Thursday 22 September 2016

Psycho meets The Hand That Rocks the Cradle in 'Stray'

Out now in the US from Amazon prime. Jennifer (Gabrielle Stone, Speak No Evil) decides to escape from her violent past and winds up in the sedate and equally idyllic Chestnut Hill. Picking up shifts at a local bar, and finding a friend in Greg (Dan McGlaughlin, Zombie Killers : Elephant’s Graveyard), the bar’s owner. 

But Jennifer isn’t content to remain friends. She quickly comes between Greg and his fiancĂ©e Sarah (Samantha Fairfield Walsh, Funny Bunny) by falling pregnant and claiming Greg as the father of her child. But just as she is on the brink of becoming a part of a family, her hidden, unspeakable past catches up to her, which spells disaster for all who have come to know her in Chestnut Hill.

Is it possible for Jennifer to break the cycle and overcome her violent history, or will she flee again, doomed to remain a wandering stray? 

Stray is out now in the US on Amazon Prime  from Indie Rights.

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