Thursday 30 January 2014

New Poster and Trailer released for "Gravedigger".

Producer Keith Collins got in touch this week to tell us about his new film "Gravedigger", which is being shot in New Jersey, as they have just revealed the poster artwork (pictured left) for the film and have released a new trailer to YouTube (see link below).
“Gravedigger” tells the story of Steve Borden (Keith Collins- "The Meat Puppet"), a brilliant, young criminal defense attorney, who makes his living defending the indefensible. When a case gone horribly wrong haunts him, Borden’s conscience begins to send him into a guilt-ridden spiral. District Attorney Mike Ruble (Brandon Ruckdashel) suspects that the recent rash of dead bodies turning up in shallow graves are down to town's Police Cheif George Orkin (Jim McKeown), who is tied to crime boss Charles Muzzatti (John Stoerback - "The Next Vigilante").

As paranoia rises and Borden, Orkin, Ruble & Muzzatti try to pin the murders on each other, could another, more sinister force be hunting them? Codes, morals and misguided views of justice collide when the law, the mob and the Gravedigger face off in a bloody battle that will darken the survivor’s souls forever. But will burying the guilty, bury the Gravedigger’s own guilt?

Guns N Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal and former NY Yankees Baseball Player, Billy Sample also star. View the trailer of YouTube.

For more info visit the film's IMDB and Facebook pages.


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