Thursday 16 July 2015

"The Dead 2 : India" - UK DVD review

The undead are sweeping across India, as one man battles to reach his girlfriend in “The Dead 2 : India”, which is out now on UK DVD and Digital HD.

Set around the same time as the previous film, American engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Milson – TVs Holby City) is in India, servicing wind turbines, when he gets a call from his Indian girlfriend, Ishani (Meenu Mishra), about civil unrest on the streets of Mumbai.

People are going crazy and attacking others in the streets, some are reportedly being cannibalised.  The hospitals are buckling under the strain of so many victims and the military are out in force trying to pacify the situation.

Despite his company offering to fly him out to safety, Nicholas decides instead to head back to the city to save his girlfriend. Aided by a young boy named Javed (Anand Goyal), who escaped from his orphanage when it was over run by zombies, they have to navigate their way through the wastelands filled with undead villagers. But with Mumbai fast becoming a war zone, as the military struggle to check the spread of infected, even if they do make it there in one piece, will they arrive too late?

Now, I must admit that I wasn’t particularly a fan of the original film, which was way too slow and dull for my liking. But I felt they got it right this time. Noticeably gorier and faster paced than its predecessor, there’s a lot more visible action on screen, and certainly a lot more tension and is definitely one for fans of zombie movies.

The disc I was sent to review contained a trailer as extra, but nothing else (a director’s commentary track and/or behind the scenes feature would have been nice).

The film is available now on UK DVD and online in Digital HD from Altitude Film Entertainment (no BD release though, which is strange). 
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