Tuesday 21 January 2014

Graveyard Calling announces 4 new horror soundtracks

Graveyard Calling Horror Records have announced 4 new titles, which will be available through their website shortly, available on retro style audio cassette and digital download.
Vespar - Alchemy

Fresh from the lab- US artist Vespar brings 7 tracks of transmutated-monsterstep! Includes 2 bonus tracks!
Available on chemical-green cassette! Preorder now for instant download of "Slime"
Darknesss - Destination of Madness

Greek darkpsy artist Darkness takes you on a psychedelic journey into hell! Each track increases in pace- feel your sanity slipping away as you get closer to the end!

Transparent cassette! Preorder now for instant download of "Horror Visions"
Gost - Skull
80s-horror-soundtrack influences mixed with electro beats/basslines. Second run on whiter-than-a-bleached-skull cassette! Only 30 made!
Preorder now for instant download of all 7 tracks!

Gost - S/T
Gost's new EP on white cassette! Currently available to preorder as a bundle (including an awesome t-shirt) from Gost's bandcamp.
Preorder for instant download of "Ritual" and "Cascade"

To listen to samples from these titles and to pre-order, visit  http://www.graveyardcalling.co.uk

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