Tuesday 14 July 2015

"Girlhouse" - UK DVD review

A socially awkward computer hacker with a penchant for live web cams gets a little over obsessive with the girls on a porn site in “Girlhouse”, which comes to UK disc this month from Signature.

College student Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin – “The Hole”[2009] ), is struggling to pay her tuition fees and needs to help support her mother, so takes a job doing live web cam performances on an internet porn site.

This involves her staying with several other girls in a specially equipped house, decked out with web-cams in each room. Giving private performances and web chat’s to the websites subscribers (think of the Big Brother house filled with porn stars and you kind of get the idea).

Unfortunately, her performances attract an obsessive stalker, who becomes fixated on her and when his behaviour becomes somewhat erratic and finds himself blocked from the site. They find that no amount of secure servers and internet firewalls can protect them from a psychotic computer nerd, who quite literally has an “axe to grind” (giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “hacker”).

An interesting film, which given its subject matter was actually surprisingly tame to begin with and nowhere near as sleazy as I thought it was gong to be (nudity does seem to be kept to a minimum), but things do kick up a gear towards the end, when the stalker breaks in and goes on a bloody rampage and its up to the viewers at home to try and call the cops.

Jointly directed by Jon Knautz and Trevor Matthews, who had previously worked together on “Jack Brooks – Monster Slayer”, despite it’s slow build up, “Girlhouse” is an effective slasher movie for the digital age, which doesn’t skimp on the gore.

The disc I was given to review contained only the film, and was devoid of any supplemental features.

The film is out July 20 from Signature Entertainment.

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