Friday 28 November 2014

"Ejecta" - comes to UK DVD this January.

The unnerving and ever-present question of whether we are truly alone in the universe is finally answered in the intriguing sci-fi horror EJECTA - available on DVD and digital platforms this January.
Already generating huge buzz within the horror community, EJECTA sees cult hero Julian Richings (Man of Steel, Cube) take centre stage in this story of one night on earth that alters everything we think we know about the universe. 

On the eve of a historic solar storm, two men are forced to fight for survival against a horrifying life form that's determined to hunt them down. In the aftermath of their traumatic close encounter, they find themselves pursued by an anonymous militia group, who will stop at nothing to unearth the truth behind what happened that night… and prove to the world that we are not alone in the universe.

Directed by Chad Archibald and Matt Wiele, and starring Adam Seybould (Path of Souls, Exit Humanity) and Lisa Houle (Pontypool, TV’s Flashpoint) alongside a scene-stealing Richings, EJECTA is a shocking hybrid of sci-fi and horror- tense, terrifying, and an absolute must-see for fans of both genres. 
EJECTA is released to DVD and VOD from 19th January, 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.
Pre-order the UK DVD from

Wednesday 26 November 2014

"Blood Lake" - US DVD review

Just when you thought (for the 100th time) that it was FINALLY safe to go back in the water, along comes “Blood Lake”. The latest film from prolific indie director James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime, 13/13/13), which is out on DVD in the US this month. 
The film stars US TV Actor and former “Baywatch” star Jason Brooks (TVs “Revolution” and “The Mentalist”) as Michael Parker. A ‘Chief Brody’ type character, who works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, who’s sent to investigate an outbreak of carnivorous eels, known as Lampreys, in one of the local lakes.
The Lampreys have been decimating the fish population and the towns Mayor (played by Christopher Lloyd – “Piranha 3D”, “Back to the Future”) wants something done about them quickly, before the tourist season starts. But before they can sort out how to cull them all, they manage to infest the local rivers and everything both up and down stream. As the people at the local beach find out, much to our amusement, when they emerge from the waters covered in fish guts.
But it seems things are about to go from bad to worse, as the Lampreys have developed a taste for human blood, and proceed to arbitrarily start snacking on anyone venturing near a water course, before managing to get into the towns water supply. Spelling bad news for people wanting to use their swimming pools, garden sprinklers or just sit on the toilet reading their favourite newspaper.
Originally filmed for the US TV networks, the film cheerfully apes the basic plot to stuff like “Jaws”, “Piranha”, “Alligator”, “Squirm" and various other films about nature on the rampage. So it comes as no surprise to learn that this is one of those hilariously bad B-movies to come out of the Asylum pictures stable. The people who gave us such wonderful titles as “Megashark Vs Giant Octopus” and the “Sharknado” films (so you know what you’re in for).
Dodgy CGI, unfeasible plot devices and over the top gore are the order of the day here, which had me laughing out load for most of the films duration, which also features Shannen Docherty ("Beverly Hills 90210") as Mike’s wife and co-stars Zack Ward ("Resident Evil : Apocalypse", "Don’t Blink") as Mike’s work partner Will.
Having reviewed some of the directors earlier works, I had often wondered what he could do with a half-decent budget and now I know. Needless to say, I thought this was hilarious stuff. If you’re a fan of Asylum pictures other movies, you should definitely get a kick out of this one. It’s a film that the sci-fi channel might describe as “Terribly good” (with the emphasis firmly on the “terribly”). So if you love these cheesy B-movies, definitely give this one a go!

The film is released to DVD in the US Nov 28. The screener I viewed did not contain any special features on, whether the released disc will have any trailers or any extras features on is unknown at this time.

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Sunday 23 November 2014

The "UK Festival of Zombie Culture" - a video report...

A video report of last weeks "UK Festival of Zombie Culture"

For info on future events, visit

Checkout the other videos on my YouTube channel

Sunday 16 November 2014

"The Axeman of Henderson County" - A Review

“The Axeman of “Henderson County is the debut feature of  Director Larry Parmiter who kindly sent me a review disc to take a look at. Kind of a cheeky nod to the slasher movies of the 80s, a maniac in a ski mask Is going around carving up people in and around a small rural town, in Henderson county in the US.
The Sheriff and his deputies (who are all clearly identifiable, as they have the words “Sheriff” and “Deputy Sheriff” emblazoned in large lettering on their respective baseball caps) investigate, but find no leads.
As the bodies pile up, the Towns Mayor (played by WWF wrestler ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan) is suitably outraged that the police force can’t seem to stop this maniac, who subsequently starts writing taunting letters to the Sheriff, boasting he will strike again at the next full moon.
But upon discovering the killer has a love of Jazz music, will this prove to be his undoing (watch the film, it will all make sense)?
Filmed on a budget of around $5000, utilising a lot of first time actors, the acting isn’t exactly up to “The Royal Shakespeare Company” standards, and owing to the film makers limited means, features a lot of awkward jumpy sound edits and less than impressive special effects.
However, at the same time, the film was pretty damn funny. Being filmed in an exceptionally tongue in cheek style, the film makers know they have limited means and the story seems to play up this (think along the lines of “Birdemic”). Needless to say, I thought the film was hilarious, possibly for the wrong reasons, but funny none-the-less.
So if these low budget Indie clunkers are your idea of a good evenings entertainment, then you can’t go wrong. The film makers have a number of copies of the film pressed to DVD, however these are currently only available at special film screenings.
So for more info, visit the films Facebook page
Also checkout the production companies Facebook page
View the trailer on YouTube

Thursday 13 November 2014

"In the House of Flies" - Trailer

Thanks to Parade Deck Films, we're proud to release the brand new trailer for "In the House of Flies", which comes to US DVD and VOD this month.
June 1988…Summer Was Never The Same. An innocent couple, Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steve (Ryan Kotack) suddenly find themselves abducted. By whom? For what purpose? Alone, isolated and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves pawns in a psychological, mind-game with their diabolical hosts.
Surrounded by several mysterious and locked suitcases – each containing valuable clues to their very own survival - Heather and Steve must exploit what remains of their bruised intellect and depleting sanity, to escape the authority of their unidentified and brutal abductors (Ryan Barrett). From this day forward, summer was never the same.
Checkout the trailer below...
Directed by Gabriel Carrer, and starring Lindsay Smith, Ryan Kotack, Ryan Barrett & Henry Rollins (Sons of Anarchy). The film hits US DVD and VOD Nov 25.

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Fright-Rags launches 4 Demonic "EXORCIST 3" designs

"The Exorcist" is often cited as one of the greatest horror films of all time, but many fans were just as disturbed by "The Exorcist 3". William Peter Blatty's criminally-overlooked 1990 film is finally being given its due with four new shirts from Fright-Rags.
Fright-Rags is offering a pair of limited edition designs from Justin Osbourn (limited to 500) and Christopher Lovell (limited to 300). Both are available on unisex shirts and girls shirts. The collection also includes the first printing of two more T-shirts: Coki Greenway's depiction of a scene from the finale and Jeff Zornow's capturing of one of the film's most terrifying moments.

All four demonic designs are now available for pre-order at, with products expected to ship in early December. These items may sell out during the pre-order period, so don't miss your chance to possess them.

Pre-order your shirts from the Fright-Rags website

Wednesday 12 November 2014

"Let us Prey" - review from the Mayhem Horror Festival

Brian O'Malley's "Let us Prey" is another film I caught whilst attending The Mayhem Horror festival on Thursday October 30th (see my review of the other film The Editor). Set in a remote Scottish village, the film stars Pollyanna Macintosh (The Woman) as WPC Heggie, a fresh faced recruit, who’s just started at the towns police station on the night shift.
On her way into work on her first night, she apprehends a joy rider, who knocked over an old man. Yet strangely, the body appears to have vanished when they look round.
Having booked him in at the station, we quickly get the impression that the towns constabulary are not the nicest of folk. The officer in charge, Sgt MacReady (Douglass Russell – A Lonely Place to Die) is a gruff, old school copper, who likes to beat manners into unruly detainees.
The 2 other officers on shift that night, PC Warnock and WPC Mundie (played by “Outpost III”’s Bryan Larkin and “The Outcast”’s Hanna Stanbridge) are a seedy pair who seem more interested in pounding each other in the back of their patrol car than pounding the beat.
Anyway, they later find the old man (played by “Game of Thrones” Liam Cunningham) wandering the streets in a daze and bring him into the station, which is when things start to get weird. The local doctor comes to check him out, but then tries to attack him. Sticking them both in the holding cells, it seems the old man knows that everyone at the station, prisoners and policemen alike, are harbouring a very dark secret. Fate has brought them all together for a reason this night and their sins are all about to find them out.
Directed by newcomer Brian O’Malley, the film is a very weird supernatural tale which goes to show that karma can be a right bitch, as well as putting a whole new shine on the phrase “All Coppers are B*****ds”. In which we find these particular upholders of the law are arguably worse offenders than the people they arrest.
Overall, I was very impressed with this film. Which features a solid cast and proves to be an effective little chiller. It was certainly well received by the others at the festival, so I would definitely recommend seeking this one out when it comes to disc.
For more info visit


The Best Ways To Survive A Real Purge

Get off the streets, lock the doors and prepare for the return of "The Purge: Anarchy" coming to Blu-ray and DVD on 17th November. 
"The Purge: Anarchy" sees the mayhem of the purge, where one night a year, all crime including murder is legal.  While some purge for kicks, and some purge for revenge, some just like to try to survive.  To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release here’s a guide on the best ways to survive a ‘real purge’...Will you #SurviveTheNight?

Stay Alert
Stay alert. Even for the non-participant, being alert and vigilant is a necessity. Only when we are prepared and self-sustained can we truly enjoy The Purge.

Get Provisions
Be prepared with plenty of food and drinks. Not only will this keep you from unnecessary travel on Purge night, it will make for a comfortable and enjoyable viewing of the events.

Cover up and keep away from windows as they are an easy portal to danger. Upper-level windows, though less dangerous than those on the ground level, should still be safely covered and avoided.
Defend Your Home
Protect your home. Even if you cannot afford a top-level security system, you can take steps to make your home safer. Try a basic barricade at your stairwell and remain either below in the basement or safely above on the upper floors.  Always have a backup plan for your escape, and do what you have to do to ensure your own survival.

Establish yourself as a psychotic violent presence in your neighbourhood, someone not to be trifled with, and who is feared by all.  In essence, live like every day is Purge day.
If you get caught driving around and the Purge starts to happen, RUN!   Go to the nearest corner shop and find a weapon of some kind and make your way home.  As a last ditch, if you are ever caught out in the open, cover yourself with blood and take a really long nap.
"The Purge: Anarchy" is released on Blu-ray and DVD from 17th November from Universal Pictures (UK). A box-set including both The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on the same date.

Buy the UK DVD from

Buy the UK BD from

Buy the UK DVD double pack from

Buy the UK BD double pack from


Tuesday 11 November 2014

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell making "Evil Dead" TV series

OK, for those of you who haven't already heard the news, it seems Bruce Campbell will be returning as Ash, but this time on the small screen, for a new TV series entitled "Ash Vs The Evil Dead".
The show has been ordered by the Starz TV network in the US, and will comprise of 10 half-hour episodes. Sam Raimi is writing and directing the pilot episode and will be producing the rest of the series, alongside fellow "Evil Dead" stalwart Robert Tappert.
Its been over 20 years since Bruce Campbell last appeared as Ash (not counting the guest appearance in that awful remake from the other year), back in 1993's "Army of Darkness", Raimi's third film in the Evil Dead series.
The new show will see Ash, some years later, back in his old job, squaring off against another set of deadites when evil comes to call on him once again (I'm assuming this follows on from the theatrical ending of "Army of Darkness", as opposed to the post-apocalyptic ending from the directors cut version).
The film is set to premiere on the Starz network in the US sometime in 2015. News on if and when this will be screened in the UK will be published when it becomes available.

Sunday 9 November 2014

"The Editor" - a review from the Mayhem Film Festival

On Thursday the 30th of October I attended the opening night of the Mayhem Horror Film festival at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham to see, amongst other films, “The Editor” by infamous production crew ‘Astron-6’
The show had opened with a selection of their earlier short films which included, amongst other shorts, “Bio-Cop”, a bizarre cross between “The Incredible Melting Man” and “Manic Cop”. “Inferno of the Dead”, in which the zombies from “Nights of Terror” (Burial Ground) turn out to be pretty lousy flatmates, “Cool Guys”, a piss-take of those 80s beach movies and “Goreblade”, a Hercules/Xena type spoof.
Having been given a taste of what was to come, it was onto the main feature. “The Editor”.  Which was basically a send up of those Italian Giallos (crime thrillers) from the 70’s and early 80s.
The film revolves around a Franco Nero lookalike, Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks), who was once an award winning film editor. But has since been forced to take menial work on low budget films, after an unfortunate accident in the editing room left him with a prosthetic wooden hand, which has severely hampered his editing abilities.
Unfortunately, it seems people in the cast and crew of the latest film he’s working on are getting bumped off by a knife wielding maniac and the bungling policeman in charge, detective Porfiry (Matthew Kennedy) thinks it’s him.
However, it seems Porfiry is a complete idiot who’s too incompetent to catch a cold and only got promoted to detective because his wife, who also happens to be one of the actresses in the film, happens to be the daughter of the police chief.
Meanwhile, the killer continues to hack and slash his way through the film crew, as Porfiry tries desperately to pin it on Ciso, whilst the other cast members only seem to care if this sudden loss of lead actors means their roles will be expanded.
Done in the style of those old Italian horror films, particularly those of Dario Argento, the film is part parody and part homage, featuring intentionally bad dubbing, ludicrous plot twists and tons of references to other movies, such as “The Beyond”, “New York Ripper” and even “Hitch Hike”. Which also features tracks by noted genre composer Claudio Simonetti and a guest appearance by Eurohorror regular Udo Kier, who has a small role as a doctor.
If you’re a fan of Italian cinema, you’ll undoubtedly love this, which plays like a Troma version of Tenebrae and went down an absolute storm at the festival. However, younger horror fans who’s knowledge of horror extends solely to the Paranormal Activity films and the likes of Saw, probably won’t get the humour.
This one is currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit, so if you get chance to see this with an audience, go check it out. Their earlier short films are also currently available on DVD in the US, which I would also advise checking out, for you to get a feel of what you’re in for!

Buy the Astron-6 short film collection at

You can see the Q&A session with the film makers that followed the screening on YouTube.

For more about "The Editor" and other films by Astron-6, visit

For more about the Mayhem Festival, Nottingham visit them on Twitter and Facebook

Friday 7 November 2014

"Iron Sky 2 : The Coming Race" - Teaser trailer and poster released.

The people who gave us Iron Sky have just unveiled a new teaser trailer for their proposed sequel "The Coming Race".
They are currently looking to secure funds from a crowd sourcing campaign on Indigogo to get the rest of the film shot. Check out the links below...

For more info, and to get involved in the crowdfunding campaign, visit their Indiegogo page
Also be sure to visit their official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thursday 6 November 2014

"The Editor" - film makers live Q&A

Filmed at the Mayhem Festival on Thu 30/11/14, Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney and Matt Kennedy of production company Astron-6 discuss their latest film "The Editor", following its screening at the festival, along with some of their earlier short films...

For more info about this film, and their other features, visit their official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Don't forget - UK Zombie Film Festival Nov 15 - Leicester

On Saturday Novemeber 15th, the 8th "UK Festival of Zombie Culture" will be taking place at the Pheonix Arts cinema in Leicester.
Also known as the "Day of the Undead", the festival boasts 13 hours of zombie movie mayhem, and much more.
Films announced so far include...
Theatre of the Dead (2014 - Austrailia)
Bombshell Bloodbath (2014 - US)
Go Goa Gone (2013 - Hindi)
I Survived A Zombie Holocaust (2014 - New Zealand)
Juan of the Dead (2011 - Cuba)
Other activities and events taking place during the festival..
•Special guest stars
•The Arcade of the Dead – Retro Zombie Games to die for
•Best dressed Zombie Award – Come Dressed to Impress
•Zombie Killing Challenge – Kill the Undead on a Cinema Screen
•Make Up Artists
•Zombie Authors – Signing books and talking zombies
•Goodie Bags – 1st 200 people through the door get lucky
•Horror Traders – Late Halloween or Early Xmas presents!
•Spot Prizes, giveaways, themed food & drink
Previous years have sold out, so be quick!
Tickets are just £25 from the Phoenix website
For more info visit the official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

"The Pyramid" - Egyptian Myth feature...

Twentieth Century Fox are pleased to make available a brand new featurette discussing the Egyptian mythology featured in the upcoming horror THE PYRAMID.

Produced by Alexandre Aja, directed by Grégory Levasseur and starring James Buckley, Ashley Hinshaw and Denis O'Hare, THE PYRAMID will be released in UK cinemas on 5th December 2014.

This is a Public Service Announcement...

Director Joseph Carlin recently got in touch to tell us about his new series of short films. Done in the style of those old Public Service Announcements we used to get back in the 70s/early 80s, these are a series of horror themed announcements, satirising the PSA formula.

Here's one, warning about the dangers of demonically possessed mirrors...

You can view the others on his Vimeo Channel

Horror Convention Documentary FANTASM Hits US DVD

Horror convention documentary Fantasm will be released on US DVD on November 11th.
In addition to the feature-length documentary, this limited edition DVD includes the original student film, extended interviews, bloopers, "Dinner at the Kuchta's," trailers and the Kickstarter video.
Fantasm is on sale for $13 until the November 11th release, after which the price will increase. It's also available signed by director Kyle Kuchta - at no additional cost - during the pre-order period only. Posters are on sale as well (see link below).
"I'm excited that Fantasm will finally be out and available," says Kuchta. "What started as a student film grew into so much more, and I'm grateful for all the love and support over the past two years."
In an effort to understand his own fascination with the genre, horror fanatic Kyle Kuchta embarked on a journey to six horror conventions throughout the united states. Through interviews with actors, directors, horror experts and fellow fans at conventions, Kyle discovered that it’s not only the love of the genre that makes these gatherings so special, but it’s the sense of community.
Fantasm features insight from such notable names as Tom Atkins (Escape from New York), Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Richard Johnson (The Haunting) and more, alongside the dedicate fans who attend horror conventions.
Kuchta will celebrate the release of Fantasm with a free screening and release party at Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City, CA on Saturday, November 8th. Event details can be found on the official Facebook page.

Special features:
Original student film
Extended interviews
"Dinner at the Kuchta's" featurette
Kickstarter video

Fantasm is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price via

Sunday 2 November 2014

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - 40th anniversary UK BD review.

It’s been 40 years since Tobe Hoopers original 1974 film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” shocked audiences around the world. Banned in the UK upon its original release, it wasn’t until 1999 that UK audiences finally got to see what all the fuss was about and has since enjoyed a popular life on home video.
Now Second Sight films are releasing a brand new digitally restored 4k version to Blu-ray with brand new special features exclusive to this release together with a mix of existing features from previous versions for their new 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray.
I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story, a group of teenagers go out for a drive one weekend in rural Texas and decide to visit the remains of their old grandfathers farmhouse. Unfortunately, it seems the people on the next farm are none too receptive towards visitors, as one by one the kids go off exploring their surroundings and come up against Leatherface, a maniac wearing a mask made of human skin and a penchant for using chainsaws.
Hailed as the prototype of the modern slasher film, it does look somewhat dated by todays standards. Indeed, many have joked that perhaps the most shocking thing about it now is the terrible 70s flared trousers and hairstyles. The film has been re-issued several times over the years, but this latest Blu-ray release has been struck from a brand new 4k master, supervised by Tobe Hooper himself.
Now, a quick word about this new restored version. I took the liberty of viewing this on a friends 50” Samsung HDTV and comparing it to the Second Sight’s previous DVD release. Now, it would have been better if I had their previous Blu-ray to hand for a fairer comparison, but as I don’t own that, the DVD had to do.
Overall, the new Blu-ray was certainly a lot brighter, edges were more cleanly defined and there wasn’t any pixilation or blurring when there was a lot of fast action taking place compared to the DVD. Now, I’m not sure how the previous Blu-ray would have compared, but all things considered, the new disc has the edge.
This being said however, owing to the limits of the films original 16mm elements, the film is still noticeably soft and grainy and arguably looks better displayed on a smaller screen. Indeed, viewed side by side on my laptops 17” screen, the only thing the new version had going for it was the brighter colours. So, personally speaking, I don’t think this new 4K restoration is the be all and end all as the film is never going to look better than the original film stock.
Extras wise however, the film contains a very nice mix of old and new features, which are spread across 2 Blu-rays.
On disc 1, you get 4 audio commentary tracks accompanying the main feature. The first two being brand new to this release, one with director Tobe Hooper and the second with crew members Daniel Pearl, Ted Nicolaou J. Larry Carroll. The other commentaries being carried over from previous releases, one featuring Tobe Hooper  Gunnar Hansen and cinematographer Daniel Pearl, the other featuring stars Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul Partain and production designer Robert Burns.
On disc 2 you have a number of new features including..
Cutting Chainsaw feature with editor J Larry Caroll (11mins)
Grandpaw’s Tales with actor John Duggan (15mins)
An episode of Sean Clarks “Horrors Hollowed Grounds” series (20mins), which looks at the filming locations of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.
And a bunch of new deleted scenes and out take footage (15mins), which are mostly just unused alternate takes, which are presented without sound.
 Also included are a number of extras that featured on previous releases, including..
Documentary “The Shocking Truth” including outtakes from the documentary.
Documentary “Flesh Wounds – Seven Stories of the Saw” (1hr10m)
“Off the Hook” (17min) an interview actress with Terry McMinn
“Buisiness of the Chainsaw” (16mins) interview with producer Ron Bozman
“House Tour” (8mins) Gunnar Hanser looks round the old house used in the film before and after it was moved to its present location.
And theres also a couple of archive interviews with Tobe Hooper (13mins), Kim Henkel (8mins) and a selection of deleted scenes, trailers, TV spots and stills galleries which featured on the previous editions.
The film is released in both standard BD packaging and in a special limited edition Steelbook.
Buy the UK BD Steelbook at
Buy UK BD at

"Slashermania" - new comic needs your help

Russel Hillman, the editor on "Halloween Man" (currently published by Monsterverse) and the writer of numerous titles, including "The Dark of the Forest" and "Deadly Burlesque", published under the Freaktown Comics banner, is trying to drum up some support for his latest epic slasher tale "Slashermania"
1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age.
But little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence.They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem –  WELCOME TO SLASHERMANIA!
Masked maniacs from across the USA, Canada, Italy & the UK compete in various categories: Best Male Solo Death! Best Female Solo Death! Coitus Interruptus! Sin Punishment! Most Creative Kill! Biggest Multiple Death! The coveted Slasher of the Year award!
Written by Russel Hillman, with pencils by with pencils by Ron Joseph, inks by Jake Isenberg, colours by Harry Saxon and letters by Sergio Calvet they're currently running a kickstarter campaign to help get their new title off the ground.
You can view a 5-page prologue of the proposed comic HERE
And there's also a trailer of what you can expect to see on YouTube
Fore more info about how to get involved and the various benefits available for the various levels of investment visit the Slashermania Kickstarter Page

"Ex Machina" - Quad poster released

Universal pictures have released the new UK quad poster for Alex Garland's new sci-fi thriller "Ex Machina".
The film stars Domhnall Gleeson as a 24-year-old coder named Caleb, who works at the world’s largest internet company. Having won  a competition to spend a week at a retreat belonging to the company’s reclusive CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac),  when Caleb arrives he finds that he will have to participate in a fascinating experiment with the world’s first true artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot woman, Ava (Alicia Vikander).
Truths, emotions and motives are blurred as the relationship between Caleb, Ava and Nathan intensifies.
View the trailer on YouTube
"Ex Machina" is released to UK cinemas 23rd January, 2015.

Tales of Light & Dark S2: Full Moon Rising

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their award winning anthology film, THE TENEMENT, Light & Dark Productions is releasing the story "Full Moon Rising" for free for their second season of their anthology web series, TALES OF LIGHT & DARK.

Last season's episodes, "Open Call" and "GeoKilling" featured the return of Jimmy Wayne Garrick (Mike Lane - THE BLOOD SHED, FAIRVIEW FALLS), the central character of this season's episodes.  In FULL MOON RISING, we learn about Jimmy's spiral into madness as he becomes obsessed with the idea that he is turning into a werewolf after being bitten by a wild animal.
This all new new director's cut has been upgraded to high definition and has been converted to widescreen.  It also sports a new "prequel" ending that ties to events that take place in season 1. The story also marks the first collaboration of Light & Dark Productions with special makeup effects team Gerner & Spears (I SELL THE DEAD, STAKE LAND).
The complete first season is available now for free at....

TALES OF LIGHT & DARK SEASON 2: FULL MOON RISING 2 is online now, on Vimeo, YouTube and the series' official page at

The planned release schedule is:

Part 1: October 31st
Part 2: November 7th
Part 3: November 14th
Bloopers: November 21st
Behind the Scenes Photos: November 28th
Full Moon Rising Over Germany: December 5th
Full Moon Rising Commentary (with director Glen Baisley and stars Mike Lane and Frank Catalanotto) : December 12th
Interview with Actor, Jack Pruett: December 19th

View the Trailer on YouTube.

Visit their Facebook Page