Friday 29 November 2013

"Tenebrae" Steelbook BD/DVD release coming from Arrow - Exclusive to Zavvi

Arrow Video is pleased to present a brand new edition of Tenebrae. Remastered from original print materials by Wild Side Films in France and given the traditional Arrow Video technical treatment along with classic extras and newly added content Tenebrae is presented in a Limited Edition SteelBook featuring the original throat-slit artwork in beautiful shimmering steel.

This notorious horror classic returns in all its depraved glory. This infamous video nasty updated the classic Giallo blueprint for the gorified 80s, courting controversy and drenching the viewer in crimson arterial spray.

A razor-wielding psycho is stalking the horror writer Peter Neal, in Rome to promote his latest work, Tenebre. But the author isn’t the obsessive killer’s only target, the beautiful women who surround him are doomed as one by one, they fall victim to the murderer’s slashing blade…

Will fiction and reality blur as fear and madness take hold? Watch in terror as by turns the cast fall victim to the sadistic imagination of Dario Argento, Italy’s master of horror.

-Limited Edition SteelBook™ packaging featuring original artwork
-Newly remastered High Definition digital transfer of the film. Presented in High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD
-Optional original English & Italian Mono Audio tracks (uncompressed PCM Mono 2.0 Audio on the Blu-ray)
-Optional English subtitles for Italian audio and separate English subtitles for English audio
-Audio Commentary with authors and critics Kim Newman and Alan Jones
-Audio Commentary with Argento expert Thomas Rostock
-Introduction by star Daria Nicolodi
-The Unsane World of Tenebrae: An interview with director Dario Argento
-Screaming Queen! Daria Nicolodi remembers Tenebrae
-A Composition for Carnage: Composer Claudio Simonetti on Tenebrae
-Goblin: ‘Tenebrae’ and ‘Phenomena’ Live from the Glasgow Arches
-Brand new interview with Maitland McDonagh, author of Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento
-Original Trailer
-Exclusive collector’s booklet featuring writing on the film by Alan Jones, author of Profondo Argento, an interview with cinematographer Luciano Tovoli and an appreciation of the film by director Peter Strickland, illustrated with original posters and lobby cards.

This special Steelbook edition will be released December 16th Exclusively through Zavvi's online store. For more info visit the Arrow Films website.

"Lifeforce" - TV series in the works?

According to,  Beverly Hills-based Ringleader Studios (The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes) has acquired the rights to adapt Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel "The Space Vampires" for a television series.
The plot follows a group of astronauts who discover a derelict spaceship and return to Earth with three humanoid aliens, which turn out to be some sort of alien vampire creatures, that unleash a life-sucking plague upon humanity.
The intergalactic sci-fi tale previously got the feature film treatment in Tobe Hooper’s 1985 pic "Lifeforce", which starred Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart, and Mathilda May. Ringleader is plotting a small-screen episodic series, also titled Lifeforce, as well as a graphic novel, video game, and additional media tie-ins.
The original film by Tobe Hooper was not well received upon its initial theatrical run, but later gained a cult following on home video. What with the current slew of vampire shows on TV, such as "True Blood" and "Vampire Diaries", Ringleader Studios are obviously looking to ape their success, without being too derivative, by injecting a different twist on the classic vampire story.
As a fan of the original movie, I shall be keeping an eye on the progress of this with some interest.
If you haven't seen the original film, checkout the trailer on YouTube.

Thursday 28 November 2013

UK Festival of Zombie Culture - show report

In case you missed it on my YouTube channel, here's a video I made of the days events at the "UK Festival of Zombie Culture" the other week. Films featured were "The Battery", "Meteletsa : Winter of the Dead", "ZombieHood", "Wasteland", "Battle of the Damned" and "Stalled"...

More info on these events at Terror4Fun.

"Vampire Academy" trailer

Checkout the trailer for "Vampire Academy", which is comng soon from E-One Entertainment.

Visit the films official Facebook Page.

Sam Ingraffia and Doug Burch discuss "Wages of Sin"

Sam Ingraffia has switched gears in recent years. The TV regular is now producing movies - and good ones of that. His latest is Wages of Sin, available on DVD and - shortly - VOD via Osiris Entertainment. Sam and his producing partner Doug Burch took time out of their busy schedules to speak to us about their thrilling new movie.

What a nailbiter. How long did Wages of Sin take to write, and how did the idea come about?

Sam  : It took about three weeks to write the first draft.  We then did a quick rewrite pass.  After that, we brought some actors to my house and had a reading; followed by another rewrite. We also made some tweaks during the shoot.

Doug :Sam and I both love the Coen brothers and Terrence Malick.  We wanted to make a thriller that had some elements of BADLANDS and BLOOD SIMPLE. A kidnapping plot line made it easy to have the film take place basically in one location, which kept the cost down, but still created tension.

You both come from acting/voice-over backgrounds. Why producing and filmmaking, now?
Sam : As an actor you have virtually no control over your career, or the projects in which you are cast.  With writing and producing, particularly with indie films, you have a tremendous amount of control.

Doug :  With our background as actors, coupled with the new technology, it’s now possible to make films inexpensively, that not only entertain but have something to say.  We set up our production company –LITTLE DOG PRODUCTIONS – to do just that.

Has Wages of Sin paved the way for other projects? opened doors?

Sam : So many people just talk about making films.  We’ve done it.  It’s still tough to get a film off the ground, but now we have a track record.  Agents, actors and directors will take our calls.

Doug: Now we have people sending us scripts.  We’re trying to broaden our scope and work with new people.

What are some of your favorite scary movies? Are you more impressed by a good classic Hitchcockian thriller, or do you enjoy some of the modern-day slasher flicks?

Sam : I definitely vote for Hitchcock.  Tough to top REAR WINDOW and NORTH BY NORTHWEST,

Doug : I go darker, with OLD BOY, MOTHER and BLOOD SIMPLE.

Now that Wages of Sin is out there…what's next?

Sam : We have two other features in development – EXTRACTION, a sci-fi thriller, and FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST, a family drama, set to be directed by Joel Zwick (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.)

Doug : We also have a new Internet series – MIDNIGHT MOVER.  Written by Gary Phillips, it combines graphic novel panels with live action.  DANNY, the central character, is an Afghan vet dealing with PTSD, as he tries to fit back into normal life.

For more info go to:

Buy the US DVD from

WHAT PRICE GORY? Available on Friday, December 13th!

WHAT PRICE GORY? is the new horror collection from Terry M. West, the critically-acclaimed author of A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY and the filmmaker best known for FLESH FOR THE BEAST. WHAT PRICE GORY? is a collection of weird supernatural stories. Monsters and demons abound in these tales. The collection is 48,000 words and features the following stories:
What Price Gory?: Two famous horror authors have a supernatural contest of the imagination to crown the true king of horror.
Car Nex: A God-fearing man accidently calls forth a hungry demon from an ancient book of shadows.
The Hermit’s Creepy Pet: An ill-tempered hermit captures a local urban legend in a bear trap.
Held Over: Welcome to the Milburn and Stein Home for Continuance. It is a first class living community for the recently undead.
The Hairy Ones: An elderly couple living deep in the woods prepares a sacrifice for the Hairy Ones on All Hallow’s Eve.
Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus: Two good old boys who are strapped for cash hire on to a paranormal investigation and are soon haunted by a seductive demon.
Put on a Happy Face: Susie Monroe hides in an old house with her brother, Billy. Billy is a shadow man who wears many faces. But none of them are his.
Midnight Snack: Calvin Winslow gets lost during a late night drive and he finds a strange and dangerous place on the back roads.
This collection also features a sneak preview of the novella currently under work: Cecil and Bubba meet the Thang.
When asked about his newest collection, West said, “What Price Gory? shows my love for retro horror. These tales have been influenced by television shows like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Tales from the Darkside. I think this collection holds some of my best work, and I am excited for the release.”
What Price Gory? is being published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. and it will be available on originally as a Kindle release, with a print version to come. It will have a special introductory price of .99 cents for a limited time. Release date is Friday, December 13, 2013!

Gothic Horrors at the BFI Southbank London.

If you're in the mood for some classic horror films, the BFI Southbank in London are currently screening a season of Gothic Horror films as part of their "Dark Heart of Film" season
Films being screened include "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari", "Tales from the Crypt" a double bill of "White Zombie" and "I Walked with a Zombie" and Hammer's "Frankenstein", along with many other titles.
For more info on what's being screened, and to purchase tickets for these films visit the BFI Website

Tuesday 26 November 2013

"Big Trouble in Little China" comes to UK BD

Arrow Video is thrilled to announce 16th December 2013 as the confirmed release date for Big Trouble in Little China, one of the most hotly anticipated Blu-ray titles of the year. John Carpenter’s iconic cult classic will be released as both a deluxe Blu-ray & also as a limited edition SteelBook featuring Drew Struzan’s iconic artwork.
Russell plays Jack Burton, a reasonable guy who is about to experience some unreasonable things in San Francisco’s Chinatown. As his friend’s fiancée is kidnapped Jack becomes embroiled in a centuries-old battle between good and evil. At the root of it all is Lo Pan, a 2000-year-old magician who rules an empire of evil spirits. Jack goes to the rescue dodging demons, goblins and the unstoppable Three Storms as he battles through Lo Pan’s dark domain.
One of Carpenters most enjoyable and best loved films, Big Trouble in Little China brilliantly juggles delirious set-pieces, comedy and kung-fu action with a razor sharp script of corking one-liners, as Jack would say “It’s all in the reflexes”.
The super-deluxe package, which is available both as a standard Blu-ray and as a limited edition Blu-ray SteelBook, is full of special features and bonus material. The special features for this edition include:

-High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the film from a digital transfer prepared by Twentieth Century Fox

-Optional 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and uncompressed Stereo 2.0 Audio
-Isolated 5.1 DTS-HD Isolated Score Soundtrack
-Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
-Audio Commentary with director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell
-Return to Little China – A brand new interview with John Carpenter
-Being Jack Burton – A brand new interview with Kurt Russell
-Carpenter and I – A brand new interview with cinematographer Dean Cundey
-Producing Big Trouble – A new interview with producer Larry Franco
-Staging Little Trouble – A new interview with stuntman Jeff Imada
-Interview with visual effects producer Richard Edlund
-Vintage Making-of featurette featuring cast and crew
-Extended Ending
-Deleted Scenes
-Music Video
-Gallery of behind-the-scenes images
-3 original trailers
-TV Spots
The case also contains a booklet featuring new writing on the film by John Kenneth Muir, author of The Films of John Carpenter, as well as a re-print of an interview with production designer John Lloyd and make-up effects artist Steve Johnson on the design and effects of the film, illustrated with archive stills and posters.

The standard release is available with a reversible Sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jay Shaw and the Limited Edition SteelBook is presented with the original iconic Drew Struzan artwork.
Buy the UK BD from
Buy the UK BD Steelbook from


Catch "Rabies" on the Horror Channel this December...

TV News (UK):  UK TV premiere for "RABIES", from "BIG BAD WOLVES" directors Ahron Keshales & Navat Papushado
Plus Horror Channel spreads a little evil on Christmas Day with the Network premiere of "CHRISTMAS EVIL" and there are network premieres for Bruce Campbell’s "MY NAME IS BRUCE" and Glenn McQuaid’s "I SELL THE DEAD".

Sat 28 Dec @ 22:50 – RABIES (2010)
In Israel’s first slasher movie, a runaway adult brother and sister stumble into a trap set by a psycho killer in. His sister buried in the ground, the injured brother sets out to get help. What he finds instead is a group of sex-mad teenagers, two sleazy policemen and a forest ranger and his dog. Making great use of collective expectations of where a body count movie is supposed to go, and then not going there, this is as much a fresh vision of fright as a nuanced social and political commentary on Israel today. A big hit at FrightFest, the directors, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, went on to make the hugely successful BIG BAD WOLVES and have succeeded in revitalising Israel’s horror film industry.

Wed 25 Dec @ 22:50 – CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980)
Widely recognized as the best of the Christmas horror efforts, Christmas Evil is the story of a toy-maker scarred as a boy when he learns that Santa is not real. Throughout his life, he tries to make the Christmas spirit a reality. He becomes obsessed with the behaviour of children and the quality of the toys he makes. When he is met with hypocrisy and cynicism, the resulting snap causes him to go on a yuletide killing spree

Fri 20 Dec @ 22:55 – MY NAME IS BRUCE (2007)
A comedy horror, directed, co-produced by and starring B-Movie cult actor Bruce Campbell, ‘My Name is Bruce’ is the heroic struggle of a small mining town in Oregon to rid itself of a vengeful monster. Guan-di (Jamie Peck), the Chinese god of war and protector of the dead, has been unleashed by cemetery desecrating teenagers to protect the graves of Chinese miners lost in a deadly cave-in of yesteryear.

Fri 27 Dec @ 22: 55 – I SELL THE DEAD (2008)
Director Glenn McQuaid’s brilliant homage to 60s Amicus anthologies and Hammer horror was a hit at Film4 FrightFest 18th century justice has finally caught up with two of the craftiest grave robbers in town. With only a few hours to go before his date with the guillotine, body snatcher Arthur Blake (LOST and LORD OF THE RINGS star Dominic Monaghan) tells his life story to Father Francis Duffy (HELLBOY’s Ron Perlman).

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138
Website | FacebookTwitter

Forest Whittaker stars in "Repentance".

From Codeblack Films and the producers of FRUITVALE STATION. Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) has reinvented himself as a therapist/spiritual advisor who advocates a synthesis of world religions and positivity.
He’s parlayed this vocation into a successful book release that one day draws the attention of Angel Sanchez (Forest Whitaker), a profoundly troubled man fixated on the “untimely” death of his mother.
When Carter takes on Sanchez as a personal client in an effort to raise funds for his indebted brother Ben (Mike Epps), things quickly take a turn for the worse. Angel needs much more than a simple life coach.
What may be simple to grasp for some is the idea that single actions in the past comprise tidal waves of reactions in the present.
Director Philippe Caland's REPENTANCE examines these issues against a backdrop of kidnapping and murder.

REPENTANCE will open in selected cinemas in the US on February 28, 2014. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

View the trailer on YouTube.

Friday 22 November 2013

"Death Walks" wraps filming!

For those of you here that have been following the progress of the new zombie film "Death Walks" (which I have a brief role in as a zombie), you will be interested to hear that production has finally wrapped and the film has moved onto the editing stage.

Originally due to be shot over a period of 24 hours. Instead it was filmed from 15th of July to the 17th of November, but director Spencer Hawken claims the look is now better. The achievement for Death Walks is that it never cost a single penny to make, everything including insurance was given free of charge, or obtained on a contra basis.

"It's been a strange few months, first we shot a film for absolutely no cost thanks to the generosity of Romford's Mercury Mall, then we acquired a cast of legends in their own arena's, and finally a supporting cast and crew of almost 1000 who came back week after week for no cost to complete the task. During the process I was awarded funding for future projects, found work for many of our team, created a partnership with Lucinda Rhodes which already has two movies under it's belt, three in pre-production and two currently doing the rounds for funding."

Editing has now began on Death Walks, but no sooner has the film wrapped than the movie is about to become a franchise, Spencer is in serious talks to make Death Walks 2, and several of the cast are keen to reprise their roles. He promises the story will be a million light years from Death Walks "If you make a zombie movie, you have to be different, people will be both impressed and annoyed by Death Walks, but all will undoubtably agree there has NEVER been a movie like Death Walks, hence how I was able to bring current and legendary talent aboard."

Death Walks is due to complete editing in February in time for submission to the global festival circuit.

Spencer Hawken ad Lucinda Rhodes begin work on "No Reasons" next week, "Road Rage" in the Spring, and "Godfathers Of London" in the Summer.

For more info, visit the following links... Website | Facebook | Twitter

Thursday 21 November 2013

New "Robocop" trailer...

Studiocanal is proud to unveil the new UK trailer for RoboCop, starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish and Samuel L. Jackson.

Directed by José Padilh, RoboCop is released in the UK on February 7th 2014.


Image Entertainment to release "Scavengers" to UK disc

Image Entertainment is delighted to announce their first UK release, sci-fi action thriller Scavengers on DVD and Blu-ray.

In a forgotten corner of the universe, a battle is raging that that threatens our very existence.  Our future lies in the hands of Scavengers.

The crew of the Starship Revelator survive by keeping out of trouble, until they stumble across the mechanics of ultimate destruction.  A rival ship has it in their sights, and they will stop at nothing to master a power that could destroy the universe. The fight for the future is on – a battle against oblivion.  To the victor goes untold power; to the vanquished, death, devastation and the cold dark emptiness of space.
Starring Roark Critchlow (V/Battlestar Galactica), Jeremy London (Sink Hole/The Devil’s Dozen) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Dexter/Saw 3D: The Final Chapter), this CGi packed sci-fi thriller makes its UK DVD and Blu-ray debut on 27 January 2014.
Buy the UK DVD at
Buy the UK BD at
View the trailer on You Tube.

Charlene Amoia set for Saw-esque chiller VITALS

Charlene Amoia (How I Met Your Mother, American Reunion) and Christopher Showerman (The Land That Time Forgot, Complacent)  have been cast in Vitals, Marc Morgenstern's tense new thriller shooting in L.A next month.
Written by Morgenstern, the film features Showerman as an unassuming electrician wakes up in an abandoned motel room in a tub of ice and his kidney missing. It’s only a matter of time before he finds his wife in the adjacent room waiting to be the next victim to a horrible organ harvesting organization. Now they must use each other’s wits and skills to escape before their captors return and their dark secrets are revealed.      
Amoia, best known for playing Wendy on TV hit How I Met Your Mother, plays fellow victim, Dr. Jane Carson.
Sachin Metha (The Advocate), Tim Russ (Star Trek : Voyager) and Claudia Wells (Back to the Future) co-star.

Checkout the teaser trailer on YouTube below...


Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Synapse to release "Reel Zombies" to US DVD

Independent underground filmmakers Mike Masters and David J. Francis (playing themselves) are eager to complete the third film in their ZOMBIE NIGHT film trilogy, a series of rather unsuccessful low-budget, shot-on-video gorefests. The problem, however, is a recent zombie apocalypse has taken over the world since their series began.  The dead are rising from their graves and eating the living… for real this time! Masters and Francis embark on the production of their newest masterpiece anyway, only to discover shooting in a post-apocalyptic world offers many unforeseen challenges.  Instead of giving up, they decide to capitalize on the cannibalistic catastrophe. No need for latex and fake blood when there’s an entire world of flesh eating undead to add realism to their film, and help save money on special effects costs!
Touching upon the real-life headaches of low-budget filmmaking, with numerous nods to the zombie film genre, REEL ZOMBIES is a satirical mockumentary feature that dives head-first into self-parody and “an improbable but inspiring lesson in filmcraft proving that passion and dedication can overcome all obstacles—even the ones that want to chomp your brain out!” (Simon Laperrière, Fantasia Film Festival).
The film is released to US DVD Feb 2014 from Synpase. Extras on the disc include deleted scenes, audio commentary track and a trailer.
Buy the US DVD from

Visit the Official Website.


Monday 18 November 2013

"Naprata" - A Serbian Horror film

Director Mladen Milosavljevic got in touch to tell us about his new horror film "Naprata", which is one of the first "found footage" styles of horror films to be made in Serbia.

The plot revolves around a TV crew, who are supposed to be making a documentary about domestic violence, but get sidetracked following a chance encounter with a local occult expert. Claiming he can summon up a demon in front of them, they decide to change the nature of the film, but in doing so defy the old saying "It is better to believe than be convinced"...

Checkout the trailer below...

News on the availability of this title will be published when it becomes available.

Friday 15 November 2013

"Welcome to Essex" trailer hits the web!

Checkout the trailer for forthcoming zombie film "Welcome to Essex" which has just hit the web...

Be sure to checkout their Official Website | Facebook Page | Twitter Feed.

Thursday 14 November 2013

"Divergent" - New Trailer and Poster revealed

Entertainment One UK have revealed the BRAND NEW teaser trailer and poster artwork for DIVERGENT, the highly anticipated dystopian action-adventure based on the series of novels by Veronica Roth. 

Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet, DIVERGENT will see a UK release on April 4 2014.


Scarlett Johansson gets "Under the Skin".

Not strictly horror, but thought this looked interesting...

UNDER THE SKIN, starring Scarlett Johansson and directed by Jonathan Glazer, will open across the UK on March 14, 2014 through STUDIOCANAL

Glazer’s third film following Sexy Beast and Birth, UNDER THE SKIN is the story of an alien in human form. Part road movie, part science fiction, part real, it’s a film about seeing our world through alien eyes.

Critically acclaimed at the Venice, Toronto and London film festivals, with special praise going to Mica Levi’s score,

UNDER THE SKIN was shot in London and extensively on location in Scotland. Glazer and Walter Campbell wrote the screenplay. Producers are James Wilson (JW Films) and Nick Wechsler (Nick Wechsler Productions). The film is based on a novel by Michel Faber.

UNDER THE SKIN is a Film4 and BFI presentation, in association with Silver Reel, Creative Scotland and FilmNation Entertainment.

View the trailer on YouTube.


Devil in the Woods comes to UK DVD in the New Year.

DEVIL IN THE WOODS is the nightmarish new horror film from director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III & IV) starring True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

Richard Marlow (Moyer) is eager for his son, step-daughter and new wife to get along, so plans a family vacation to the reclusive Pine Barrens.

Desperate for real solitude, Richard leads them deeper into the woods where it quickly becomes clear that all is not peaceful as animals are found mutilated and horrifically killed. Struck down by illness, Richard and his family are stranded as the local legend of the ‘Jersey Devil’ that stalks the darkened woods, starts to haunt their thoughts.

What started out as a peaceful family trip ends up being a deadly nightmare.

Also starring Shawn Ashmore (X-Men trilogy), DEVIL IN THE WOODS is a visceral and bloody mix of horror and the supernatural and is released on DVD by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 3rd March 2014.
Buy the UK DVD from

Wednesday 13 November 2013

"In Fear" - in UK cinemas Friday....

Saw them talking about this on Breakfast TV this morning. This is the new film "In Fear" which hits UK cinemas this Friday, which looks rather good. Checkout the trailer below...

Visit the Official Website.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Graveyard Calling - New Horror Themed Albums for November

Horror themed music company Graveyard Calling have 2 new albums they will be releasing Nov 25th which are available for both download and on limited edition audio cassette.
Werewolves in Siberia - The Rising
From the US, Werewolves bring 7 tracks of John Carpenter-inspired, spooky synth-rock!
Comes on clear blue cassette, Only 50 made. Includes 3 panel art and free 3D glasses.
Also available on download, which includes 4 bonus tracks!

Défago - Call of Darkness
From Spain comes 10 tracks of haunting melodies and eerie-synth-soundscapes!
Limited Edition Cassette version comes on a transparent orange cassette. Only 50 made!
Pre-order includes immediate download of 1 track in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app. You'll also get the complete album the moment it’s released.
More info at Graveyard Calling.

Friday 8 November 2013

Robocop - New Trailer hits the web!

Checkout the new "Robocop" trailer, which hit the web earlier this week...

"Robocop" comes to UK cinemas February

"House of Bad" comes to US DVD

"House of Bad", winner of the fan favorite award at this year's Big Bear Horro-Fi 2013 Film Festival, where it made its premiere, has been acquired by Osiris Entertainment. Osiris has set the highly-anticipated home entertainment title for a US DVD release in December.
"House of Bad" has snared a conglomerate of early rave reviews from the critical community, as well as been showered with praise by horror fans.  The pic features an electric mix of young up-and-coming stars including Sadie Katz, currently starring in "Chavez Cage of Glory", and "Jobs" co-star Clint Jung.  Heather L. Tyler (TVs "Dexter"), Cheryl Sands (TVs "Nip/Tuck") and Lisamarie Costabile (TVs "Rescue Me") are also part of the ensemble.
Written and directed by Jim Towns, "House of Bad" tells of three sisters on the run with a suitcase full of stolen drugs, yearning to break free from their sordid pasts. When the eldest sister Teig (Tyler) decides they’re going to hide out in their old, abandoned family house, its painful memories quickly become too real to fight off.  Unable to distinguish dreams from reality, this attempt at a new lease on life turns into a race for survive.
For more information on "House of Bad", tipped to be atop of many horror fans' Christmas wish lists this year, visit the film's official website at
Buy the US DVD from

Julia X comes to UK disc

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of "JULIA X", which will be available on DVD and 3D Blu-ray in the UK this January.
Internet dating has never been more deadly as Julia is about to find out. What starts out as a night of romance ends up being anything but as the man of Julia’s dreams, known only as ‘The Stranger’, turns out to be the sort of guy your mother warns you about…
Trapped in ‘The Stranger’s’ sights, Julia soon finds out his true identity is not the suave, smooth-talking lover but a sadistic and amoral killer who wants to play a deadly and possessive game.
Branding his victims with an ‘X’, Julia is destined to be the next in the long line of ex-dates but unbeknownst to ‘The Stranger’, this time he has picked on the wrong girl…
Starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Meet the Spartans), Joel David Moore (Avatar, Dodgeball) and Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead), JULIA X comes to DVD and 3D Blu-ray on 27 JANUARY 2014.
The films will be available to pre-order shortly!

Besties trailer

Checkout the trailer for "Besties", which comes to Video on Demand in the US in January from Phase 4 films.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Catch "Flu" at Cineworld this November...

Death is in the air you breath at Cineworld cinemas in the UK this November, with the exclusive release of "FLU", Korea’s answer to "CONTAGION" and "OUTBREAK".
An airborne virus spreads at an alarming rate, 3.4 infections per second with 100% fatality and no known cure. The dangerous epidemic threatens to wipe out the population of the Korean peninsula and beyond.
After smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, a human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a hospital in the highly populated metropolis of Bundang, a suburb of Seoul. Less than 24 hours after his death, similar cases and symptoms are reported all over the city. Helpless against the airborne virus, the population of Bundang is plunged into chaos as the infection rate soars.  In a desperate measure to attempt to prevent the spread of the outbreak to the capital, the rest of Korea and beyond, the government orders a complete shutdown of the city. An apocalyptic Bundang is divided into quarantine zones, as the fight for survival become increasingly personal. as some risk their lives to save those they love, while some risk others to save their own lives…
A box office smash when the film opened in South Korea in August, Director KIM Sung-su’s latest film is an impressive disaster movie on a truly epic scale, and is released in the UK only in Cineworld cinemas November 22nd.

View the trailer on YouTube.


Tuesday 5 November 2013

Iniquitous trailer

Phil Kempson recently got in touch to tell us about his new horror anthology film "Inquitous", which is currently in production. Checkout the trailer below...

For more info on this and for details on how to get involved and support this project, visit the filmmakers Website.

Saturday 2 November 2013

"Suspiria" to get the Synapse treatment.

Synapse Films, Inc. has acquired the North American home-video rights to Dario Argento's 1977 classic horror film "SUSPIRIA", with an original soundtrack by European prog-rockers Goblin.
Described as “one of the scariest films of all time” by Entertainment Weekly, SUSPIRIA stars the beautiful Jessica Harper (Brian De Palma's PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE) as a young girl caught up in a coven of witches controlling a German dance academy, with a guest appearance by Udo Kier (BLADE, Andy Warhol's FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA).
“I’ve been involved in the restoration and release of many films in my career, but SUSPIRIA has always eluded me, until now,” says Donald May, Jr., President of Synapse Films. “It’s one of my favorite horror films and I’m ecstatic that my business partner, Jerry Chandler, was able to negotiate with the rights holders to release this film. This is going to be an amazing project for us.”
Synapse Films, Inc. will work closely with Technicolor Rome and Technicolor Los Angeles to create an all-new high-definition 2K scan from the original negative for a possible 2014-15 video release. “It’s important to spend as much time as possible to create the definitive high-definition home video version for the fans,” May explains. “We’re going to take our time with this one.”
Synapse Films, Inc. is currently planning the extensive work on SUSPIRIA in conjunction with Technicolor, utilizing both their Rome and Hollywood facilities. The film scanning will be coordinated and supervised by Technicolor Hollywood’s Director of Restoration Services, Tom Burton, whose film restoration credits include Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER, Georges Méliès’ A TRIP TO THE MOON, and Blake Edwards' BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S.
Final specifications, retail pricing, and extras for the Synapse Films release of SUSPIRIA will be announced closer to the as yet to be determined release date.

For more info visit Synpase Films Website.

First stills released from "The Last Showing".

The makers of upcoming British chiller "The Last Showing", which stars cult horror actor Robert Englund (Nightmare On Elm Street) and rising stars Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) and Emily Berrington (The White Queen), have just released their first set of publicity stills from the feature (see below).

When a young couple, Martin (Finn Jones) and Allie (Emily Berrington), have a night out at their local cinema, they become unwitting stars of their own horror story at the hands of Stuart (Robert Englund), a disturbed projectionist. Trapping them in the cinema complex, Stuart uses hidden cameras to play his two victims off against one another, directing them to a finale where there can only be one survivor.
Also starring Keith Allen (Vinyl, Shallow Grave) and Malachi Kirby (Gone Too Far)"The Last Showing" will be released in 2014.


"Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones" poster released

Paramount Pictures UK have just unveiled the new poster artwork for their upcoming horror,  "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES". An extension to the highly successful Paranormal Activity franchise.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES is written and directed by Christopher Landon and stars Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz, Carlos Pratts and Gloria Sandovall.
The film haunts UK cinemas on 3rd January 2013
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