Friday 2 September 2016

CYBORG X - Available on UK DVD and Digital HD Sept 12

Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado) stars in the action-packed Sci-Fi thriller CYBORG X, available on Digital HD and DVD September 12 from Sony Home Pictures Entertainment.

The year is 2018. One year after a deadly Cyber Virus has infiltrated and seized control of X-Corp, a top secret and highly advanced weapons manufacturer. Now the world is an apocalyptic wasteland of death and destruction. What’s left of the human race is hunted down and destroyed by X-Corp’s ground units (an army of Cyborgs and Battle Drones). In order to save themselves and all of mankind from extinction, a small group of fighters band together in their quest to fight back. Armed with a new piece of counter intelligence, big guns, and lots of bullets, they set off on a suicidal mission to penetrate X-Corp’s head facility and shut the machines down from the source. But once inside they soon discover there may be more to the Cyber Virus than initially realized.

The film also stars  Eve Mauro (SAGA: Curse of the Shadow, Sorority Party Massacre), Rocky Myers (Survivor, Safari), Jake Stormoen (Mythica: A Quest for Heroes), Angie Papanikolas (War Pigs) and is written and directed by K.King (Zombie Hunter).

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