Thursday 31 October 2013

"Death Walks" - official trailer hits the web.

A Halloween treat for you guys, the official trailer for "Death Walks", the new zombie film shot in Romford. The film stars Lucinda Rhodes, Jessie Williams and will also feature "Cannibal Holocaust" star Francesca Ciardi (as well as your truly as a zombie).

Check it out below...

Visit their Facebook Page.

Escape from New York shirts from Fright-Rags

Fright-Rags is celebrating Halloween with a tribute to Escape from New York! The merchandise dedicated to John Carpenter's 1981 cult classic goes on sale on October 31st.

Fright-Rags' Escape from New York box set is a must-have for any fan of the film. It will include a limited edition shirt designed by Justin Osbourn, along with a 11x17 reproduction of the film's iconic poster, a temporary tattoo, a prismatic sticker and a replica eye patch, all enclosed in a collector's box. There are only 500 box sets available, and sizes and quantities are limited.

Aside from the box set, Osbourn's design will be available separately as a baseball shirt. Christopher Lovell also created a special shirt depicting Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, cinema's ultimate anti-hero. It can be ordered on a T-shirt, girl shirt and zip-up hoodie.

These items will be available exclusively on on Thursday, October 31st at 10am EST. Orders are expected to ship in mid-November.

For additional information on Fright-Rags' Escape from New York merchandise, visit

Haunting in Connecticut 2 - in UK cinemas TONIGHT!!!!

If you're looking for a scary film to watch on Halloween night tonight, checkout "Haunting in Connecticut 2" which is out at UK cinemas today.
Checkout the following interview feature "Meet the Wyricks"...

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Jamie Shovlin's "Rough Cut"

Rough Cut, directed by London-based conceptual artist Jamie Shovlin, explores the making of the gloriously sleazy 1970s exploitation flick Hiker Meat, an imagined film by (fictitious) Italian director Jesus Rinzoli. Written by Mike Harte, with music by Euan Rodger, and produced by Cornerhouse Artist Film, the film is released theatrically across the UK on 6 December following a short installation version premiering at Toronto

While Hiker Meat is fated to remain unrealised as a complete feature, key scenes were filmed in the Lake District in June and feature in Rough Cut. These are contrasted with on-set footage and details of the development of Hiker Meat’s soundtrack, storyboards, design and models, to form a lovingly crafted feature-length work that remains true to the tradition of classic 70s horror.
Shovlin elaborates on what he calls his ‘meta-mentary’, saying, “We’ve adopted the exploitation genre’s collaborative approach to make our own feature, with the knowledge that we can't possibly re-make a film like Hiker Meat - and don’t actually want to. Instead we’ve investigated where else we can go with it, and stripped back the making, unmaking and remaking of both the film and the idea, as a kind of ode to the power of imagination.”
Produced and distributed by Cornerhouse Artist Film. There will be a special premiere on 29 November at Cornerhouse, Manchester. Followed by its UK release Dec 6.
You can view the trailer for Hiker Meat, the film it's documenting here on YouTube.


Dracula, Robin Hood, Jekyll and Hyde in Graphic Novel grudge match.

Eco Comics has decided to celebrate Halloween by announcing its next graphic novel, Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde. Which is written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by JL Czerniawski.
The graphic novel assembles the first series of the acclaimed comic book of the same name. It will also feature new material, including an exclusive cover by Czerniawski. As in all titles by the award-winning 'green' publisher, it is paperless-exclusive.
Bunting says: "You get three legends for the price of one: A Robin Hood who is anything but a cheesy gallant hero. A Dracula with a lot of skeletons in his closet, and a leviathan Hyde who could smash the Hulk."
"This story best exemplifies the overall approach of Eco Comics. We are interested in bringing readers entertaining yarns, harking back to the era when comic book showdowns generated as much excitement as any publicity stunt".
"Supernatural, sci-fi, superheroics - and scraps - this story has it all.. And, courtesy of the numerous horror genre stars, plenty of gore."
The title also stars other famous faces such as Frankenstein, and a long overlooked character from the Robin Hood ballads.
A preview of the new graphic novel cover art is available on the Mohawk Media Blog and Ecocomics Facebook Page.
Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde: the graphic novel will be available to order in various digital formats, including via the Eco Comics store for $2.95 (approximately £1.80).
The launch date is set to be announced soon.

Brian Yuzna talks to The Horror Channel

Brian Yuzna (pictured left) is one of the world’s most prolific and respected genre film-makers and on the eve of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 receiving its network TV premiere on the Horror Channel, Yuzna gives us some insight into the making of the film, news on the SOCIETY sequel and why he thinks Horror has gone too mainstream.
RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 is broadcast on Saturday Nov 2, 10.40pm.
Q: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in the movie industry?

BY: No, I didn’t.  Like most kids, I loved movies; and I saw some scary ones at a young age that really disturbed me.  That gave me an interest in horror for the rest of my life.  But I never imagined that you could actually make a living making movies.  Back then there were no dvd extras and tv shows demonstrating how movies were made. While in high school I had fooled around with a friend’s 8 mm camera and we mostly shot special effects but it wasn’t until I saw Truffaut’s Day For Night that I had an idea of how a movie crew worked.  Many years later I was vacationing with my girl friend and we rode past a big encampment outside of Cartagena, Columbia and I recognized that it was a film shoot.   That evening we left our modest quarters and were eating at a restaurant on the beach when a couple of jeeps drove up with the rowdy actors etc from the shoot.  As they drank and ate and partied I realized that I was on vacation and they were on a job – but they were having more fun than I was.  That’s when I thought maybe making movies was a desirable job!  Cut to a few years later when I was working as an artist and had an art supply store.  I acquired a 16mm Bolex wind up camera and started making a short film – a short film full of fx that turned into a feature.  Although I never took a film class, I learned how to make a movie just by doing it with people who did know how.  The process fascinated me - it was exciting and satisfying.  The movie I made was pretty bad, but I was hooked.  I moved to Los Angeles to make movies.

Q: How did the Return Of The Living Dead III project come together?

BY: Joel Castelberg and Danica Minor contacted me about directing Return 3 – they said they had the rights and thought that I would be a good collaborator.  I was thrilled because I loved both Return of the Living Dead as well as Night of the Living Dead.  In order to set it apart from the plethora of zombie movies that had been made (even back then!) I decided that a zombie should be the main character.  They found a company to finance it and we began listening to pitches from potential screenwriters.  However, when the time came to formalize a deal it turns out that Joel and Danica’s agent was wrong about the rights being in their control – so it all fell apart.  Soon after I mentioned this to Mark Amin, the ceo of Trimark Pictures, and somehow he acquired the rights and offered me the job of directing and producing.  Again, the process of interviewing writers began, but this time it was Trimark who lined them up.  When I met John Penney and heard his pitch, I was immediately sold.  He was the guy.

Q: What did you think of the script the first time you read it?

BY: There never was a first time that I read the script.  John had a ‘pitch’, which was a basic ‘take’ on the movie.  His idea had to do with kids on the run, kind of a Romeo and Juliet, in a world in which the military is experimenting with the living dead as weapons.  I don’t remember exactly the details, but my obsession with having the main character be a zombie fit right into that.  The next step was for John to write a ‘treatment’ to base the screenplay on.  John and I brainstormed the ideas and John organized them into characters and a story.  Then the Trimark development folks would review it.  By the time we got to the screenplay John and I were collaborating very effectively.  John was seamlessly able to satisfy his storytelling ideas as well as mine – and Trimark’s as well.  In fact, for the only time in my moviemaking experience, I had the screenwriter (and co-producer) on the set with me throughout the shoot.  During pre-production John Penney was there to rewrite the script according to the cast, the locations that we found and the ideas that came up with the storyboard artists and fx artists.  So during the filming we were literally shooting the script.

Q: Was it a difficult movie to cast?

BY: It wasn’t a difficult movie to cast because of the support of Trimark.  I feel like they were able to access excellent options for each of the roles.  They were very involved with the casting and fortunately we seemed to be very much on the same page as them regarding the casting ideas.  Trimark had strong ideas about the casting, but never did I feel like I was obliged to accept an actor that wasn’t my choice.  They really were good to work with.  The biggest role of course was Julie – and we were all pretty blown away by Mindy Clarke.  But Trimark was most helpful, I think, with the secondary roles for which they brought in really quality talent.  It is really great that the cast, in my opinion, is uniformly good.

Q: How much of the budget went on special effects?

BY: Not that much – but working with my producing partner Gary Schmoeller (to whom is due a great deal of the credit for the success of the movie) we used an approach for producing the effects that had worked well for us in the past.  Typically fx horror films of that era would hire one fx company to produce all of the fx – the theory being that by giving them all of the fx budget they would be able to dedicate more of there time to your production.  Our approach was the opposite – with limited funds it is better to break the fx down into categories and hire various companies with different strengths.  This meant hiring an fx supervisor (Tom Rainone in this case) to find the appropriate fx artists, make the deals and supervise the work.  Paying a top fx artist for a key fx makes sense – paying the same artist to create background zombies may not be cost effective – a newer fx company might put extra effort into the effect in order to show there stuff.  Some fx artists are experts in prosthetics and others in mechanical devices.  We tried to get the most bang out of our fx budget.

Q: Was it a difficult shoot?

BY: It was a difficult shoot in that we were trying to make a bigger and better movie than we were budgeted for (we always aim higher than our budget).  But the shoot was so well organized (kudos again to Gary Schmoeller), and Trimark were so supportive, and our Director of Photography (Gerry Lively) was so tirelessly resourceful that everything went more or less according to plan.  It was very hard, exhausting work – but the whole crew seemed to be pulling in the same direction, so I really would not categorize it as a ‘difficult’ shoot.

Q: Why do you think the film has built up such a loyal following?

BY: Because it is a really good zombie movie.  I say that as someone who has made a lot of horror movies that I wouldn’t characterize as ‘really good’.  Return 3 has a good clear story and satisfying horror.  Mainly what sets it apart in my book is the love story at the center of it all.  I think it is very romantic, you really feel for Julie and sympathize with Curt’s determination to not let go of her.  I feel like it is a goth romance, a heavy metal tragedy, a young love in a corrupt world.  As a life long horror fan I think that Return 3 holds up as an example of good ‘90s horror.

Q: Horror Channel has also shown films from The Dentist and Re-Animator series of movies, do you think its times these characters came back?

BY: Yes, I do.  Corbin Bernson has tried to get the rights to do a third Dentist – he loves playing that character.  And it would be good see Jeffrey Combs get out the re-animating syringe one more time.  And I have been asked many times about a Re-Animator re-boot.  Problem is, as always, financing.  The business has changed considerably due to the digital revolution.  There just aren’t many Trimarks out there any more. 

Q: Have you ever been tempted to make a follow up to your astonishingly original shocker, Society?

BY: I am actively working on it.  Once again it is all about the financing.  My idea for a sequel is to have it take place in these super exclusive late night clubs that they have in Hollywood.  Once you get in there is always a VIP room or a VVIP room that is off limits…

Q: What state do you think the horror movie industry is in at the moment? A victim of its own success, perhaps? 

BY: Horror has become so mainstream that it seems to have mostly lost that transgressive creativity that used to make it so exhilarating. Now that Zombie movies have hit the mainstream (the modern equivalent of the ‘Western’?) they have mostly lost the element of the macabre, the disturbing sense of dead things coming wrongly to life, and are now mainly action films about disease and overpopulation.  Vampires are more romantic than horrific.  And extreme violence is the norm almost as an end in itself.  I think that we are at the end of a cycle and that a new kind of horror will grow out of the new production and distribution digital technologies.  We seem to have reached the limit of what the screenplay structure formulas (popularized especially by Syd Field) of the last decades can give us.  Whereas these ideas began as a way to identify the structure of successful movies and learn from them, they have inevitably led to a be treated as a set of rules to follow, rules that can lead to a sameness in screenplay structure that makes you feel like you know what is coming in a film from the early scenes.  The horror genre has a relatively rigorous structure and it may be time for new filmmakers to develop it into more effective directions.  One of the most interesting horror films for me recently was Cabin in the Woods.  It wasn’t very scary, but the way it deconstructed the horror tropes made me think that after that you just cannot make a teenagers in the woods movie again.  The times dictate our fears, and these times are definitely very different from the last few decades.  I am waiting for the new classics to emerge – horror with the effectiveness and artistry of Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, The Exorcist, The Shining – and the devastating impact of Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Q: You’re a multi talented person but are you happiest directing, directing or writing?

BY: I am happiest when I am giving form to something I have imagined.  It is the most exhilarating to direct – but if the director is doing stuff that surprises and delights you it is fantastic to produce.  Writing is the fun of brainstorming the original ideas.  When you produce you can stay with the movie for a long time after everyone else is gone. And with producing you can get so many more movies made.  I love collaborating and am happy to take whatever role is available as long as I feel like I am a real member of the creative and organizational team.

Q: So what projects are you working on at the moment?

BY: I am working on the sequels we mentioned above – but also have very interesting multi platform project with John Penney called The Pope.
Brian Yuzna, thank you very much.
The Horror Channel
TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138

"13/13/13" comes to US disc in November

From Writer/Director James Cullen Bressack (HATE CRIME, TO JENNIFER) , and The Asylum, the studio behind SHARKNADO, comes "13/13/13".  In a world where everyone is completely insane and violent, can one seemingly sane man survive? Or in a world where everyone is crazy, is the only sane person the craziest of all.
The film is released to US disc Nov 5th. Checkout the trailer on YouTube...

Buy the US DVD from

Buy the US BD from

Tuesday 29 October 2013

"The Fury" - UK BD review

Brian DePalma’s “The Fury” is out now on UK Blu-Ray courtesy of Arrow films, who were nice enough to send me a review copy to take a look at.
The film stars Kirk Douglass as Peter Sandza, who works for some unspecified US Govt Agency. Currently residing in the Middle East, he is preparing to relocate back to the US with his Son Robin, when the resort they are staying at is attacked by terrorists.
However, during the attack he discovers the whole thing was a set up by his partner Ben, (played by the “Dirty Dozen’s” John Cassavetes), who wanted him out of the way, because his son has special abilities, which the agency wants to exploit.
Forced to go on the run, Peter heads back to the states and attempts to find out where the agency are holding his son, which proves to be no easy task as their agents seem to be right behind him at every turn. Seems that Peter’s son had psychic abilities and Ben is using him as he wishes to turn him into some sort of psychic assassin (with predictably disastrous results as he misuses his powers at every opportunity).
But when Peter discovers a girl who also has Psychic abilities (played by Amy Irving), he and his girlfriend Hester (Carrie Snodgrass), are able to use her to track Robin down. But owing to the cruel experiments Ben has been performing on  him, will this be the happy family re-union he envisaged?
Based on the book of the same name by John Farris, who also wrote the screenplay, this was a bit of a weird one, which seems to be a film of two halves. On the one hand there’s the plot thread showing the lead character trying to outwit enemy agents at every turn, like in a James Bond movie . Whilst on the other, you have these Psychics who the agency is trying to exploit by using their abilities to kill people telepathically, rather like in Scanners, so it’s a bit of a difficult one to categorise.
The film is an interesting one though, which features a good supporting cast including Charles Durning (Dark Night of the Scarecrow) and a young Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue) who plays a police officer. Not to mention future soft porn actor Andrew Stevens (the Night Eyes films) who plays Peter’s son Robin. Sharper eyed viewers might also spot a very young Daryl Hannah, who has a brief role in the film.
Extras on the disc include
-Blood on the lens (27mins) - Cinemtographer Richard H Kline shares his stories about working on the picture
-Spinning Tales (13mins) - Interview with Fiona Lewis on her acting career and her role in the film as Dr Susan Charles
-A Location Journal (50mins) - Former Cinefastique correspondant Sam Irvin, who worked on the film as an intern talks about his time on set.
-Archive interviews with Director Brian DePalma, Producer Frank Yablans and stars Amy Irving and Carrie Snodgrass
-Double Negative – Short Film. An 18 minute Short film that Sam Irvin put together using cast and crew members he met on the set of various Brian DePalma films.
-Photo Gallery – A selection of rare behind the scenes pictures.
-And lastly theres the original theatrical trailer.
The case also contains a collectors booklet, containing linear notes on the film by Chris Dumas, illustrated throughout with original stills and posters and the sleeve has reversible artwork.
A nice selection of extras. As for the film itself though, if the prospect of a horror film crossed with a Bond movie sounds like your idea of fun, then you should like this.
Buy the UK Blu-Ray at

Monday 28 October 2013

Liverpool Horror Festival launches this Halloween

Thursday October 31 to Saturday November 2 at Eric's and Rubber Soul on Mathew Street, Liverpool
Liverpool’s first ever horror festival launches this Halloween and promises to bring all things horror to the city; from a Victorian séance, film, talks, live theatre, horror burlesque, live music, costumes, psychics, vaudeville, DJs and everything in between. With events running from Thursday October 31 to Saturday November 2 at Eric's and Rubber Soul on Mathew Street.

Hellraiser, Candyman and Nightbreed author Clive Barker has shown his support for the festival after making contact with the organisers this week after spotting one of posters on-line. Barker has been the inspiration behind the festival and for the artwork. The festival artwork and festival mascot designed by Liverpool based illustrator and Horrortalk's, Ilan Sheady, is a Pinhead Liver bird modelled on Barker's famous Pinhead character from Hellraiser.
Liverpool born writer Clive Barker, who lives in Beverly Hills, California said:  "I have seen thousands of graphic representations of the Hellraiser demons over the years. This is one of the very best. What a witty, elegant stylisation of Pinhead and the gang. My heart-felt thanks."

Shaune Harrison, one of the most highly respected and sought after make-up effects artists in the film industry, currently working on Game of Thrones, will be hosting a workshop at Eric's, Mathew Street on Saturday 1 November at 1pm -3pm. A Q&A with Shaune Harrison will be hosted by Jonathan Glendening, director of Strippers vs Werewolves
Shaune began his career on Clive Barker’s Nightbreed in 1988 which laid the foundation for a body of work spanning over two decades on some of the world’s highest grossing blockbusters.
The former South Wirral High pupil is a key contributor to some of movie history’s most memorable characters, he has worked on Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort and Mad Eye Moody Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull from Captain America: The First Avenger as well as numerous characters for Star Wars. More recently Shaune supervised the practical creature effects on comedy horror Grabbers and worked on the Brad Pitt blockbuster World War Z and the upcoming new Dracula.

On Thursday 31 October at Rubber Soul on Mathew Street,  British zom-com Stalled, hailed as the new Shaun of the Dead, is being screened with cast and crew, with a flash zombie make over booth with Liverpool artist Chris Zombieking, exploding cocktails and severed hands. Film DVD extra's will be filmed on the night. Q&A hosted by Jonathan Glendening, director of Strippers vs Werewolves. 

Other highlights include the Horror Talk horror quiz, to crown the first Master or Mistress of the Macabre 2013, Neal Atkinson’s psychic night, an alternative 80s and industrial DJ set with Ben Christo from Sisters of Mercy, paranormal investigator Roy Basnett's Victorian Séance, Countess Of Horror burlesque Daria D’Beauvoix, El Diablo live, Songs About Death's Evil Dead live multi-media show, a special effects workshop with Shaune Harrison and zom-com screening of new British film Stalled.

Liverpool Horror Festival Events (18+)

Thursday 31st October
£10 - doors 6pm till midnight
Rubber Soul, Mathew Street 
Food included witches brew included (scouse & veggie option)
6.30pm Film: Hellraiser I and Hellraiser II (Rubber Soul)
9.30pm  Film: Stalled – with cast and crew – zombie outfit optional  and filming of dvd extras - Q&A hosted by Jonathan Glendening -Director of Strippers vs Werewolves. (Rubber Soul) Chris Zombieking flash zombie makeover booth
8pm - late Victorian Séance with paranormal investigator Roy Basnett (Rubber Soul II)
Halloween cocktails and refreshments available

Friday 1st November
£10 7pm till midnight  – Rubber Soul/Eric’s, Mathew Street
8pm Horror Talk Horror Quiz (Rubber Soul II)
9pm Neal Atkinson Psychic night (Rubber Soul II)
9pm Songs About Death  performing multi media ear-shattering Evil Dead live (Eric's)
10pm - 12pm Ben Christo from Sisters of Mercy DJ set -  (Eric’s)

Saturday 2nd November
£10 – 1pm till 1am

Eric’s, Mathew Street
Including food - free horror shots and prizes for fancy dress
1pm – 3pm Shaune Harrison – Special effects workshop & Q&A (one of the most highly respected & sought after make-up effects artists in the film industry - Hosted by Jonathan Glendening, director of Strippers vs Werewolves (Eric’s)
7pm  DJ set with Danny Lastat –  50s, 60s rocking horror to the dark side of the 80s  (Eric’s)
8.30pm Countess Of Horror Burlesque Daria D’Beauvoix (Eric's)
9.15pm El Diablo show live - The Undead Bublé, the Insane Iglesias is the bastard child of Elvis Presley, Rocky Horror and Hammer Horror and his poison cocktail of dreadful entertainment is a heady brew indeed. (Eric’s)
Fancy dress comp (optional) – Monstershots photoshoot prize
Mad butchers feast -  veggie option available (Eric’s)
10.15pm  Monster Mash – horror house live covers band (Eric’s)
12 - 1am  DJ set with Danny Lastat –  50s, 60s rocking horror to the dark side of the 80s  (Eric’s)

Day tickets available, Thurs 31 Oct, Friday 1 Nov & Sat 2 Nov £10 or on the door. 3 day festival pass £20. Tickets available from the Ticket Quarter, Queens Square. Tickets bought in advance get 10% off Smiffy’s fancy dress shop of ticket.
For more info visit, click the following links. Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Sunday 27 October 2013

Realm of Horror Reviews - Galaxy of Terror

My latest YouTube review is online, this month we take a look at "Galaxy of Terror".

Visit and subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

Friday 25 October 2013

Halloween Man comics enter the Monsterverse!

Solar City's monster-bashing undead hero has a lot to be happy about as he enters his 13th year. Halloween Man creator Drew Edwards has signed a deal with Kerry Gammill's Monsterverse Entertainment that will help the independent comic reach its broadest audience yet. Not only will Monsterverse be presenting the vast back catalog on Comixology and other digital outlets, but the Halloween Man creative team is also hard at work crafting new tales for a monthly Halloween Man digital comic.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Halloween Man began life over a decade ago as a web comic. Now in the era of digital download, the horror hero will enter a new stage in his life. Monsterverse will first digitally release Halloween Man's crossover with Hack/Slash, followed by the graphic novel Superdeformed, which features art by Nicola Scott and David Baldeon, and an all-new tale that dives into the world of high fantasy, entitled Cry Havoc!

A return to print is also underway for a new one-shot adventure in 2014. “We're excited to be a part of such an amazing line of horror-centric comics” says creator Edwards. Monsterverse also publishes the anthology series Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave and the Hammer Horror tinged Flesh & Blood. For more information on Halloween Man and Monsterverse Entertainment, please check out the links below.

Big Bad Wolves at the UK Jewish Film Festival

Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's black comedy, horror thriller "Big Bad Wolves" will be getting it's UK premiere at the UK Jewish Film Festival in November.
Lior Ashkenzi stars as a rough-edged but likeable cop charged with securing evidence against a serial killer. When his over zealous cop team is suspended for beating up the suspect, a religious studies teacher, the father of the murdered girl decides to take matters into his own hands.

Directors Keshado and Papushado play masterfully with our expectations as the father unleashes his own gruesome and terrifying plan blurring the line between who is victim and who is persecutor.

A gripping horror flick, with brilliant cinematography and an outstanding score, which manages the unusual trick of being both funny and unbearably gruesome at the same time. With disturbing scenes of violence from the outset the audience is left guessing until the last second.
The film is being shown as part of the UK Jewish film festival at 9pm, November 14 at The Odeon Swiss Cottage, 96 Finchley Road, London NW3 5EL. For more info CLICK HERE.

"Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones" - UK Trailer

It's not released till next year, but the trailer for the next "Paranormal Activity" movie has hit the web...

"Pin" comes to Arrowdrome DVD.

Arrow Video’s label ArrowDrome is pleased to announce a new DVD release of the cult classic PIN, due on 28th October. 
When close siblings Leon and Ursula lose their parents in a tragic car accident, they inherit the imposing family homestead along with a creepy heirloom – their late father’s medical dummy, “Pin”.
Leon has always treated Pin like a member of the family, but this bizarre relationship starts to take a decidedly sinister turn; and when the dummy starts donning dad’s old suits and terrorising the house-guests, Ursula begins to have serious concerns about her brother’s sanity. After all, Pin is just a dummy… isn’t he?
Starring Lost’s Terry O’Quinn (who genre fans will know best for his gleefully demented star turn in The Stepfather), Pin is a gem of late 80s horror in the tradition of classic dummy fright flicks such as Magic and Dead of Night.
Also includes the original theatrical trailer and collectors booklet.
Buy the UK DVD from

Free Tickets for Zombies at the Circus of Horrors in London’s West End

The Circus of Horrors are giving away 100 free tickets to the first 100 people to arrive in full Zombie regalia to the premier of their West End debut at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftsbury Ave at 7.30pm on the 28th October.

All the Zombies have to do is arrive at the theatre by 6,30pm & they will be given a much sought after ticket to the show that is set to send the London’s West end alight with their exclusive brand for Rock Music, Bizarre & Dare Devil Circus act’s.
The Circus of Horrors – London After Midnight.

18 years ago when the Circus of Horrors made it’s debut at the Glastonbury festival nobody believed it would last 18 weeks let alone 18 year’s. Now almost 2 decades later it has finally come of age & becomes the first circus to appear in a resident season in a West End Theatre for 100 years.
The last couple of years has seen the profile of The Circus of Horrors jump tremendously after storming into the finals of Britain's Got Talent & then appearances on various subsequent TV shows, The X Factor, The Slammer, Daybreak, Fairground Attractions, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Body Shockers & Fake Reaction. This combined with the release of the Dr Haze autobiography  Mud Blood & Glitter have certainly made it an exciting time for The Circus of Horrors. The media profile is continuing with large editorial & images in almost every nation newspaper & an further appearance on This Morning & more pending TV shows including a Discovery Channel special.
The tour from October to March will see another giant leap for the show when it begin’s a series of dates in The Lyric theatre in London's West End,  a fitting way to celebrate 18 bloody years of Shock n’ Roll.
In addition to the London date’s they will be engaging in a huge British tour, taking in around 100 venue’s in pretty well all of the UK’s major cities from Aberdeen to Truro.
After it’s gruesome begging's at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival it became an instant hit, touring all over the world from Chile to Chatham, Argentina to Aberdeen, Japan to Jersey including festival appearances with Alice Cooper, Eminem, Motley Crue, Oasis, Iron Maiden & The Manic St Preachers and many more.
The West End show’s are particularly significant, taking the extreme to the mainstream without compromise & proof of how far the show has come.
The latest incarnation ‘London after Midnight’ is inspired by the film of the same name. Set in plague ridden London & climaxing with the Great Fire of 1666.

The storey twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shock’s – all interwoven with some of the greatest and most bizarre circus acts on earth, sword swallowers, knife throwers, daredevil balancing acts, astounding aerialists, a dwarf strong man, hairculian hair hanging beauty, sinister sisters, gyrating & fire limboing acrobats, dislocation contortionist  & illusions designed by Simon Drake (Secret Cabaret) & much more.
Performed by an almighty cast with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek and the devil driver rock n’ roll of Dr Haze & The Interceptors from Hell.
The Circus of Horrors – London After Midnight is on tour throughout the UK
For tour dates & details go to


Thursday 24 October 2013

The People Under the Stairs comes to UK BD

Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the UK Blu-ray release of Wes Craven’s "The People Under the Stairs". This Blu-ray disc will be available to own in the UK on 4th November and include packaging which will showcase the original poster artwork as well as a reversible sleeve with newly illustrated artwork.

In every neighbourhood there is one house that adults whisper about and children cross the street to avoid… Wes Craven, the master of terror who brought you the infamous "The Last House on the Left", invites you inside another house of horror!

“Fool” may be a streetwise kid, but he makes a decidedly bad decision when he agrees to assist a family friend in the robbery of their landlord’s imposing homestead. What begins as a routine break-in soon begins to take a sinister turn as the would-be robbers find themselves trapped inside and face-to-face with the terrible secrets which lurk within the building’s walls – and under the stairs…

"The People Under the Stairs" sees director Wes Craven return to one of his trademark themes: the savagery which lurks just underneath the skin of the outwardly conventional family unit. Often overlooked in favour of the director’s more A-list hits such as "Scream" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "The People Under the Stairs" is a superior slice of home-bound horror which can stand proudly alongside Craven’s best works.
Special Features:

-High Definition digital transfer of the film by Universal Pictures
-Original uncompressed Stereo 2.0 audio
-Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
-Audio commentary with star Brandon Quintin Adams, moderated by Calum Waddell
-Fear, Freud and Class Warfare: Director Wes Craven Discusses the Timely Terrors of The People Under the Stairs
-Behind Closed Doors: Leading Lady A.J. Langer Remembers The People Under the Stairs
-Silent But Deadly: Co-Star Sean Whalen on The People Under the Stairs
-Underneath the Floorboards: Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the Final Destination series, recalls the lasting impact of The People Under the Stairs
-Original Trailer
-Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Stephen R. Bissette
-Collectors booklet featuring new writing on the film, illustrated with original archive stills

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Zombie Hunter - starring Danny Trejo

"Zombie Hunter" starring Danny Trejo is out now on UK DVD, checkout the trailer below...

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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Peterborough Zombie Walk this Saturday!!!

This Saturday, October the 26th, is the annual Peterborough Zombie Walk in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. The meeting point is at Charters Bar, and the walk sets off at 4pm prompt. The walk takes you through the city centre, through the Queensgate shopping precinct, out through the bus station and finishes at The Brewers Tap. Where there will be a Halloween party aftwards.
The walk is free to attend and open to all and, but if you wish to join the Halloween party afterwards, there is a £4 charge.
For more info, visit their Facebook Page.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Halloween Drive-In Horrors in Peterborough.

If you live anywhere near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough Garden Park Retail Outlet, near Eye, are turning their Car Park into a Drive-In movie theatre this weekend (Fri 25 - Sun 27).
For 3x nights, they'll be showing a family movie at 7pm and a horror film at 10pm.
Dates and Showtimes are as follows...

Friday 25th October   7pm  -  PARANORMAN  (PG)

Friday 25th October  10pm  -  FRIDAY THE 13TH [1980] (18)

Saturday 26th October  7pm  -  CORALINE (PG)

Saturday 26th October 10pm  -  HALLOWEEN [1978] (18)

Sunday 27th October  7pm  -  DESPICABLE ME (U)

Sunday 27th October  10PM  -  DAWN OF THE DEAD [1978] (18)
All you have to do is drive onto Peterborough Garden Park, park your car in front of the screen , tune your car radio into the movie soundtrack and enjoy the experience.

Tickets cost £15 per vehicle per movie.
For more info visit Peterborough Garden Park Website.

Monday 21 October 2013

UK Festival of Zombie Culture - Final Film Announced!!!

OK, following up my post last week of the films announced for this years "Day of the Undead - UK Zombie Film Festival" in Leicester, they have finally announced the last film in the line up, which will be the Dolph Lundgren film "Battle of the Damned" (2013).
All you need to know about this is it contains 3 things, Dolph Lundgren, Robots and Zombies.
Other films showing include...
The Battery (2013)
Zombie Hood (2013)
Wasteland (2013)
Stalled (2013)
Other activites include...
• The chance to vote in The Ultimate Zombie Short Film Competition
• Guest stars including David Moody, Adam Millard and Sean Page
• The Arcade of the Dead – Retro Zombie Games to die for
• Best dressed Zombie Award – Come Dressed to Impress
• Zombie Killing Challenge – Kill the Undead on a Cinema Screen
• Make Up Artists – Make you look like your favourite cadaver
• Zombie Authors – Signing books and talking about zombies
• Goodie Bags – 1st 250 people through the door get lucky !!!
• Horror Traders – Get your late Halloween or Early Xmas presents
• Spot Prizes, giveaways, themed food & drink
• All of this for ONLY £25 for a full day pass...

All day passes can be purchased from the Pheonix cinema website.

Tickets for individual films can be purchased, subject to availability, from the box office on the day.

Hockey Mask Makeover Video

In case you're off to a Halloween party this weekend and want a half decent looking cheap Hockey mask that actually looks like the ones from the Friday the 13th films, here's a video I made showing you how to custom paint one of those cheap masks you get from novelty stores...

Visit my YouTube channel for more..

Sunday 20 October 2013

*EXCLUSIVE* Cannibal Holocaust's Francesca Ciardi to join "Death Walks"!!!

OK, you read it here first, "Cannibal Holocaust" actress Francesca Ciardi has returned to acting and is joining the cast of Spencer Hawkens new zombie film "Death Walks"!!!!!
It's the ultimate fanboy fantasy, to lure the lead actress from one of the most notorious horror movies of all time, and persuade her to appear in your zero budget movie.
For almost three decades Francesca Ciardi has managed to maintain a relatively low profile, the notorious "Cannibal Holocaust" being firstly banned for many years, then suddenly being thrust back into the limelight due to the arrival of DVD in the early 2000's. The result is that while many have been fans of the Italian actress for many years, she has also developed a brand new following.
"I flirted with the idea in my mind that I might be able to persuade Francesca Ciardi to join Death Walks in its early stages, now several months later and after a number of emails this dream is about to become a reality." Says director Spencer Hawken. " I never in a million years thought that I would be able to persuade someone of Francesca's horror calibre to participate in our little movie."
"Cannibal Holocaust" was one of the very first movies to become dubbed with the title of video nasty. The film itself is shocking enough, but the numerous back stories are what allowed the movie to generate such momentum. "Cannibal Holocaust" due to it's banning across much of the globe was almost the thing of urban legends, for a good many years. People spoke of it, but nobody ever got to see it.
"About a thirteen years ago, I sat down and watched "Cannibal Holocaust" for the very first time" Continues the director. "I remember looking at the film in total awe, not only was it a horrific film, but in a really good way, but it has created a legacy for a generation, being the first ever found footage movie. But the thing that struck me the most about this movie was Francesca's performance.
"Cannibal Holocaust" even by today's standards is a horrific proposition, and Francesca was an actress right at the cutting edge, doing things in this film that few would have dared to take on. Some years later when I started to think about making movies, I had it in my mind that I would try to persuade her to appear in my film. Now here I am in 2013, my chest almost exploding with excitement that the actress I have admired for a long time, is going to star in my film. There have been lots of conversations, and finally I showed her the yet unreleased trailer, and the plans I had for her, and those perceived barriers started to lift away. "
"Death Walks" has been dogged by issues since shooting begun, some of which have caused extensive reshoots, but the results have ultimately been positive for the film, regardless of the annoyances at the time. Just last week "Death Walks" secured child star Jess Williams who is known to a legacy of fans for her roles in BBC series Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground, and Lucinda Rhodes from The Dream Team and Cavegirl has been with the project from the offset.
For director Spencer Hawken he knew that "Death Walks" would always be a little bit special, but even he confesses he never expected the movie to have quite the impact it's going to have with such a solid cast.
For more info about the films visit...

Jorg Buttgereit at the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood.

One for my US site visitors, German Director JORG BUTTGEREIT celebrates the 2014 Special Edition BD and DVD releases of his classic film NEKROMANTIK with a special 35MM PRINT SCREENING at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood (US) on October 24th.
This new BD/DVD release of NEKROMANTIK will also feature his first short film HOT LOVE, The Making of NEKROMANTIK, Jörg Buttgereit film trailers, featurette, and the isolated soundtrack from the film.
Jorg will also be using the event to promote his new film GERMAN ANGST, which celebrates the return of cult director Jörg Buttgereit after a twenty-year absence from horror filmmaking, while Andreas Marschall continues his exploration of a dark underworld embodied by lust and sex and the psyche with Michal Kosakowski confronting us with violence in all levels of society today, tossing the viewer’s preconceptions aside for a psychovisual feast.
GERMAN ANGST began its Kickstarter run on October 10, inviting viewers and new fans to be a part of the filmmaking process.

For more info on his new film visit
German Angst - Official Website
German Angst - Facebook
German Angst - Kickstarter Page
For more info about the special Nekromantic screening visit the Egyptian Theatre Website.
Cult Epics continues releasing high-quality cult horror cinema throught 2014 with HYSTERIA on Blu-Ray & DVD in Feb., a Blu-ray of the surreal DEATH BED in March, and ZERO KILLED 2 Disc Extreme Edition DVD & Blu-ray April, and NEKROMANTIK later in 2014.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Horror Channel (UK) - Brit Cult season

November on Horror Channel sees network premieres for a memorable collection of strange cult oddities and forgotten British horror classics, kicking off with the network premiere of Nicolas Roeg’s THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, starring David Bowie. Joining Bowie in the realm of the weird and wonderful is Roy Boulting’s psychological ground-breaker TWISTED NERVE, Michael Powell’s controversial PEEPING TOM, Robert Fuest’s Hitchcockian AND SOON THE DARKNESS and Jimmy Sangster’s Hammer classic FEAR IN THE NIGHT.

Also, there are UK TV premieres for Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt’s directorial feature film debut BEFORE DAWN, Lulu Jarmen’s disturbing BAD MEAT and Padraig Reynold’s festival favourite RITES OF SPRING.

Line up:
Fri 1 Nov @ 22:55 – THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (1976)
Based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, this cult classic stars David Bowies (in his debut film role), as an extraterrestrial who crash lands on Earth seeking a way to ship water to his planet, which is suffering from a severe drought. It also stars Candy Clark, and Hollywood veteran Rip Torn and is produced by Michael Deeley and Barry Spikings, who reunited for work on another epic, The Deer Hunter.
Fri 7 Nov @ 22:55 – AND SOON THE DARKNESS (1970)
Starring Pamela Franklin and Michele Dotrice this on the edge of your seat thriller, tells the story of two young English women on a cycling holiday in the French countryside. Cathy, distracted by a local man, parts company with Jane. When her friend fails to rejoin her, Jane returns to the last place she saw her. Cathy has vanished. Alone and with a limited knowledge of French, Jane frantically searches for her missing friend.
Fri 15 Nov @ 22: 55 – TWISTED NERVE (1968)
Director Roy Boulting brings out the best in actor Hywel Bennett, who plays Martin, a disturbed young man with a dysfunctional mother and a cold-hearted step-father. Martin, pretends, under the name of Georgie, to be mentally retarded to be near Susan (played by Hayley Mills), a girl he has become infatuated with, killing those who get in his way. But when Susan rejects him, she becomes the next target.
 Fri 22 Nov @ 22:55 – PEEPING TOM (1960)
Peeping Tom stars Carl Boehm as Mark Lewis a part-time photographer who is a serial killer, murdering women while using a portable movie camera to record their dying expressions of terror. The film's controversial subject and the harsh reception by critics effectively destroyed Michael Powell's career as a director in the UK. However, it attracts a cult following and is now considered a masterpiece.
 Fri 29 Nov @ 22:55 – FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1972)
This psychological horror thriller follows a young woman (Judy Geeson), recovering from a nervous breakdown, who takes up a new position working in a boys' boarding school. She soon begins to believe she is losing her mind when she starts being terrorised by a one-armed man. Directed by Jimmy Sangster and produced by Hammer Film Productions, it also stars Joan Collins, Ralph Bates and Peter Cushing.
Wed 6 Nov @ 22:55 – RITES OF SPRING (2011) *UK TV premiere
After kidnapping the nine-year-old daughter of a wealthy socialite and hiding out in an abandoned school, a group of kidnappers falls prey to a recurring terror, a bloodlust that comes every first day of spring. Part kidnap heist, part slasher movie, this is director Padraig Reynolds’s feature film debut, which scored highly on the festival circuit. It stars AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Sonny Marinelli and Katherine Randolf.
Wed 20 Nov @ 22:55 – BAD MEAT (2011) **UK TV premiere**
In Canadian director Lulu Jarmen’s splatter sensation, a boot camp for troubled teens becomes a nightmarish charnel house when spoiled meat transforms the staff from sadistic fascists into something much, worse. Get ready for spilt blood, vomit, faeces and bile – in the strangest, weirdest destined-for-cult-dom in ages. Stars Elizabeth Harnois, Dave Franco, Mark Pellegrino, & Jessica Parker Kennedy
Sat 23 Nov @ 22:55 – BEFORE DAWN (2012) * UK TV premiere
Dominic Brunt, better known as veterinarian Paddy Kirk in ‘Emmerdale’, has written and directed a terrific zom-rom horror. Alex (Dominic Brunt) and Meg (Joanne Mitchell) go for a weekend in the Yorkshire countryside in an effort to save their relationship. Unfortunately the picturesque holiday area chosen comes under attack from the walking dead and Meg is soon going to find out the depth of Alex’s love.
Plus there are network premiers for Brian Yuzna’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 (1993), Sat 2 Nov, 22:40; David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001), Sat 9 Nov, 22:55; Jonathan Levine’s ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE (2006), Sat 16 Nov, 22:55 and Greg McClean’s WOLF CREEK (2005), Sat 30 Nov, 22:50.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 | |

Arrow to release "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978) on BD

Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated UK Blu-ray release of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978). The deluxe Blu-ray set will be available to own in the UK in a limited edition SteelBook showcasing the original poster artwork as well as a standard edition case with newly illustrated artwork. Both editions will be available on 18th November and come loaded with a selection of classic interviews, featurettes and newly created never-before-seen special features as well as an in-depth 52-page collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film and archives interviews with director Philip Kaufman and screenwriter W. D. Richter and more.

When health official Elizabeth Driscoll (Brooke Adams) notices that her lover has become strangely distant, this sets in train a series of shocking discoveries that sees both her and colleague Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland) fleeing for their lives to the sound of ear-piercing alien screams.

Remakes of great films are usually on a hiding to nothing, but Philip Kaufman’s brilliant update of the 1956 classic is a rare and memorable exception. Transposing the action to the heart of San Francisco allows Kaufman to retain all the suspense of Jack Finney’s original story while adding caustic social commentary about the selfishness of the 1970s “me generation” that remains all too relevant today.

But it’s a paranoid thriller first and foremost, based on one of the most psychologically terrifying of all premises – what happens when you can no longer trust not just the authorities but even your nearest and dearest?

Special Features
-High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the film
-Original uncompressed Stereo 2.0 audio / 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
-Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
-Audio commentary with director Philip Kaufman
-Discussing the Pod: A new panel conversation about ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and invasion cinema featuring critic Kim Newman and filmmakers Ben Wheatley and Norman J. Warren
-Dissecting the Pod: A new interview with Kaufman biographer Annette Insdorf
-Writing the Pod: A new interview with Jack Seabrook, author of ‘Stealing through Time: On the Writings of Jack Finney’ about Finney’s original novel ‘The Body Snatchers’
-Re-Visitors from Outer Space: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pod – a documentary on the making of the film featuring Philip Kaufman, Donald Sutherland, writer W.D. Richter and more
-The Man Behind the Scream: The Sound Effects Pod – a look at the film’s pioneering sound effects
-The Invasion Will Be Televised: The Cinematography Pod – cinematographer Michael Chapman (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) discusses the look of and influences on the visual style of the film
-Practical Magic: The Special Effect Pod – A look at the creation of the special effects from the opening space sequence
-Original Theatrical Trailer
-Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Nathanael Marsh [Amaray version only]
-52-page collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic David Cairns, as well as re-prints of classic articles including contemporary interviews with Philip Kaufman and W.D. Richter, illustrated with original archive stills and posters.

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