Thursday 1 September 2016

Vampyres - UK DVD review

Loosely based on the old 1974 film of the same name, this 2015 remake from Spanish director Víctor Matellano transplants the action to rural Spain, where a passing tourist, Ted (Christian Stamm), stops on a country road to give assistance to a young lady who claims to have twisted her ankle.

Giving her a lift back to her remote home, the two subsequently end up in bed together. Feeling somewhat worse for wear the next morning, he finds he’s unable to bring himself to leave, despite the strange nightmarish visions he’s having and the fact that other guests who her friend keeps bringing back to the house seem to disappear.

Meanwhile, a group of campers doing some nature photography nearby, become intrigued by the strange comings and goings at the old house, which they thought was derelict. Whereupon they discover the place is in fact inhabited by a couple of vampire girls, who prey on passing travellers and poor old Ted is being used as their personal blood-bank and now they have to work out how to escape.

Whilst the film passed the time relatively well, the plot seemed a little disjointed in places and had to rewatch several scenes to understand what had happened. There were also a lot of loose ends that weren’t explained, like the mysterious guy with the scythe who pops up at intervals throughout the film.

Caroline Monroe (Maniac) and Eurohorror actress Lone Fleming (Tombs of the Blind Dead) make an appearance as a couple of hotel owners, whose roles seemingly have no bearing on the actual story and appear to have been shoehorned into the plot for no reason other than to add their names to the credits and help pad out the films running time and  then you have May Heatherly (Cannibal Apocalypse) who turns up in a brief role at the end.

Extras on the disc include a making of feature (12:30), an interview with Caroline Monroe (3:25) and a couple of trailers.

The film is released to UK DVD Sept 5th.

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