Thursday 26 April 2012

Prometheus Featurette

This new featurette for Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller "Prometheus" has just hit the web, which is a prequel of sorts to "Alien". Check it out below.

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Tuesday 24 April 2012

The Wicker Tree

For all of you interested in Robin Hardy's long awaited follow up to "The Wicker Man", here's a few clips from the film which comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray on April 30th.

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Monday 23 April 2012

FINALLY got to see "Cabin in the Woods"

Finally got around to seeing "Cabin in the Woods" last night, pretty damn entertaining I don't mind saying.

Huge fun, manages to get the balance of horror and humour just right and there's some fun nods to the various horror films it seeks to imitate, though I should point out that this is anything but a straight forward horror, which has some interesting twists.

Anyway, its still on at the cinemas, so if you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out quick!

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Friday 20 April 2012

The Pact - trailer

Checkout the trailer to "The Pact" which will be hitting UK cinemas in June.

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Monster Project - Teaser Artwork

Move Mogul Ltd, the film company behind horror thriller PANIC BUTTON, have announced that their new feature film MONSTER PROECT has gone into development.

Described as a “cross-genre” film, Monster Project follows six teenagers who undergo a harrowing transformation into monsters, imbued with various abilities and ailments, and are forced to go on the run, fighting for their survival.

Movie Mogul MD John Shackleton will write, direct and co-produce with Movie Mogul director of operations, Gareth I. Davies, and David Shillitoe; Mark Sandell executive produces.

Commenting on the film, Shackleton said: “Lurking beneath a hugely fantastical movie premise, anchored in reality, is a universal story surrounding a group of alienated teenagers. I’m hoping that this film will have a little something for everyone.”

Movie Mogul’s first feature, Panic Button, received its world premiere at last year’s FrightFest and was released on DVD in November 2011 by Showbox Media Group.

More news on the production of "Monster Project" will follow as it becomes available.

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Tape 407 comes crashing to UK DVD

Coming soon to UK DVD. When a plane hits extreme turbulence mid-flight, the relentless weather attack causes panic and terror amongst the passengers until the plane ultimately crashes in a remote government-testing area.

The handful of survivors from the crash, bloody and disorientated, are then insistently pursued in the darkness by unknown predators that, unbeknownst to them, are part of the government’s top-secret Mesa Experiment.

The film is being released to UK DVD by After Dark/G2 Pictures on July 2. No news of what extras will be included on the disc, if any.

View the trailer on YouTube.

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Beyond the Grave - in Chicago

Brazilian Horror Feature "Beyond the Grave" (aka PORTO DOS MORTOS), produced by Lockheart Filmes Ltda., will be playing at the Chicago Latino Film Festival on April 21st. Written and directed by Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro (who's also producing with Isidoro B. Guggiana), BEYOND THE GRAVE follows the unstoppable hunt of a vengeful cop (Rafael Tombini) for a supernatural serial killer.

On its film festival circuit, the Brazilian fantasy feature has gained international acclaim, being also selected for the Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Cuba) and has won two awards: Best Horror Feature Award, at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, and Audience Choice Award for Best Latin American Feature at Montevideo Fantástico (Uruguay).

Shot in the city of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, BEYOND THE GRAVE is an art-house mixture of road movie, spaghetti western and different horror sub-genres such as zombie and black magic. "I tried to bring in everything I had learned about cinema and humanity from the beginning of my conscious life till the moment of locking the final cut.  I think we should be respectful of genre, of course, but a rigid tone is more important than a rigid genre. Were in an age where amalgamations are common nature in art. Cinema shouldn't be excluded", believes the Brazilian filmmaker.

The film makers are hoping to secure distribution deals to release the film commercially in the near future.

View the trailer on You Tube.

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Monday 16 April 2012

Clive Owen deals with "Intruders"

The lives of two families living in different countries are disrupted by a menacing faceless intruder who wants to take possession of their children. Although no one can see him, Hollow Face lurks in corners desperately desiring love but only knowing how to spread fear and hate.

In Spain, a mother (Pilar Lopez de Ayala) tries to protect her son Juan (Izan Corchero) from an invasion in her family and home, whilst in Britain a terrifying being creeps into John Farrow’s (Clive Owen - Shoot Em Up) life after his beloved 13-year-old daughter Mia (Ella Purnell) has petrifying dreams of a demon that becomes a real danger. As the presence becomes more powerful, the anxiety and tension increase when the parents also witness the apparitions and it seems that despite all desperate attempts, no security measure can keep Hollow Face out.

This British and Spanish joint project was created by visionary director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later). Kerry Fox (Shallow Grave), Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds) and Carice Van Houten (Valkyrie, Repo Men) also star.

Intruders creeps onto UK DVD and Blu-ray on May 21, as well as being available for Digital download.

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Heads will Rock & Roll in "Deadtime" (coming soon to UK DVD).

Who said rock and roll was about sex and drugs, not in DEADTIME. Everyone craves success and most will do whatever it takes, but DEADTIME will take you down a chilling and twisted plot of blood, lies and betrayal that will have you jumping out of your seats.

Love Meets Murder - the once popular rock'n'metal band, are down on their luck and their careers. Hoping to create their "magnum opus", they lock themselves into a Wednesbury recording studio for the weekend and nobody is able to leave, but before the band finish tearing into their new hit, a series of mysterious murders begin to plague them all.

Now only their own self-belief can save them from the psychotic mind of their assailant. Leslie Grantham (Eastenders) & Terry Christian (that guy who used to present "The Word") both have cameo appearances in this bloodthirsty gripping British Horror. Even before it’s released the DEADTIME extended trailer has notched up over half a million youtube views, showing everyone loves a good story, great british actors and A LOT of blood!

DVD Extras include
· 2x Theatrical Trailers
· An Introduction to the Post Office Studio
· No Sleep 'til Wendsbury - The Filming of DEADTIME

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Saturday 14 April 2012

The Horror Channel launches "Horror Club"

The Horror Club, created by Horror Channel, will open its ghoulish doors for the first time at The Horse Hospital venue in London, on Thursday 3rd May from 7pm with a special screening of Alex Chandon’s riotously gore-soaked INBRED.

This special event, open to all horror fans, will be introduced by Horror Channel's Emily Booth and genre expert/ writer Billy Chainsaw. Chainsaw will interview Chandon after the screening. Chandon, an award-winning writer and director, is probably best known for his outrageous genre feature films PERVIRELLA and CRADLE OF FEAR.

Entry is free and seats can be won by entering a competition exclusively through  Horror Channel. Click HERE to enter.

Emily Booth, who has a cameo role in the film, commented: “Horror Club is a chance for Horror Channel to give something back to the fans, who'll not only get to see a cool new horror flick but with an exclusive audience of like minded people. We want to evoke the atmosphere of that midnight movie screening - mates, drinks, laughs and thrills! And on a more serious note fans will also get to meet the director and of course us nice chaps at the Horror Channel."

INBRED, which went down a storm at this year’s FrightFest, is an hilariously warped nightmare with nowt taken out. Four young urban offenders and their two care workers embark on a community service weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake. Before you can say ‘Ey up’, they upset the yokels with their city ways and put themselves in the gravest of dangers. This best bad taste un-PC gore-soaked riot is more fun than a ferret down the trousers…oh, wait a minute, that’s in there too…

Cast includes Jo Hartley, James Doherty, Seamus O’Neill, James Burrows & Nadine Rose Mulkerrin

It will be released in the UK by Anchor Bay later on in the year.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138

The River Murders

Coming soon to UK DVD from Sony Pictures, The sins of the past are not forgotten in this chilling suspense thriller starring Ray Liotta, Christian Slater and Ving Rhames. 

When the first body was discovered, it seemed a coincidence. But now homicide detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) has cause to worry: the victims of a series of brutal sex murders are all his former girlfriends.

Suspected by the FBI agent who’s taken over the case (Slater) and suspended by his captain (Rhames), Jack must work outside the law if he’s to find the killer, save his future and protect what’s left of his past.

The film hits UK video shelves May 14th and comes with an audio commentary track and making-of featurette as extras.

View the trailer on You Tube.

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Dream House - Out on UK DVD & Blu-ray April 16th

Checkout the trailer for the psychological thriller "Dream House", starring Daniel Craig (James Bond, Cowboys & Aliens), Naomi Watts (The Ring) and Rachel Weisz (Constantine, The Mummy).

The film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and on Digital Download from April 16th.

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Thursday 12 April 2012

Elfie Hopkins - theatrical trailer

Checkout the trailer for "Elfie Hopkins", the new horror comedy starring Ray Winston, Steve Mackintosh and Jaime Winston, which is coming out later this year, courtesy of Kaleidoscope entertainment.

The Wicker Tree - Coming to UK DVD & Blu-ray.

1973 saw the release of one of the most famous horror films of all time – The Wicker Man, which is now regarded as a classic of British cinema. Now, 39 years later, comes the most anticipated horror film of 2012 – The Wicker Tree. 

Once again directed by Robin Hardy and featuring a guest appearance from the legendary Sir Christopher Lee, this new haunting film welcomes us to a new terror.

A Texas gospel singer and her boyfriend, both devout evangelical Christians, are sent to Scotland on a mission to spread the word of God. After a concert in Glasgow Cathedral the pair are invited by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish) to preach in his remote border village.

They assume their host simply wants to hear more about the Bible and are delighted when offered central roles in the fiefdom’s May Day celebrations, especially their custom of the Riding of the Laddie.

But soon the horrifying reality dawns on the naïve couple as they learn the true significance of the Celtic pagan rites.

The film hits UK DVD and Blu-ray on April 30th.

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Saturday 7 April 2012

Hudson Horror Festival - New York - Promo Trailer

Checkout the promo for the "Hudson Horror Festival", which is taking place on Saturday, May 19th, 2012, at the Silver Cinemas, South Hills 8 in New York (one for my American site visitors).

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Thursday 5 April 2012

Demons 1 & 2 - DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook editions

Arrow Films are pleased to announce the limited edition deluxe versions of Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento’s blood-curdling zombie horror classics DEMONS and DEMONS 2 - released as Blu-ray, DVD and Steelbook editions, alongside DEMONS 3, an exclusive and specially commissioned comic book by Stefan Hutchinson.

Restored from the original camera negatives by Cineteca di Bologna, these highly anticipated horror cult classics breathe new demonic fire and unrelenting fury into Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento’s notorious and now-legendary DEMONS franchise.

Each release will be packaged with a variety of reversible and interchangeable original Anglo/Italian and newly commissioned artwork by Jeff Zornow, a double-sided fold-out poster, an exclusive collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the franchise by Calum Waddell, plus Books 1 & 2 of the aforementioned Demons 3 collector’s comic.

Originally released theatrically in 1985, Demons is a macabre and frenzied slice of gory shock tactic horror that splashes over the screen with a riotous x-rated violence, as face-chewing Zombies run riot in a downtown cinema, set against a pounding 80s Heavy Metal soundtrack.

Following in 1986, Demons 2 brings the hell straight out of the TV set into your living room. Out of the dark Forbidden Zone, the world’s ugliest zombies wreak carnage in an apartment block, eating the residents and spreading their deadly plague. This Italian splatter classic will leave you breathlessly in fear of using a television ever again!

“The Demons 3 comic book, included with these releases, is a new and exclusive instalment in the Demons franchise that effortlessly delivers the third part in the trilogy the fans have been waiting for,” says Francesco Simeoni, Arrow Films’ label manager. There have been many films over the years bearing the moniker of Demons 3,but none of them were genuine sequels. The "Demons 3" comic book sets the record straight.

Time to tool up and take no prisoners... The Demons are coming!

All formats (detailed below) are released in the UK on Monday April 30th.

For more info click "Here"!

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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Silent House - coming to UK cinemas

Coming soon to UK cinemas. Silent House sees Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), along with her uncle and father (Adam Trese and Eric Sheffer Stevens), preparing their long-time family summer home for sale, after being recently violated by squatters.

But broken windows and cracks in the plaster are the least of their problems when they discover they are not alone and there’s more than just mold concealed behind the walls. Over the course of 85 harrowing minutes, their idyllic isolated retreat is transformed into a site of horror as the family’s past returns to taunt then terrorize them, exposing a hidden and distorted history.

Silent House, a re-imagining of the Uruguayan film La Casa Muda, is told in real time in one continuous take, just as Sarah sees – and experiences – it and hits UK cinemas May 4th.

View the trailer (Windows Media)

The Howling Reborn on UK DVD & BD

The Digital Picture sinks its teeth into The Howling Reborn, the latest in the cult series of Werewolf movies.

High school loner Will Kidman is not only trying to get the girl of his dreams – but he has to battle turning into a werewolf!

Starring Landron Liboirion, Lindsey Shaw and Ilana Milicevic, "The Howling Reborn" tears its way onto Blu-ray and DVD from April 9th

(not sure if this film will actually be any good, given The Howling's previous track record on sequels, but here's the trailer anyway)

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Monday 2 April 2012

Daddies Little Girl - In Production

Australian Director Chris Sun recently got in contact to tell us about his new film "Daddy's Little Girl", which has just finished shooting on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

From the press release...

From controversial Australian Writer/Director Chris Sun comes Daddy’s Little Girl; a story about a single father, his bond with his six year old daughter, and his response to the most heinous of crimes.

Throughout history in Australia there have been many cases of child abduction, abuse and murder. A lot of these cases go unsolved or the abuser gets a basic jail sentence and is released after only a couple of years.

Daddy’s Little Girl is a touching story, influenced by some of cases from the Sunshine Coast, and producers want discussions and debates to start and share with the world that this problem needs to stop. Daddy’s Little Girl also talks about single parenting in Australia and how it is now more common today than past decades.

This film aims to pose the question, if you had the choice, what would you do, and what are the possible consequences of those decisions?

For more info about this film, visit the official Facebook page.