Friday 31 July 2015

Film4 FrightFest 2015 announces largest ever Short Film programme

Film4 FrightFest 2015 has expanded its Short Film Showcase event, with three strands and over thirty shorts from around the world, including eleven World Premieres and seven European Premieres. With films from thirteen countries, this is the most diverse and exciting shorts event yet programmed.
Highlights include the London premiere of actress Karen Gillan’s intense directorial debut COWARD, and the UK premiere of SHEVENGE, a darkly funny tale of revenge, directed by BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER alum Amber Benson. Local FrightFest alumni will also be returning: screenwriter and director James Moran is back with screams and laughter in GHOSTING, and Dan Auty brings us nostalgia and magic children in his new short PARTY 85.
We will also be featuring the World premiere of SURGERY, the frightening new short by The Clemens Bros, sons of legendary UK screenwriter Brian Clemens, as well as the world premieres of THE ALPHA INVENTION, a chilling sci-fi short starring Billy Boyd and DARK.NET starring Johnny Vegas. Additional highlights include Mike Williamson (IN THE WALL) returning to FrightFest with the World Premiere of his new short DEATHLY, featuring a score by composer Clint Mansell (MOON/ REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) and THE LAKE directed by 14 year old Nathan Ambrosioni, who also has his feature HOSTILE playing in our Discovery Strand

Full line-up:
from 11:15
INVADERS (UK Premiere)
Director: Jason Kupfer. Cast: Ricky Wayne, Jordan Woods-Robinson. USA 2014. 6 mins.
It’s Thanksgiving, and two would-be robbers are planning a quick heist. But they might get more than they bargained for.
A FAVOUR (European Premiere)
Director: Izzy Lee. Cast: Shaun Callaghan, Diana Porter, Jose Gons Alves. USA 2015. 10 mins.
Jackson just wants to watch the big game, but his best friend Liz needs help … again …
THEY’RE CLOSING IN (World Premiere)
Director: Jarret Blinkhorn. Cast: Michael A. LoCicero, Susan T. Travers. USA 2015. 6 mins.
The monsters are closing in, and a husband and wife argue about how to fight back. But fighting back might not be the answer.
DARK_NET (World Premiere)
Director: Tom Marshall. Cast: Johnny Vegas, Perry Fitzpatrick. UK 2015.12 mins.
Alan’s girlfriend has dumped him, but he has a plan to get back at her and her new beau, with the help of dark_net.
Director: Mark Towers. Cast: Billy Boyd, William Hope. UK 2014. 15 mins.
A computer programmer has developed a method for creating artificial intelligence, and a potential buyer wants in. But who is the mysterious buyer, and who is the programmer?
Director: Alex Pachón. Cast: Joan Català. Spain/Hong Kong 2015. 6 mins.
A locked room. A man in a wheelchair. A crack in the ceiling. An escape attempt comes at a damaging price.
SHEVENGE (UK Premiere)
Director; Amber Benson. Cast: Emma Rylan, Jessica Sherif, Megan Lee Joy. USA 2015. 11 mins.
Three women are a little frustrated with their boyfriends, and imagine ways to exact their vengeance.
Conor McMahon. Cast: Michael Hough, Niamh Algar, Nora Relihan. Ireland 2015. 12 mins.
Poor grandma: a banshee has come to take to the next world. Can she count on her grandson’s charms to distract the monster?
OSCILLATION (World Premiere)
Director: Dídac Gimeno. Cast: Vekí G. Vellila, Igor Luna, Helena Puig, Jorge Lora. Spain 2015. 8 mins.
A young woman works in a lighting store, where a projector transports her to a strange world of dangers and desires.
BAD GUY #2 (London Premiere)
Chris McInroy. Cast: Kirk Johnson. USA 2014.10 mins.
He’s working hard and climbing up the criminal underworld ladder; but does he have the skills to be the best bad guy?
Director: Mikel Alvariño. Cast: Julián Lópz, Bárbara Goenaga, Bárbara Santa-Cruz. Spain 2014. 22 mins.
Oscar meets Ana, a beautiful woman who wants him. But his promise to another woman means he must delay, or dire consequences await him.
SEND IN THE CLOWNS (World Premiere)
Director: Kate Shenton. Cast: David Wayman, Niahm Walsh. UK 2014.11 mins.
David has a dream: to be the scariest clown in the world. But it’s not easy on a budget.
VINTAGE BLOOD (World Premiere)
Director: Abigail Blackmore. Cast: Indira Varma, Sophie Thompson, Michael Rosen, Tracy Whitwell. UK 2015 14 mins.
At a quirky vintage shop, owner Izzy must cope with a curse  that threatens her boyfriend’s life.
CROW HAND!! (UK Premiere)
Director: Brian Lonano. Cast: Jason Vail, Caitlin McPhail. USA 2014. 3 mins.
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s a bird! Maybe???
Director: Alexii Multoof. Cast: Alexii Multoff, Nadia Dubijansky, Federico Lusthaus. Israel 2014. 8 mins.
Joseph keeps to himself in his flat, haunted by images of unfocused and unknown violence that torture his mind.
DEATHLY (World Premiere)
Director: Mike Williamson. Cast: Alan Ruck. Kathleen Wilhoite. USA 2015.13 mins.
A man has lost his wife under seemingly accidental circumstances; but the truth might come back to haunt him.
UMBRA (European Premiere)
Director: Bryn Tilly. Cast: Fraser Gray, Charlotte Antonievich, Melissa Snater. Australia/New Zealand 2014. 5 mins.
A mortal woman is seduced and transformed into a vampire, which sets off a surreal and deadly nightmare.
Director: Alexia Muiñós Ruiz. Cast: Helena Miquel, Alex Brull. Spain 2015. 14 mins.
A chance meeting leads to a sexual encounter that will hold more than a few surprises.
SURGERY (World Premiere)
Directors: The Clemens Bros. Cast: Nicholas Ball, Jamie Lee, Laura Lemon, Sam Clemens. UK 2015.11 mins.
A man is rescued after being tortured by a psychopath. But the cure might be worse than the disease.
EL GIGANTE (UK Premiere)
Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero. Cast: Edwin Perez, David Forts, Mathias Retamal, Nisreen Slim. Canada/Mexico 2014.14 mins.
Searching for a better life, Armando instead finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic family, where he must fight for his life against a monster.
from 17:50
Director: Vincent Smitz. Cast: Sophie Breyer, Pauline Brisy, Julie Dacquin, Pierre Nisse, Bernard Eylenbosch. Belgium, 2014. 20 mins.
Two teenagers take a last-minute babysitting job; one has an interesting story to tell, one perhaps too strange to be fiction.
TWO MISSING (London Premiere)
Director: Claire Fowler. Cast: Sophie Kennedy Clark, Morfydd Clark, Ben Dilloway. UK 2014. 16 mins.
Two young women must ask for help from a stranger when their car breaks down in a lonely wood.
GHOSTING (World Premiere)
Director: James Moran. Cast: Francesca Fowler. UK 2015. 8 mins.
Just a routine check of a haunted house that will likely be a waste of time. Except for the evil spirit.
Director: Chris Walsh. Cast: Barbara Steele. Canada 2014. 5 mins.
A strange man takes even stranger photographers in this stop-motion horror short narrated by Barbara Steele.
COWARD (London Premiere)
Director: Karen Gillan. Cast: Rose McIver, Catherine Telford, James Ransone. USA 2014. 11 mins.
Sparkle, a young actress suffering from insomnia, has a late-night conversation with a former soldier about murder.
DISCO INFERNO (European Premiere)
Director: Alice Waddington. Cast: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Ana Rujas. Spain 2015. 12 mins.
A strange coven, a mysterious leader, a girl for sacrifice, and a masked intruder: all come together in an isolated house of danger and lust.
Director: Shant Hamassian. Cast: Lily Berlina, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar. USA 2015. 11 mins.
Every slasher has rules for selecting his prey. But tonight’s prey might have the upper hand.
THE LAKE (World Premiere)
 Director: Nathan Ambrosioni. Cast: Ines Duhard, Rémy Jobert, Jason Koubi, Luna Belan. France 2015. 11 mins.
Two couples go for a walk in the woods, but a mysterious stranger might threaten their tranquility.
L’ERRORE (European Premiere)
Director: Brando De Sica. Cast: Catrinel Marlon. Italy 2015. 9 mins.
A mysterious woman comes to an isolated restaurant in the countryside, where the destitute owners might do more than serve her a meal.
IRIS (European Premiere)
Director: Richard Karpala. Cast: Luke Sorge. USA/UK 2015.12 mins.
Dean has a dirty job to do, but his companion, Iris, might spoil his plans before nightfall.
PARTY 85 (World Premiere)
Director: Dan Auty. Cast: Annemarie Cancienne, Chris Huebner, Michael McVey. UK 2015. 5 mins.
A young boy and his baby sister are put to bed so their parents can have a crazy summer party. But the children just won’t go to sleep.
NIGHT FEED by Christian James
A young mum is woken in the middle of the night by her hungry, crying baby. In the dark and half conscious, she autopilots her way through the nightly routine... but tonight, something else is waiting.
Christian James’ budget zombie comedy, “Stalled”, premiered at Film4 FrightFest 2013 and won the Melies de Argent at LIFF before its 2014 worldwide release. “Night Feed” unites Christian with “Stalled” writer, Dan Palmer.
BATH TIME by Rose Glass
Every night before she goes to bed, Evy listens to a self-help tape that aims to tackle her crippling anxiety disorder. But while having a bath, her anxieties take on a horribly physical form…

Rose Glass graduated from the NFTS with her film “Room 55” which was nominated for the Grand Jury Award at SXSW 2015. She recently directed a short film for Giorgio Armani, as part of the prestigious international project “Films of City Frames”.
THE DOORKEEPER by Weronika Tofilska
A janitor walks through a long, dark corridor at night, closing a number of doors on his way.  But the job is not as easy as it seems, since someone… or something is intent on keeping them open.
Weronika Tofilska is a London based writer / director and a graduate of the NFTS. In 2014 she won FrightFest’s ‘666 Short Cuts to Hell’ competition with her film “Pink & Blue”.
BEHIND YOU by Lee Lennox
A little girl’s favourite bed-time read is a creepy 19th century spectral illusions book, which hides a nasty surprise for the girl’s babysitter.
Lee Lennox is an animator and established director of music videos and commercials. As one half of the Lennox Brothers, Lee co-wrote and co-directed his debut feature “AmStarDam”.
WHAT THE DOG SAW by Andrew Brand
All Linda wants to do is sleep but her dog Max won't stop barking. If only she knew what the dog saw…
Andrew has made six short films including the award-winning “Where There’s Smoke”, “Things We Leave Behind”, and “Something for Nothing” which was selected for the BFI London Film Festival. Andrew is also a Co-Director of 3D animation company Bad Studio.
KILLING TIME by Michelle Fox
A rebellious intern wastes time at work on her mobile phone and discovers a vengeful boss is a force to be reckoned with.
Michelle is a writer / director based in Newcastle upon Tyne and has directed numerous short films, including “Zominic”, which was broadcast on Channel 4 Random Acts and premiered at Film4 FrightFest 2013.
Day passes and single tickets are now on sale at:
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Thursday 30 July 2015

"Monsters : Dark Continent" - coming to UK DVD and BD

Monsters: Dark Continent will be released on UK DVD, Blu-ray and a limited edition special BD steelbook alongside a DVD double pack of both the original Monsters and Monsters: Dark Continent will also be available on 31st August. 

Ten years on from the events of Monsters and the 'Infected Zones' have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun and at the same time there has been a proliferation of Monsters in that region.

With humanity in retreat in many parts of the world, the US is moving to protect its overseas interests. Giant, terrifying sand bugs infest the Arabian Desert, so troops have been sent in to firebomb the creatures, carting their bodies away on giant trucks to be incinerated. In this hostile environment, two soldiers are sent on a high-risk rescue mission.
Directed by Tom Green (Misfits), Executive Produced by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla) and starring Johnny Harris (Atonement, War Horse), Joe Dempsie (Skins, Game of Thrones) and Sam Keeley (This Must Be The Place, What Richard Did, The Borgias)

Gareth Edwards' original Monsters was nominated for a BAFTA and led to him directing the recent Godzilla reboot and the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One. He returns as executive producer of this gripping continuation of the story.
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Girls and Corpses "Gilligan's Cannibal Island" Summer issue!

Ahoy Corpsies! Set sail with Girls and Corpses Magazine on a three hour tour to Gilligan’s Cannibal Island with: SID HAIG "The Devil’s Rejects" (as ‘The Skipper’), BILL MOSELEY “House of 1,000 Corpses” (as ‘Billigan’), adult Super-star GINGER LYNN (as ‘Ginger’), HEATHER SOSSAMAN “Unfriended” (as 'Mary Ann') and PISSER ('The Cannibal'). This voyage will also shipwreck you on FATALITY ISLAND with host MONTE REVOLTA, his sidekick (“Da Plane! Da Plane!”) ROTLY, island beauties SAMANTHA FAIRLEY and MISS DALIA ELLIOTT.
Also: a delicious interview with ROBERT KERMAN (star of Cannibal Holocaust on 35th anniversary); NICO MASTORAKIS’s Island of Death); DANI FILTH (Cradle of Filth); Da Pain of HERVE VILLECHAIZE (Fantasy Island’s Tattoo); Cannibal Cinema regurgitated; Eat The One You Love; FreakShow Wrestling, coffin table book ‘Stiffs Skulls and Skeletons’; Justice Howard’s Revelations; sick art of John Howard; Carnival Cruise Horrors; freaky photos by and DKL Anathema; stars of the Bee horror flicks Stung and Zombeavers; JAWS of Meth; Horrific history of Video Nasties; Grass skirt upshots; Trash Island Vacations; Cannibal Cookbook recipes; and Amateur Cannibal of The Month. So, sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of stinking corpse… here on Gilligan’s Cannibal Island!
This is the 3rd cover of Girls and Corpses magazine for Sid Haig (who continues his Captain Spaulding 3-peat as ’The Skipper’) and 2nd cover for Bill Moseley, who lost his head on the cover of our ‘Religion is Dead’ issue. Ginger Lynn, who was also featured in The Devil’s Rejects, co-stars in Rob Zombie’s 31. Heather Sossaman’s can be seen in the hit horror film ‘Unfriended’ and 'Desecrated' both now on VOD.

So, climb aboard, there’s comedy dead ahead! Free preview at

And you can order this sea-sick issue here:

Wednesday 29 July 2015

"Infernal" comes to UK DVD Aug 24.

See how the unrivalled joy of a newborn baby rapidly descends into fear of the highest order when INFERNAL screams onto DVD this August, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.
A newlywed couple Sophia have just moved into their new home together when Sophia delivers the news that she’s pregnant. Nathan digests the news, proposes to her and they get married, hoping to live happily ever after...
The couple welcomes their first child into the world shortly after getting married, but their joy quickly turns to panic when the girl starts acting strangely and unexplainable things start happening around the house. Fearing their daughter could be possessed, the parents call in a priest to perform an exorcism, but when that goes horribly wrong, the parents start to wonder if they will ever be able to rid their daughter of the evil power lurking within her?
Will the hidden demons ever leave their presence?  Find out for yourself when INFERNAL is released on DVD on 24th August.

View the trailer on YouTube

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Tuesday 28 July 2015

"The Editor" gets US BD/DVD release

Italian Giallo spoof “The Editor”, from cult production company Astron-6, looks set to be getting a release on BD and DVD in the US courtesy of Shout factory.
Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks) was once the greatest editor the world had ever seen. Since a horrific accident left him with four wooden fingers on his right hand, he’s had to resort to cutting pulp films and trash pictures. When the lead actors from the film he’s been editing turn up murdered at the studio, Rey is fingered as the number one suspect. The bodies continue to pile up in this absurdist giallo-thriller as Rey struggles to prove his innocence and learn the sinister truth lurking behind the scenes.
Part homage and part parody and featuring tracks from noted genre composer Claudio Simonetti and featuring the legendary Udo Kier, this one is a must for fans of Argento and Bava.
This one played at the Mayhem film festival in 2004 and went down an absolute storm, you can read my review of it HERE
The film is released in a BD/DVD combo pack, which contain the following special features...

• Audio commentary with Adam Brooks, Connor Sweeney and Matt Kennedy
• “Making Movies Used to be Fun” documentary
• Music and poster featurettes
• Astron-6 film festival introduction
• Deleted scenes

The film is released to US disc Sept 8th.

View the trailer on YouTube

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Friday 24 July 2015

"Dead Shadows" infographic

A passing comet spells trouble for the people of Paris in "Dead Shadows", which comes to UK DVD Monday (July 27) (you can read my review HERE). In the meantime, checkout this handy infographic, which should tell you everything you need to know about comets (click to enlarge)...

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"Sharknado 3 : Oh Hell No!" - coming to UK disc and download Nov.

If you missed the SyFy channel premiere of "Sharknado 3 : Oh Hell No!" this week, or you are just itching to pick this title up, you'll be pleased to know that it's coming to DVD and Digital Download this November.
The third installment of the cult series, which sees nature’s two deadliest forces – the shark and the tornado – come together once again. Expect big laughs, plenty of gore and a host of hilarious cameos in this brilliant and bonkers B-movie.

When Fin (Ian Ziering) and April (Tara Reid) head to Florida, they are quickly warned of trouble ahead as the Sunshine State is overcome with strong winds and a dangerous tumult of rain. Suddenly, the pair find themselves in the midst of a terrifying and ruthless Sharknado, but it’s just the beginning...

As the sharks tear up the coast and head towards Washington D.C. Fin and April realise time is running out for them to warn the capital, stop the Sharknado for the third time and save the President of the United States from a brutal fate!
Featuring appearances from David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Frankie Muniz, Jerry Springer and even Penn and Teller, "Sharknado 3 : Oh Hell No!"  is available for digital download 2nd Nov and out on DVD 9th Nov.
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FIlm4 Frightfest - Guest line up announced

Scream Queen legend Barbara Crampton is Film4 FrightFest’s special guest icon, appearing in no less than four films in this year’s line-up. She stars in WE ARE STILL HERE, ROAD GAMES and SUN CHOKE plus makes a cameo appearance in TALES OF HALLOWEEN. Not only will Barbara be introducing all her films, she’ll also be talking about her amazing career during a special interview event, hosted by Alan Jones, on Sun 30 Aug, 9.15pm.

She said today: To say that I am overjoyed, excited and eager to attend FrightFest as a guest is putting it mildly. This festival has been on my radar for some time and to be included and have four films screening is a welcome nightmare from which I hope never to wake”.

FrightFest also celebrates the prolific and enduring artist Graham Humphreys, who will be talking about his career designing posters in the DRAWING BLOOD event on Sun 30 Aug, 7pm. Another special event to look forward to is Film4’s own Catherine Bray, who will be hosting a DIY FILMMAKING panel discussion on Sun 30 Aug, 11.15am.

FrightFest is also delighted to host British writer/director Bernard Rose. The director of the highly acclaimed cult horrors PAPERHOUSE and CANDYMAN makes a triumphant return to the fear forefront with his FRANKENSTEIN reboot.

There will be a stellar line-up for both the opening and closing films. In attendance for CHERRY TREE will be director David Keating and leading cast members Anna Walton, Naomi Battrick, Sam Hazeldine, Patrick Gibson and Minnie Phipps. For TALES OF HALLOWEEN there will be three of its directors – FrightFest veteran Neil Marshall, Axelle Carolyn and Mike Mendez.

The eclectic mix of guests also includes AAAAAAAAH! debut director & actor Steve Oram and his co-stars rock legend Toyah Willcox, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Noel Fielding and Alice Lowe; Director Corin Hardy will be taking time out of prepping his reboot of THE CROW to present THE HALLOW; director, and ‘Emmerdale’ soap opera legend, Dominic Brunt, will be there with his latest thriller BAIT, alongside leading cast members Joanne Mitchell and Rula Lenska and Paul Hyett will be introducing the world premiere of his creature feature HOWL with cast members including Rosie Day and Ed Speelers. We also have HAWK THE SLAYER director Terry Marcel with star Ray Charleson and composer Rick Wakeman and for CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER, Brian Clemens sons, Sam and George Clemens, will attend, alongside Hammer Horror legend Caroline Munro.

Directors will be out in force this year. Joining us in the main screens are NINA FOREVER directors Ben and Chris Blaine, CURVE director Iain Softley, ROAD GAMES director Abner Pastoll, DEATHGASM director/writer Jason Lei Howden, JERUZALEM directors Doran and Yoav Paz, NIGHT FARE director Julien Seri, SOME KIND OF HATE director Adam Egypt Mortimer, THE DIABOLICAL director Alistair Legrand and WE ARE STILL HERE director Ted Geoghegan.

Given the expansion of the Discovery Strand it’s no surprise there are a record number of directors supporting their films. These include SUMMER CAMP director Alberto Marini, Director Valentin Javier Diment, who will be coming from Argentina to present THE ROTTEN LINK and Nathan Ambrosioni, the 14-year-old French director of HOSTILE, who, legally won’t be allowed to watch his own movie.

Let’s hear it too for directors Mark Murphy (AWAITING), Adam Levins (ESTRANGED), Russell Freidenberg (WINDWALKERS), Liam Regan (BANJO) Jaron Henrie-McCrea (CURTAIN), Benjamin J Cresciman (SUN CHOKE) Ruth Platt (THE LESSON) Eugene McGing (THE UNFOLDING), April Mullen (FARHOPE TOWER), John Fallon (THE SHELTER) and Paul Goodwin (FUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD), who is attending alongside regular FrightFest guest, producer Sean Hogan.

There’ll be other familiar faces too…HANGMAN director Adam Mason is back, alongside MOST LIKELY TO DIE director Anthony DiBlasi, NEVER LET GO director Howard Ford and WORRY DOLLS director Padraig Reynolds.

The stars of the films are here in their charismatic numbers (with more to be confirmed) and include Diana Vickers (AWAITING), Abigail Hardingham and Cian Barry (NINA FOREVER), Andrew Simpson (ROAD GAMES), James Cosmo, Amy Manson and Nora-Jane Noone (ESTRANGED), J.LaRose and Castille Landon (WIND WALKERS), Laurence R. Harvey and Dan Palmer (BANJO), Angela Dixon (NEVER LET GO), Robert Hands, Evan Bendall, Martin Pryca and Michaela Prchalova (THE LESSON) and GODDESS OF LOVE star, co-writer and producer Alexis Kendra.

Key producers and writers attending include DEATHGASM producer Sarah Howden, producers Junyoung Jang and Guillaume Benski (ROAD GAMES), producer Shaked Berenson (JERUZALEM), WIND WALKERS producers Strath Hamilton, Marcy Hamilton, Heather Rae and Dori Sperko, CURTAIN producer/co-writer Carys Edwards, III producer Frank Ellrich, THE SHELTER Exec Producer Berge Garabedian and CONTRACTED: PHASE 2 writer Craig Walendziak.

Festival promo trailer:

Single tickets cost £13.25 and go on sale Sat 25 July at noon and will only be available online at:

Screens 5, 6 & 7 will house the main event while the Discovery strands will play in Screens 3 & 8.  The Discovery at The Prince Charles cinema strand will be in Screen 1.

For full programme details go to:

"Robot Overlords" - UK disc review

A group of kids hold the key to mankind’s future in Jon Wright’s sci-fi thriller “Robot Overlords” which hits UK Digital HD outlets July 24th ahead of its DVD/BD release in August from Signature entertainment.

Set in the UK in the not too distant future, the earth has been conquered by a race of advanced alien robots, who claim they wish to study mankind. Whilst they conduct their “studies”, Earth is essentially under martial law. Citizens are confined to their homes 24 hours a day, and have implants behind their right ear which informs their robot masters if they venture outside (the penalty for non-compliance is of course death).

The only exceptions to this rule are a group known as the volunteer corps, who deliver food parcels and supplies to the people under curfew and keep the mains services going. When a group of kids find that a brief electric shock neutralises the implants, allowing them to venture outside undetected, they head off into the country looking for a rumoured group of resistance fighters. But when one of them discovers his malfunctioning implant allows him to control nearby robots, the group find they’ve got a real chance of striking back against their robot overlords…

Starring Callum McAuliffe (I Am Number 4, The Great Gatsby), the film benefits greatly from its well rounded cast which includes Oscar winner Ben Kingsly (Shutter Island, Iron Man 3 and of course Ghandi), Gillian Anderson (TVs X-files, Hannibal) , Tamer Hassan (Layer Cake, Batman) Steve Mackintosh (Underworld franchise) and legendary comedy actor Roy Hudd.

The special effects were extremely good for what was obviously a low budget movie, though the robot’s ships were a little too similar to Borg cubes for my liking. Plus, whilst the large patrol robots looked pretty impressive, the Android “mediator” looked kind of goofy and just didn’t work for me. But overall I did enjoy this and thought it was action packed and great fun, even though it’s premise was perhaps a little far fetched.

The only thing I will say, is this seems to be aimed pre-dominantly at younger viewers. The main focus being on these young lads trying to escape their town and finding this group of freedom fighters.  Director Jon Wright seemed to think this is an original idea, though I found it was rather reminiscent of John Christopher’s “Tripods” books, not that that’s a criticism, just an observation.

The DVD I was sent to review came packed with the following extras.

Making of feature (23mins) - featuring behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew.

VFX feature (6mins) – a look at how the CGI effects were developed and intergrated into the movie.

Comic Con Cast Interviews (30mins) - Presented by James Tarpey (who plays Nathan), a series of interviews with director John Wright co-writer Mark Stay and star Gillian Anderson, filmed at the London MCM Comic Con May 2015

Cast book reading (1m15s) – Several of cast members read experts from the novelisation.

Robots Never Lie video (3m48s) – Music video to the films techno soundtrack by Matt Zo.

Overall, a good solid sci-fi film with a good cast. Dr Who fans should love it.
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Tuesday 21 July 2015

"Zombie Fight Club" premieres at Frightfest

"Zombie Fight Club" will have its UK premiere at Film4 FrightFest on Friday 28th August, before coming to DVD on the 31st August from Altitude Film Distribution.
While the zombie apocalypse brings Taipei to the brink of collapse, an apartment block in the corner of the city becomes riddled with crime. But things go from bad to worse when it’s overrun by zombies; infecting the residents, bystanders and even a SWAT team sent in to help.
Surrounded by zombies and with no way out but down, the last remaining survivors Andy (Andy On) and Jenny (Jessica C) soon find themselves trapped in an underground arena of the undead. With nothing left to do but fight, can they battle their way through the hordes of zombies and escape the apocalypse?
This sequel of sorts to director Joe Chien's earlier "Zombie 108" is very much in the same style, fast-paced, blood-splattered, and shamelessly insane. As once again, director Joe Chien sets out to have as much fun as he possibly can with the fan favourite monsters, adding a new dimension to zombie-style action.
The result is a high-octane spectacle, and once the “Zombie Fight Club” kicks-off you won’t be disappointed – it’s a fight to the death like you’ve never seen before.

For more info about it's Frightfest premiere and other films at the festival visit

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Monday 20 July 2015

VIDEODROME 4-disc Blu-ray & DVD - 10th August

Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the UK Blu-ray and DVD release of David Cronenberg’s visually audacious and stunningly disorienting "Videodrome", which sees the director exploring dangerous sexuality and technological obsessions. The 1983 cult classic, which still feels as relevant today as it did upon its initial release, comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 10th August 2015. 

Max Renn (James Woods) is looking for fresh new content for his TV channel when he happens across some illegal S&M-style broadcasts called ‘Videodrome’. Embroiling his girlfriend Nicki (Debbie Harry) in his search for the source, his journey begins to blur the lines between reality and fantasy as he works his way through sadomasochistic games, shady organisations and body transformations stunningly realised by the Oscar-winning makeup effects artist Rick Baker.
Hailed by his contemporaries John Carpenter (“he’s better than all of us combined”) and Martin Scorsese (“no one makes films like he does”) as a genius, Videodrome, was Cronenberg’s most mature work to date and still stands as one of his greatest.

Joining a roster of previously released Cronenberg titles on the Arrow Video label (Rabid and Shivers), this 4-disc set comes loaded with exclusive director-approved content including David Cronenberg’s previous unavailable short films Transfer (1966) & From the Drain (1967) and newly restored early features Stereo (1969) and Crimes of the Future (1970). Alongside a wealth of archival content, this lavish new edition will feature a stunning newly restored high-definition digital transfer of the unrated version of Videodrome, approved by both Cronenberg and cinematographer Mark Irwin. 
Special Features
·Original uncompressed mono audio tracks for all films
·Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for all films
·Limited Edition packaging, fully illustrated by Gilles Vranckx
·Limited Edition Exclusive Extras
·Restored high-definition digital transfer of the unrated version, approved by director David Cronenberg and cinematographer Mark Irwin
·Audio commentary by Tim Lucas, the on-set correspondent for Cinefantastique Magazine and author of Videodrome: Studies in the Horror Film
·David Cronenberg and the Cinema of the Extreme – A documentary programme featuring interviews with Cronenberg, George A. Romero and Alex Cox on Cronenberg’s cinema, censorship and the horror genre
·Forging the New Flesh – A documentary programme by filmmaker Michael Lennick on Videodrome’s video and prosthetic make up effects
·Videoblivion: A brand new interview with cinematographer Mark Irwin
·A brand new interview with producer Pierre David
·AKA Jack Martin – Dennis Etchison, author of novelizations of Videodrome, Halloween, Halloween II and III and The Fog, discusses Videodrome and his observations of Cronenberg’s script
·The complete uncensored Samurai Dreams footage with additional Videodrome broadcasts with optional commentary by Michael Lennick
·Helmet Test and Betamax – Two featurettes by Michael Lennick on effects featured in the film
·Camera (2000) Cronenberg’s short film starring Videodrome’s Les Carlson
·Fear on Film: A round table discussion from 1982 with Cronenberg, John Carpenter, John Landis and Mick Garris
·Promotional featurette with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Cronenberg, James Woods, Deborah Harry and Rick Baker
·Original theatrical trailer

·High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of four Cronenberg films
·Transfer (1966) & From the Drain (1967), Cronenberg’s previously unavailable short films newly restored by the Toronto International Film Festival [7 & 12 mins]
·Stereo (1969) & Crimes of the Future (1970): Cronenberg’s early amateur feature films, shot in and around his university campus, prefigure his later work’s concerns with strange institutions (much like Videodrome’s Spectacular Optical) as well as male/female separation (Dead Ringers) and ESP (Scanners). Newly restored from original lab elements [65 & 70 mins]
·Transfer the Future – Author and critic Kim Newman discusses Cronenberg’s early works


·An illustrated 100-page hardback book featuring new writing including Justin Humphreys on Videodrome in a modern context, Brad Stevens on the alternate versions, Caelum Vatnsdal on Cronenberg’s early works, extracts from Cronenberg on Cronenberg featuring Cronenberg’s reminiscences of getting started in filmmaking and shooting all the films in this collection, plus more, illustrated with original archive stills

Pre-order the UK BD/DVD set from

Horror Channel ushers in UK premieres for Saturday nights

Saturday nights in August just got scarier on The Horror Channel. There are first TV showings for Josh C. Waller’s all-female fight-to-the death thriller RAZE, Paul Soter’s house-haunted DARK CIRCLES, Jason Cuadrado’s shock-ridden DEVIL MAY CALL and the well-reviewed supernatural chiller THE TORMENT, from Andrew Cull & Steve Isles.

Plus, from Anthony DiBlasi, the writer/producer/director of Clive Barker’s Dread and the up-and-coming FrightFest presentation Most Likely To Die comes CASSADAGA, a uniquely twisted disturbing nightmare, which will have audiences riveted and repulsed at the same time.

Sat 1 Aug @ 22:55 – CASSADAGA (2011) *Network Premiere

Devastated by the death of her younger sister, deaf art teacher Lily Morel (Kelen Coleman) seeks solace at the Florida based spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of finding closure, she contacts something else - the vengeful ghost of a murdered young woman.

Sat 8 Aug @ 22:55 – RAZE (2013) *UK TV Premiere

Sabrina, (played by Tarantino discovery Zoë Bell), is imprisoned, alongside a large  group of other women, in a mysterious underground fortress  run by the diabolical husband and wife team of Elizabeth (Sherilyn Fenn) and Joseph (Doug Jones).

Sat 15 Aug @ 21.00 – DARK CIRCLES (2013) * UK TV Premiere

New parents Alex (Jonathan Schaech) and Penny (Pell James) retreat from the city and move into a place outside town, Persistent sightings of a strange woman in the house has them wondering if they are suffering from hallucinations, or if their new property holds a dark, supernatural presence.

Sat 22 Aug @ 21:00 – DEVIL MAY CALL (2013) * UK TV Premiere

Blinded in an accident, Sam (Corri English) has rebuilt her life by helping callers on a suicide hotline. When she informs an obsessive caller (Tyler Mane) that she's quitting, he takes the news very personally. What begins as a quiet shift at work, becomes a frantic fight for survival against a relentless killer in the darkest, deadliest night of Sam's life.

Fri 28 Aug @ 22:50 – THE TORMENT (2010) * UK TV Premiere

A young London couple receive a visit from their friend David (Giles Alderson) who tells them that his girlfriend has been unfaithful and needs a place to stay for the night. They welcome him in but it’s not long before David starts seeing a figure out of the corner of his eye. As he investigates, he comes face to face with something utterly nightmarish.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 / Freeview 70
Website | Twitter | Facebook

"Lake Placid Vs Anaconda" (yes you heard right).

The killer crocs from "Lake Placid" and giant snakes from "Anaconda" clash in the all-new creature feature "LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA", debuting on Digital HD on August 24 and DVD on September 7 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Anacondas large enough to crush an SUV. Crocodiles strong enough to leap onto speedboats. When they’re not hunting for human prey, they’re more than willing to take on each other. Get ready for a non-stop bloodbath unlike anything you’ve seen before in this heart-pounding battle between mutated crocodiles and genetically engineered anacondas.
When an experiment to cross-breed giant crocodiles and giant Anacondas goes horribly wrong, a small town sheriff must find a way to destroy the two monsters before they kill the whole town.  The fifth film in the series for both franchises, "LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA" stars Yancy Butler (Kick-Ass franchise), Corin Nemec (“Stargate SG-1”) and horror icon Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street).

Packed with hot sorority girls, big guns, and jaws massive enough to swallow a human in one bite, this is one screaming good time!

The film has a run time of approximately 88 mins and is rated 15.
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Sunday 19 July 2015

"Pheonix Incident" - coming to UK Digital and Disc

On March 13th, 1997 a number of 'missing person' cases were reported in Phoenix, Arizona after thousands of people witnessed an unexplained series of lights in the night sky.
Based on actual events, this UFO conspiracy thriller is written and directed by gaming veteran Keith Arem (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Titanfall) and chronicles the US military’s alleged engagement with extra-terrestrial forces on the famous night of the Phoenix Lights.
Using whistleblower testimony, recovered military footage, and eyewitness accounts, this shocking film explores the events surrounding what has rapidly become known as one of the largest military coverups in US history.
Signature Entertainment Presents The Phoenix Incident on Digital Download August 31st and on DVD 7th September.

The film will be available to pre-order shortly

Saturday 18 July 2015

Fright Rags "Jaws" collection up for pre-order

Steven Spielberg changed the landscape of summer movies with the release of Jaws in 1975. Today, Fright-Rags is celebrating the groundbreaking film's 40th anniversary with a new collection of apparel. You're gonna need a bigger closet!

The Jaws box set includes a retro-style "Collegeville" replica mask and box, a shirt designed by Christopher Lovell (exclusive to the set) and a prismatic sticker. Limited to 1,000 units, this set is priced at only $40.
The line also features shirts from Justin Osbourn, Paul Shipper, Abrar Ajmal and David Moscati. Each design draws influence from a different aspect of the film's iconic imagery. All four are available on both unisex and girls shirts.

Rounding out the collection are a super-soft baseball tee with the unmistakable shark artwork and an ultra high-end tri-blend Jaws shirt.
The Jaws collection is available for pre-order now. Due to their limited nature, products may sell out during the pre-order period. Orders are expected to ship in late August.
Pre-order the "Jaws" collection at

"Sharknado 3" UK premiere Thurs 23 on Sy-Fy.

Good news for all you fans of the "Sharknado" films, the  *cough* eagerly anticipated third film "Sharknado 3 :Oh Hell No" will be getting its UK premiere this coming Thursday, 23rd July on the UK Sy-Fy channel, the day after it's US premiere.
This co-production between the Sy-Fy channel and Asylum pictures was filmed by returning director, Anthony C. Ferrante, and follows in the wake of last summer's "Sharknado 2: The Second One", which became the most-watched original movie in the channel's history. This time, the swirling shark scenario takes a bite out of Washington DC before turning its terrifying teeth on the Eastern Seaboard en route to sunny Florida. 
On the kooky new title, producer David Michael Latt of The Asylum gives credit where it's due: "The sharks and tornadoes get all the glory," he said.  "But we would like to thank our long-time marketing guru Mike DiGrazia who first suggested 'Oh hell no!' A dedicated fan of the genre, Mike created the tag lines for 1 and 2 -- 'Enough Said!' and 'Shark Happens' -- as well as the Sharknado posters, including the original, which was a viral sensation on its own."
Sharknado 3 stars Ian Zierring as Fin, Tara Reid as April and Cassie Scerbo as Nova, with appearances by David Hasselhoff as Fin's father, Bo Derek as April's mother and cameos by Mark Cuban as the president and Ann Coulter as the vice president.

View the trailer on YouTube
For more info visit Sy-Fy UKs official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.
The Sy-Fy channel is available on Sky - 114, Virgin Media - 135, BT TV - 419.


"Sinister 2" - Official UK trailer

Entertainment One are pleased to release the Official Trailer for "Sinister 2", which is coming to UK cinemas this August...

"Sinister 2" is released to UK cinemas August 21st

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"Dead Shadows" - UK DVD review

A passing comet spells trouble for the people of Paris, in David Cholewa's “Dead Shadows”, which comes to UK DVD this month from Signature.

With news reports of a comet passing close to the Earths atmosphere, computer technician Chris (Fabian Wolfrom) is lured to a nearby party by the young girl he fancies, who lives in the flat across the hallway.

But as the comet passes closer to earth, he notices people’s behaviour getting increasingly strange. Some become disorientated, others violent, but then when he spots a couple in one of the rooms going through a strange transformation (giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘trouser snake’), he realises something is definitely not right.

Seems the effect of the comet passing through the atmosphere is causing some people to change, who are going on to infect others. Realising he’s not safe, Chris and a couple of others decide to seek sanctuary elsewhere, but will they be any safer outside?

Described as a cross between "Dawn of the Dead" meets "The Thing", I’d say the film has more in common with films like “Night of the Comet”, about passing meteors/comets having an adverse effect on the Earths population. But sadly proves to be less entertaining than its contemporaries.

Filmed in and around Paris, overall it did manage to entertain me for its duration (and clocking in at 70 mins its not overly long) and is certainly an impressive debut effort from director David Cholewa, who makes the most of the films limited budget. But I felt that it took too long to get going, plus it is sadly let down by some dodgy CGI.

Shot in French language,  this release contains both an English dub of the film, which produces some “interesting” lip synching issues. Plus the original French soundtrack with English subs. The English dub is the default audio track though, so if you wish to view with the original French track, you need to select this from the 'Set-up' menu on the disc.

To summarise, I feel this is a film that will only appeal to lovers of low-budget sci-fi movies.

The disc did not contain any other supplemental features, aside from the optional English and French audio tracks.

“Dead Shadows” is released to UK DVD July 27

Buy the UK DVD from