Sunday 12 July 2015

"The Walking Deceased" - UK DVD review.

When the dead are smarter than the living, what chance of survival does humanity have? Well that’s what we’re going to find out in Scott Dow’s horror spoof “The Walking Deceased”, which comes to UK DVD this month from Signature Entertainment.
The Walking Dead have turned the world into a Zombieland and 29 Days Later, hapless police officer Sheriff Lincoln (Dave Sheriden – Scary Movie, Horrible Bosses) awakes in the hospital to find the zombie apocalypse in full swing.
Having managed to find his son Chris (who he keeps accidentally calling Carl), they hook up with a group of fellow idiotic survivors from a nearby shopping mall, (and the zombie references keep on coming), whereupon they decide to seek sanctuary at a remote farm. But how will they survive in a world without Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest????
Parodying “The Walking Dead”, “Warm Bodies” and "Zombieland”, along with “Dawn of the Dead” and even “Shaun of the Dead” (not to mention references to numerous other zombie films). I wasn’t initially sure whether I was going to like this, as I’m not usually a fan of spoofs/parodies (particularly as several of the films it makes fun of were comedies themselves). But, I was actually pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it and it boasts a surprising amount of gore for a film making fun of other movies.
Writer Tim Ogletree (who also stars) obviously got the idea after starring in the spoof “Supernatural Activity” and is actually an extremely impressive debut feature from director Scott Dow. Of course, whether you will enjoy this will depend on your love of horror comedies. Yes the film is rather silly and makes fun of a lot of other movies, but it’s tongue is firmly in its cheek and is actually a lot funnier than the idiotic spoofs like the “Scary Movie” franchise.
No extras were included on the disc.
The film is released to UK DVD July 13th
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