Friday 18 September 2015

"Grimmfest" Manchester announces full film line-up

The Grimm Up North Festival (Grimmfest), which takes place 1-4 Oct at the Odeon Printworks in Manchester, have just announced their full film line up as follows...
Gala Opening Night Thursday 1st October

7.00pm - 8.37pm The Hallow
9.00pm - 10.10pm Northern Showcase:
The Box, Snatchers, Driven,Process + Guest Panel
10.30pm - 11.56pm Blood Sucking Bastards & El Gigante [short]
11.59pm onwards Drinks @ Waxy O’Connor’s

Friday 2nd October

12.00 Midday - 1.52pm German Angst + Q&A
2.00pm - 3.51pm Scream
4.00pm - 5.40pm Landmine Goes Click
6.00pm - 7.39pm He Never Died
8.00pm - 9.40pm Cherry Tree + Q&A
10.00pm -11.35pm Turbo Kid
11.50 -1.23 am The Hive

Saturday 3rd October

12.00 Midday - 1.43pm Excess Flesh
2.00pm - 3.41pm Short Film Showcase:

Dark_Net, Whisper, A Stranger Kind, Judith, Willa, Cowboy Ben, [shut-in]
10.00pm -11.30pm Deathgasm
4.00pm - 5.35pm The Nightmare + Q&A
6.00pm - 7.35pm Howl + Q&A
8.00pm - 9.40pm Synchronicity
11.50 -1.19 am We Are Still Here

Sunday 4th October

12.00 Midday - 1.40pm Hellions & The Sun Has Died [short]
6.00pm - 7.39pm A Christmas Horror Story
2.00pm - 3.30pm Antisocial 2
4.00pm - 5.45pm Hellraiser + Q&A
8.00pm - 10.00pm DXM + Director Q&A
10.00pm Onwards Afterparty.

For more info checkout the Grimmfest website

Full programme is available as a downloadable PDF HERE

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