Wednesday 1 July 2015

Lucio Fulci Poker Cards available for pre-order

From Gods and Monsters, the people who gave us those wonderful Video Nasties : Lurid Top Trumps cards comes Lucio Fulci Poker Cards. Now available for pre-order, these are extremely limited edition poker cards, featuring images from the eye-searing legacy of Lucio Fulci.
For the dedicated gambler, professional warlock or to sit on your coffee table to woo prospective lovers, no self-respecting dwelling or gin palace is complete without them.
1. High quality plastic-coated poker-sized cards
 2. 36 ‘pip’ cards, all featuring artwork from films associated with Lucio throughout his career
 3. 16 face cards, featuring actors and crew from Fulci’s films
 4. 2 jokers and cover card exclusive to this edition
 5. Brushed steel box featuring a holographic image taken from an iconic film in Fulci’s canon.
 6. Strictly limited edition of 300 units worldwide. Individually numbered.
Price – £15.00 + Shipping and Handling

Priced at £20, pre-orders are being taken now at the lunks below for the exclusive early bird price of £15.

To pre-order visit the Gods and Monsters website

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