Sunday 20 October 2013

Jorg Buttgereit at the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood.

One for my US site visitors, German Director JORG BUTTGEREIT celebrates the 2014 Special Edition BD and DVD releases of his classic film NEKROMANTIK with a special 35MM PRINT SCREENING at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood (US) on October 24th.
This new BD/DVD release of NEKROMANTIK will also feature his first short film HOT LOVE, The Making of NEKROMANTIK, Jörg Buttgereit film trailers, featurette, and the isolated soundtrack from the film.
Jorg will also be using the event to promote his new film GERMAN ANGST, which celebrates the return of cult director Jörg Buttgereit after a twenty-year absence from horror filmmaking, while Andreas Marschall continues his exploration of a dark underworld embodied by lust and sex and the psyche with Michal Kosakowski confronting us with violence in all levels of society today, tossing the viewer’s preconceptions aside for a psychovisual feast.
GERMAN ANGST began its Kickstarter run on October 10, inviting viewers and new fans to be a part of the filmmaking process.

For more info on his new film visit
German Angst - Official Website
German Angst - Facebook
German Angst - Kickstarter Page
For more info about the special Nekromantic screening visit the Egyptian Theatre Website.
Cult Epics continues releasing high-quality cult horror cinema throught 2014 with HYSTERIA on Blu-Ray & DVD in Feb., a Blu-ray of the surreal DEATH BED in March, and ZERO KILLED 2 Disc Extreme Edition DVD & Blu-ray April, and NEKROMANTIK later in 2014.

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