Tuesday 25 October 2016

All Through the House - A review

It’s October and I’m ALREADY being asked to review Christmas themed horror films? Oh, is there no end to my torment??? But joking aside, “All Through the House” is the latest indie horror from director Todd Nunes (who also directed the indie killer clown flick Scary Larry), which has just finished its festival run and is now up for pre-order from US VOD outlets.

Set in December, young Rachel (Ashley Mary Nunes) and her friends agree to help their elderly neighbour Mrs Garret decorate the outside of her house ready for Xmas, whilst she’s out for the evening.

Unfortunately, there happens to be a killer in a santa suit rampaging through the neighbourhood, carving up all the horny teens with a pair of garden sheers (and no, it isn’t Cropsey). And the three friends are about to discover, this Santa doesn’t care who’s been naughty or nice…

Obviously, the concept of a killer Santa is one that has been done many times before and I couldn’t help but notice elements seemingly borrowed from the likes of Black Christmas and Silent Night Deadly Night. Indeed, the film has a definite 80s slasher vibe to it, and a streak of very dark humour. But of course, being a low budget indie horror, featuring a lot of upcoming actors, isn’t quite up to the same standard as its contemporaries.

Lovers of these low budget slashers may enjoy this, but if you prefer mainstream Hollywood fair, may find this a touch dull.

Anyway, the film is up for pre-order on VOD in the US. For more info, visit the official website http://www.allthroughthehousemovie.com 

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