Thursday 22 June 2023

THE LAST SENTINEL (2023) - A review

Dysotopian thriller THE LAST SENTINEL starring Kate Bosworth (Barbarian, Straw Dogs) is currently available on Amazon Prime, so thought I'd give it a watch and share my thoughts.

Set about 30 or so years into the future, rising sea levels have decimated most of the world's land masses, with the earths population crammed onto the only 2 remaining continents, who happen to be at war with one another. 

A group of soldiers from one of them are stationed at a military outpost in the middle of the ocean, waiting for their relief ship to arrive, so they can finally go home. But with the relief ship some 3 months overdue, tensions are running high as food and supplies are running low and isolation and loneliness are taking their toll.

When an abandoned ship drifts into range, the crew quickly become divided amongst those who think they should use the ship to leave and those who think they should stay until they are properly relieved. Particularly as the outpost has a nuclear device on board, which they don't want falling into enemy hands. 

The in-fighting quickly begins, but to make matters worse, it looks like someone might be sabotaging any efforts to leave, and paranoia quickly sets sets in as to whether one of them might be a traitor. 

A potentially interesting idea, set at an interesting location, the film unfortunately though proved to be a bit of a dissapointment. The plot was rather slow, dull and tedious, with no real likeable characters and is not really a film I would recommend to anyone looking for entertainment. Only good thing about it was the location/setting. 

The morbidly curious, or die hard fans of Miss Bosworth, can view the film on

Here's the trailer...

Shaun Hutson's DEADHEAD Takes Readers on an Unforgettable Journey

Caffeine Nights Publishing is thrilled to announce the launch of DEADHEAD by renowned horror author Shaun Hutson. This gripping novel, now available in paperback and eBook formats, delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche, delivering a heart-pounding tale of a private detective's desperate quest to save his kidnapped daughter.

In DEADHEAD, Nick Ryan, a troubled private detective, finds himself at a crossroads in life. With a broken family and a terminal illness, he has nothing left to lose. However, when a gang behind a series of heinous murders kidnaps his daughter, Nick's world shatters. Unleashing a relentless pursuit, he embarks on a race against time to rescue his child and bring the killers to justice.

Shaun Hutson, a master of horror, weaves a chilling narrative that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With vivid and atmospheric prose, Hutson captures the grit and darkness of London's underbelly, intertwining suspense, horror, and a father's unwavering love.

DEADHEAD is a haunting exploration of the depths of human depravity and the indomitable spirit of a father. With its relentless pacing and shocking twists, this novel is set to leave readers breathless and craving for more.

For more information about DEADHEAD and to order your copy, please visit the official Caffeine Nights Publishing website at

The book is available in both paperback and eBook formats from all good book stores and leading online retailers

Chilling horror SKINAMARINK - On Disc and Digital July.

WATCH IF you dare… SKINAMARINK is coming to get you on Blu-ray, DVD and digital this summer.

This Shudder Original from writer-director Kyle Edward Ball – in his feature debut – has been striking fear into the hearts of horror fans and critics galore with its scare-inducing style that creeps up and hits you when you least expect it. Now this acclaimed chiller is set to bring the terror once more with Acorn Media’s home entertainment release on 3 July 2023.

When two siblings wake up in the middle of the night, their father is nowhere to be found and the windows and doors in their home have vanished...

Fuelled by fear and anxiety, the pair take matters into their own hands... With pillows and blankets in hand, they build a den in the living room and watch old videotapes of their favourite cartoons to distract from the scary situation, as they hope and pray that a grown-up will come and save them.

But it soon becomes clear that there’s something else there... something beyond their wildest imagination is watching over them. What is it, what does it want and can they survive this unimaginable nightmare?

Beware the things that go bump in the night, it’s not what you think, it’s SKINAMARINK, a wickedly creepy scare fest.

SPECIAL FEATURES include: Commentary with Writer/Director/Editor Kyle Edward Ball and Director of Photography Jamie McRae

View the trailer on YouTube.
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It's Convicts vs Alligators in THE FLOOD - Released Digitally from 17 July

Assault on Precinct 13 meets Alligator in the action thriller THE FLOOD, which sees Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass) trying to control a jail filled with dangerous convicts, a torrential storm, and a horde of hungry alligators.

A daring jailbreak during a ferocious storm gets complicated when a horde of giant, hungry alligators interrupt the escape attempt.

Written and directed by Brandon Slaglel (Battle for Saipan), the film stars Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Louis Mandylor (Rambo: Last Blood), Devanny Pinn (Piranha 3D), and Randy Wayne (Hellraiser: Judgement), and features some seriously scary reptiles who are keen to snack on some caged convicts. 

A rip-roaring, action packed ride, THE FLOOD is a must-watch for fans of nerve-shredding creature features Meg, 47 Feet Down, and Black Water Abyss.

THE FLOOD is available on digital platforms including Google, Apple TV, Sky and Amazon from 17 July, and on DVD from 14 August.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS - Available Digitally, 26 June

Prepare to meet the evil that lurks in the trees in SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS, a blood-splattered coming-of-age horror from Erik and Carson Bloomquist.

In this ode to ‘80s horror, a group of counsellors accidentally unleash a decades’ old evil on the last night of summer camp. As the mayhem and madness turn bloody, the staff of Camp Briarbrook are forced to confront what stories are worth telling and what secrets worth keeping

SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS is from filmmaking team Erik and Carson Bloomquist (Long Lost, Ten Minutes to Midnight) and stars Cara Buono (Stranger Things), Clare Foley (Sinister), Spencer List (Good Trouble), and William Sadler (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, The Shawshank Redemption).

Blue Finch Film Releasing presents SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS on Digital 26 June

View the trailer on YouTube

COBWEB - in UK cinemas 1st September from Lionsgate UK

Coming to UK cinemas this September, from Lionsgate UK. Chilling horror COBWEB.

Eight-year-old Peter is plagued by a mysterious, constant tap, tap from inside his bedroom wall – a tapping that his parents insist is all in his imagination. As Peter’s fear intensifies, he believes that his parents (Lizzy Caplan and Antony Starr) could be hiding a terrible, dangerous secret and questions their trust. And for a child, what could be more frightening than that?

Starring Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield, Mean Girls), Antony Starr (The Boys), Cleopatra Coleman (Infinity Pool) and Woody Norman (War of the Worlds), COBWEB is directed by Samuel Bodin, written by Chris Thomas Devlin and produced by Roy Lee, Andrew Childs, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, James Weaver, and Josh Fagen.

Lionsgate UK presents COBWEB in UK cinemas from 1st September

View the trailer on YouTube.

Evil stalks Victorian London in THE GATES - Available Digitally, July

Open THE GATES, a brand-new British horror-feature that will chill you to the very bone.

This wickedly dark and disturbing feature boasts a stellar cast including John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, James Bond) and Richard Brake (Game of Thrones, Kingsman : The Secret Service, Barbarian) and is directed by Stephen Hall, who co-writes with Tim Reynolds. 

Step back in time to Victorian London, 1892, where the city is gripped with mortal fear… a brutal serial killer is on the loose and no one knows who the next victim will be.

When the depraved murderer, William Colcott, is finally caught, he is sentenced to death by electric chair – one of the first convicts to be executed in by this new method, on trial from America… but before the execution the evil killer puts a curse on the whole prison and upon everyone who dwells within THE GATES.

When two post-mortem photographers, turned paranormal investigators, Frederick Ladbroke and Emma Wickes, take on a new their next assignment, they become embroiled in a strange investigation with a mysterious medium, Lucian Abberton.

Can they stop William's malevolent spirit from escaping Bishopsgate Jail… or will the gates of hell be opened and unimaginable terror be unleashed on Victorian London? 

THE GATES makes its UK debut this July on digital courtesy of 101 Films. 

 View the trailer on YouTube.

Shaun Hutson's terrifying new Horror novel PROGENY - Now available in Paperback

Prepare to embark on a journey through the depths of darkness and unearth the unspeakable horrors that lie within the pages of
PROGENY by renowned horror author Shaun Hutson. Caffeine Nights Publishing is proud to announce the paperback release of this bone-chilling novel, promising to captivate readers with its gripping narrative and haunting atmosphere.
In PROGENY readers are introduced to Jake Porter, a successful psychiatrist and writer plagued by haunting visions and nightmares. As Porter grapples with his past and the terrifying question of whether these visions are nightmares or memories, he enlists the help of his lover, Dani. 
Together, they embark on a quest for truth that takes them to a run-down seaside town and unravels a horrifying secret hidden for over forty years. But some truths are best left buried, as Porter soon discovers.
Shaun Hutson, acclaimed for his ability to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche, weaves a tale that will leave readers breathless, gripping the edges of their seats until the shocking conclusion. "Progeny" is a visceral exploration of the darkness within us all, reminding us that some secrets are better left undisturbed.
Experience the heart-pounding terror of PROGENY in paperback, available from 13th July from major bookstores and online retailers. 
Visit Caffeine Nights Books' website: for more information.

Neil Marshall’s THE LAIR - Arriving on Disc and Digital, July

ACCLAIMED DIRECTOR Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) returns with THE LAIR, a lean, mean creature feature, which, according to the director, is inspired by the ‘classic genre movies like Alien, Predator and The Thing’. 
This spine-chilling Shudder Original features terrifying monsters, gruesome violence and tougher-thantough characters. Claustrophobic, fear-fuelled and strikingly shot, this mighty monster-thriller gets its highly anticipated Blu-ray, DVD and digital release on 17 July courtesy of Acorn Media International.
When Lieutenant Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk – The Reckoning, Ocean’s Eight) is shot down over Afghanistan, Sergeant Tom Hook (Jonathan Howard – Thor: The Dark World, World War Z) is sent in to lead a specialised team of SAS troops to find the missing soldier and bring her home. 
As Sinclair desperately tries to evade her pursuers, she stumbles across a forsaken military bunker and seeks refuge, but little does she know that this seemingly abandoned base holds a dark secret... a horde of nightmarish creatures known as Ravagers, half-human and half-alien, ravenous for flesh.
Narrowly escaping from the bunker, Sinclair finds safety at a nearby army base led by Major Roy Finch (Jamie Bamber – Marcella, Signora Volpe). But it’s not long before some unexpected and extremely dangerous visitors arrive, eliciting an adrenaline-fueled mighty battle for survival... 
Enter The Lair at your own risk in this nightmarish, pulse-pounding and action-packed feature.
SPECIAL FEATURES include: Making of The Lair 
View the trailer on YouTube.
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Tuesday 13 June 2023

MAY - Lucky McKee's cult horror gets LTD ED Blu-Ray from Second Sight Films

Make a date with MAY – for an unforgettable, uncomfortable, weird and wild experience. Lucky McKee’s (The Woman) wickedly wry body horror featuring outstanding performances, stunning cinematography and a stellar soundtrack, is back for a new release this July. Second Sight Films has it all sewn up with a brand-new Limited Edition and Standard Edition Blu-ray version, both complete with a fantastic slew of special features.
Meet May Dove Candy (Angela Bettis - Girl Intterupted, Toolbox Murders), the socially awkward veterinary assistant, who was bullied as a child for her lazy eye, and has developed an obsession with perfection. Desperate for connection, May struggles to make friends and is desperately searching for a perfect boyfriend.
Then she meets Adam, the boy with the flawless hands… could he be the one? But the path of love never runs smoothly, especially with May’s inability to connect with people. As her dream of perfection unravels, she becomes increasingly detached from reality and descends into the depths of depravity.
The brand-new Limited Edition is set for release on 24 July and is presented in a stunning box with new artwork by Bella Grace, alongside a 70 page book, with new essays. Both editions come complete with a host of brilliant extras including new audio commentaries and new interviews with the stars, director, composer and editors and much more, see full details below.
Don’t miss MAY - Limited Edition, a devilish delight that’s a cut above the rest.

Special Features
• New audio commentary with Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
• Audio commentary with director Lucky McKee, cinematographer Steve Yedlin, editor Chris Sivertson and actors Angela Bettis, Nichole Hiltz, and Bret Roberts
• Audio commentary with director Lucky McKee, Editor Rian Johnson, Composer Jammes Luckett (formerly credited as Jaye Barnes Luckett), production designer Leslie Keel, and Craft Services guy Benji
• The Toymaker: a new interview with director Lucky McKee
• Perfect Hands: a new interview with actor Jeremy Sisto
• Blankety Blank: a new interview with actor James Duval
• How to Execute a Murder: a new interview with cinematographer Steve Yedlin
• Peeling Back the Layers: a new interview with editor Rian Johnson
• Jack and Jill: a new interview with editor Chris Sivertson
• In the Cut: a new interview with editor Kevin Ford
• Blood, Gore and Rock ‘n’ Roll: a new interview with composer Jammes Luckett
• From Frankenstein to May: Miranda Corcoran on May
• Bits and Pieces: on the set of May

Limited Edition Contents
• Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Bella Grace
• 70 page book with new essays by Joseph Dwyer, Rachel Knightley, Mary Beth McAndrews and Heather Wixson
• Six collectors' art cards
Pre-order the UK LTD ED BD from
Pre-order the UK STD ED BD from 

Poster, Stills and Trailer revealed for forthcoming THE BREACH

Lightbulb Film Distribution is delighted to share the poster and trailer for new sci-fi horror, THE BREACH.


Counting down his last days as Chief of Police in the small town of Lone Crow, John Hawkins must investigate one final case when a mangled body washes up on the shores of the Porcupine River.

Based on the award-winning book by Nick Cutter, the Canadian feature is directed by Rodrigo Gudiño, founding editor of Rue Morgue. The soundtrack was written and performed by Slash (Guns N’ Roses), who is also Executive Producer on the film.

THE BREACH will be released On Demand and Download in the UK & Ireland from July 10th, and in Australia & New Zealand from July 12th.

Pre-order the UK DVD from


Monday 12 June 2023

FRONTIER(S) - Limited Edition BD Box-Set coming from Second Sight...

Dare you cross Frontier(s)? The shockingly violent and darkly disturbing horror from Xavier Gens (Hitman, Gangs of London) in his 2007 directorial debut, is set for a brand-new Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set release alongside a Standard Edition version from experts in the field Second Sight Films on 24 July 2023.

Shocking and thrilling audiences and offending (some) critics on its original release, French helmer Gens’ blood-fueled, brutal feature is set for a stunning new Limited Edition outing. The box set is presented in a rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal and a 70 page book featuring new essays and comes complete with a bucket load of special features. 

These will be available on both versions and include: an audio commentary with Zoë Rose Smith and Kelly Gredner, new interviews with cast and crew, the 'Making of’, a short film and more! Please see full list below.

It’s a time of severe political unrest in Paris, an extreme right-wing party has come to power and violent protests soon turn into full scale riots. As the streets burn, a group of young reprobates use the chaos to their advantage, robbing anything and everything they can. But as they get in too deep, tragedy strikes and with the police on their tail, they’re forced to split up and flee the city.

Their situation goes from bad to worse as they end up holed up in a remote countryside guesthouse, where they come face to face with a strange clan, the Von Geislers – a ruthlessly and violently oppressive father, his fiercely sexual daughters, and brutish sons – who soon reveal themselves as neo-Nazis. The debauched family’s fantasy of starting a new Aryan race could soon be realised as Yasmine (Karina Testa - Budapest), could be the key to the fresh bloodline they’ve been waiting for. 

Can she and her friends survive the human abattoir, or will she become 'one of the family'?

Enter the depraved and debauched Frontier(s) for a twisted, stomach-churning, thrilling horror experience.

Special Features
• Audio Commentary with Zoë Rose Smith and Kelly Gredner
• Reinventing the Extreme: a new interview with director Xavier Gens
• Going Method: a new interview with actor Karina Testa
• A Light in the Dark: a new interview with actor Maud Forget
• Lights, Camera... Fear: a new interview with cinematographer Laurent Barès
• Sounds of Violence: a new interview with composer Jean-Piere Taïeb
• The Making of Frontier(s)
• Fotografik Short Film
• Xavier Gens Highschool Trailers
• Frontier(s) Trailers
• Storyboard Comparisons
• Behind-the-Scenes Photos with commentary by Xavier Gens and Karina Testa
• Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Xavier Gens and Karina Testa

Limited Edition Contents
• Rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal
• 70 page book with new essays by Dr Sarah Cleary, Mark H Harris, Carolyn Mauricette and
Alexandra West
• Six collectors' art cards.

Pre-order the Box-Set from





Thursday 8 June 2023

Deep-Dive documentary STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN - Available Digitally from 26th June

STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN, which come to UK Digital outlets this, is the ultimate guide to the King of your nightmares.

Stephen King – one of the best-selling authors of the last century and undeniably a modern horror icon. His works have been translated into television shows, feature films, video games and more across the decades. 

In STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN, fans of the beloved nightmare writer are given the chance to meet the directors and creatives who brought unforgettable stories to the big screen from Carrie to IT, Misery, Stand By Me, Cujo, Children of the Corn and more. 

Join Hollywood legends Frank Darabont, Tim Curry, Tom Holland, James Caan, Mike Flanagan, and more as they discuss their own journeys into the fantastical world of Stephen King. 

STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN is directed by Daphné Baiwir (The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland).

Signature Entertainment presents STEPHEN KING ON SCREEN on Digital Platforms 26th June

View the Trailer on YouTube


Stephen Lang stars in OLD MAN - Available now, Digitally.

Director Lucky McKee's (The Woman, May) new horror thriller OLD MAN, starring Stephen Lang (Don't Breathe) is available now on Digital Download.

When a lost traveller stumbles upon an old man living in a remote cabin in the woods, the two engage in a lengthy conversation; one that will bring to light the truths they’ve been running from, the sins they’ve tried to forget, and the terrifying bond that connects them.

Stephen Lang (Don't Breathe, VFW) Marc Senter (Starry Eyes, Devil's Carnival), Patch Darragh (TV's Succession, The First Purge) and Liana Wright-Mark (Ocean's Eight) star.

View the trailer on YouTube.

Available to Download from


DEINFLUENCER - Out now on Digital

Trend... or die trying in DEINFLUENCER, a slick, fear-filled new horror that finds a kidnapped cheerleader forced to take on sadistic social media challenges by her captor. From director Jamie Bailey (This Was America), this gripping thriller gets its UK digital premiere on 5 June 2023, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

An influential cheerleader Sabrina (Caylin Turner) is abducted by a fearsome masked fiend and forced to complete a series of increasingly violent tasks on social media to win her freedom and save not only her own life – but also the lives of others held captive.

Caught in a sinister game of social media survival, where the stakes are higher than ever before, Sabrina must do whatever it takes to earn likes and stay alive. But can she rise to the challenge and save herself from this terrifying trap? She must battle against the clock and only one thing is certain: every like counts... or does it?

Grab your pom-poms and popcorn for non-stop horror thrills with DEINFLUENCER, you’re guaranteed to hit like.

On UK Digital platforms 5 June 2023

Available to View/Download from

View the Trailer on YouTube




Yet another retelling of the HG Wells classic story about aliens from Mars, invading Earth in giant tripod war machines. This time, taking place in present day England, where group of Astronomy students are trying to check out a meteorite that's crashed down in some woods near to Woking, in Surrey. 

Trying to sneak around the police cordon to get a closer look, the group are extremely surprised as a door in the "meteor" suddenly opens up, and a massive tripod war machine emerges from within, which proceeds to start decimating everything in it's path with a giant heat ray.

Attempting to flee, they hook up with a soldier who is trying to get back to his headquarters, after his battalion was wiped out by one of the Tripods, and they spend most of the film trying to dodge the Martians whilst getting to safety, as the military try in vain to halt the Tripods advance.

Being a fan of the musical adaptation by Jeff Wayne, I've found most of the various film and TV adaptations over the years to be fairly disappointing, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this, and rather enjoyed it.

Perhaps it's because I had low expectations, given the film's obvious low budget, but was able to look past the plot holes and ropey CGI effects and actually found it quite entertaining.

Although it's no action-fest, and a lot of the main fight scenes happen off camera, it still boasted some good fight scenes between the military and the aliens, even though the effects were not up to "Hollywood" standards.

Worth a watch if you enjoy sci-fi films, it was certainly better than that awful Tom Cruise borefest from 2005 in any case!

The film is currently available on DVD and to stream on Amazon prime. 

Buy the DVD from 

View the film online at 

Here's the trailer, to get a feel of what to expect... 

Monday 5 June 2023

Mayhem Film Festival returns to Broadway, Nottingham on 12-15 October 2023

Mayhem Film Festival will return this autumn to showcase the best in international horror, sci-fi and cult cinema, on 12-15 October. Plans are currently underway and the Mayhem team will be heading out to Cannes shortly to programme the festival’s 19th edition.

Following on from last year’s edition that saw the UK Premieres of Jethica and Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle, as well as a special screening of Kuroneko with a newly-commissioned live score by Yumah amongst its four-day line-up, the team is excited to be back and present the best in genre cinema to Screen 1 audiences.

Chris Cooke, Mayhem’s Co-Director will be one of the team members in Cannes this year: "Mayhem is all about delivering surprises, from the bizarre to cult classics, from unique screenings to exciting premieres. This year we're hunting down the best in horror, science fiction and far more from around the globe."

Broadway’s Director of Programming, Caroline Hennigan added: "Mayhem is one of the most exciting events in our calendar and central to this excitement is the shorts programme, which gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the best new talent from across the world. We can’t wait to screen this year’s successful submissions."

In addition to announcing their 2023 dates, Mayhem Film Festival is also pleased to announce their call for short films will open on 15 May. Over the years, Mayhem has grown from a single short film programme to a four-day event, but its shorts programme remains at the heart of every edition. Mayhem Film Festival is looking for horror, sci-fi and cult short films, produced after 1 January 2022 and that are under 22 minutes long. 

More information on how to submit films is available at

In previous years, Mayhem has welcomed many filmmakers from around the world such as Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) for Monsters, Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen, Sherlock) for a special masterclass, Ben Wheatley for a preview screening of Sightseers, Nicolas Roeg for a special screening of Don’t Look Now at St Mary’s Church in Nottingham, and cult Canadian collective Astron-6 for The Editor and The Void

Mayhem Film Festival has also hosted special events such as screenings with specially commissioned live scores from 8MM Orchestra, two exclusive live stage readings of unmade Hammer Films screenplays, The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula in 2015 and Zeppelin V. Pterodactyls in 2017, and a live performance of Tales of HP Lovecraft by The Duke St Workshop featuring British actor Laurence R. Harvey.

Planning is currently underway for Mayhem Film Festival’s 19th edition with more information and announcements coming soon.

Mayhem Film Festival will take place at Broadway, Nottingham on 12 – 15 October 2023. For more information, please visit