Tuesday 23 February 2021

CINE-EXCESS launches Digital Film Channel on Amazon Prime UK

Cine-Excess is set to launch a new Digital Film Channel dedicated to promoting diverse new talent in cult cinema. The first three features will be released on Amazon Prime UK on March 15th 2021.

Films from three exciting new female filmmakers from around the world kick off Cine-Excess’s latest venture: BLACK LAKE (2020), from British Asian director K / XI, FORNACIS (2018), from French director Aurelia Mengin and LEAKAGE (2018), from Iranian director Suzan Iravanian.


A sensory, hypnotic road movie that evokes the experimental imagery of Jean Rollin’s 1970s vampire cinema tells of the dramatic romance between two women, Anya and Frida. Obsessed by the death of her betrothed, Anya is thrown into a world of confusion, in which Frida's memories mix dangerously with reality, causing an oscillation between the solitude of reality and the surrealism of thwarted desires.

View the Trailer on YouTube.


The haunting BLACK LAKE fuses regional myth with horror movie traditions to tell the story  of Aarya, a young female artist who is gifted a red scarf, sent by her aunt from her recent travels to Pakistan. As a result, she is haunted by a Churail: a demonic and malevolent South-Asian Witch and is forced to face the devastating cycles of violence the Churail brings with her.

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Described by Variety as a “high concept arthouse genre film”, LEAKAGE follows Jale, a middle-aged woman who discovers that crude oil is leaking out of her body. This unusual yet empowering phenomenon awakens the hope of a better future in her. On the other hand, it triggers uncertainty and paranoia in the male figures that surround her.

View the Trailer on YouTube.

Founded in 2007, Cine-Excess is a unique event that brings film fans and academics together for a celebration of cult cinema. The Cine-Excess annual film festival and conference has developed a strong international reputation with cinema professionals, academics, and afficionados alike. The Digital Film Channel builds on this success, combining industry expertise with academic practice, and supporting diverse voices in cult cinema.

All three films also feature as part of an online Cine-Excess Distinctive Visions festival from 12th-14th March to promote new visions in cult cinema

For further information on Cine-Excess Digital Film Channel visit: www.cine-excess.co.uk  

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