMERICAN MARY and the V/H/S anthology everyone is talking about.

The opening film will be Paul Hyett’s stunning shocker THE SEASONING HOUSE. However, there are many, many more films being shown over this unique 5-day event.

The Festival runs from 23rd - 27th August

For more info, and the full line up, visit the FrightFest website at

*EDIT* Clive Barker's approved directors cut of "Nightbreed" is apparently going to be shown here on the 24th.

Dracula VS. Robin Hood VS. Jekyll & Hyde meet Frankenstein

Publisher Mohawk Media has announced that classic literature and horror monster, Frankenstein, is to star in its comic book series, Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde. The series has already seen surprise guest stars, including the comeback of Robin Hood's original love interest, Clorinda, and the historical archetype of all vampires, Dracula the Impaler.

British writer Chris Bunting says: "Frankenstein's Monster will play a pivotal role, not just in this series, but in a subplot bubbling away that will encompass many other titles from Eco Comics."

Frankenstein will first appear in Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #3 (pictured left).

Bunting adds: "You will see Frankenstein in a way never portrayed. And this monster is not this issue's only legendary guest star, as a colossal character from the Robin Hood myth is also introduced."

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde is produced via the publisher's range of Eco Comics, entirely paperless titles, designed to have minimal negative impact on the environment and wildlife.

Each issue of Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde is twenty-pages, and available to download in various digital formats via the Eco Comics store (see URL below) at a cover price of $1.95 (approximately £1.25).

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde will initially be a three-issue monthly series available exclusively via Eco Comics. Further instalments of the series, and other "versus" titles, are to be announced.

To order and download online, visit

Meeting Evil in July!

Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Wilson star in MEETING EVIL, an intense psychological thriller that will bring you face to face with pure terror. Jackson is Richie, a mysterious stranger who shows up at John’s (Wilson) door asking for help with his car. 

All too soon, the mild-mannered John discovers he has become an unwilling passenger, trapped in a murderous ride through town and deep into the countryside.  When Richie decides to pay a visit to John’s wife (Leslie Bibb) and kids, John has no choice but to confront this sadistic and unpredictable killer - but saving his family will ultimately come at a terrible price.

Screenplay and directed by Chris Fisher from the novel by Thomas Berger, MEETING EVIL was produced by Brad Krevoy, Justin Bursch and Mike Callaghan.

The film hits UK DVD shelves July 23rd courtesy of Sony Home Pictures Entertainment.

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Thursday 5 July 2012

The Meat Puppet - in production!

Producer Keith Collins recently got in touch to tell us about his new film "Meat Puppet", which is currently filming in New Jersey

From the press release...

A vain, successful playboy tortures and kills beautiful girls and uses them to make the perfect meal for his lavish dinner parties. Body parts, blood, torture, cannibalism and NO escape are a few ways to describe this clever new terrifying and psychologically damaging creep show.

The Meat Puppet tells the story of Andrew "Drew" Shelton who has it all, looks, money, women and an insatiable taste for human flesh.

His vanity is only surpassed by his obsession with finding the perfect tasting meal and it has fueled his appetite for killing, preparing and cooking beautiful women. He throws lavish dinner parties and serves his guests his latest victim and one unlucky guest becomes the main course of his next get together.

But when a no-nonsense detective starts putting the pieces together, it leads to a game of cat and mouse that only increases the stakes. But is Drew the soul-less, cold-blooded killer that he appears to be? Or is he just the Meat Puppet for a more sadistic mind?

For more info, visit the links below...

Website :
FaceBook :