Thursday 20 October 2016

The Neighbour - UK DVD review

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours… but when you’re running drugs for your uncle’s criminal gang, and the guy next door is up to even worse, you just know you’re in for trouble in Marcus Dunston’s THE NEIGHBOUR, which comes to UK DVD this month.

John (Josh Stewart – The Collector) is a small time criminal, working for his uncle as a drug runner. But he’s secretly holding back on some of the payments he's been receiving, as he intends ditching the life of crime and running off with his girlfriend.  

However, when his girlfriend witnesses their redneck neighbour doing something "unusual", John returns from work to find she's mysteriously vanished. Convinced his  neighbour may have had something to do with it, he sneaks in to the property whilst he’s out, only to discover, not only what’s happened to his girlfriend, but that his neighbour is involved in far worse criminal activities then he is.

So when his neighbour returns home unexpectedly, he finds he's got a major problem on his hands if he wants to get back out undetected and rescue his girl.

I was instantly reminded of THE COLLECTOR when watching this, so it came as no surprise to learn that writer/director Marcus Dunston was the same guy behind that, as well as featuring the same lead actor, Josh Stewart.

Indeed, the film follows a similar theme, a criminal who's probably not a bad person deep down, who has to use his skills to survive after finding himself trapped and confronted by an even worse criminal. But from there on in the similarities end, and still proves to be a highly effective, nail biting thriller.

Extras wise, the film is released on a bar bones disc, devoid of any supplemental material. With the exception of a few trailers for other titles which play at start up.

The Neighbour is released to UK DVD and Digitally October 31st from Arrow films

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