Monday 22 June 2015

"Infernal" comes to UK DVD this August

See how the unrivalled joy of a newborn baby rapidly descends into fear of the highest order when "INFERNAL" screams onto DVD this August, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.
A newlywed couple Sophia have just moved into their new home together when Sophia delivers the news that she’s pregnant. Nathan digests the news, proposes to her and they get married, hoping to live happily ever after...
The couple welcomes their first child into the world shortly after, but their joy quickly turns to panic when the girl starts acting strangely and unexplainable things start happening around the house. Fearing their daughter could be possessed, the parents call in a priest to perform an exorcism, but when that goes horribly wrong, the parents start to wonder if they will ever be able to rid their daughter of the evil power lurking within her?
Will the hidden demons ever leave their presence?  Find out for yourself when "INFERNAL" is released on DVD on 24th August.
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