Friday 3 January 2014

John Voight battles "DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE" on UK DVD

DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE stars Oscar winner Jon Voight (Mission Impossible, Transformers) as the most famous of vampire hunters - Van Helsing, in this brand new fantasy action film coming to UK DVD 3rd February.

Misunderstood, despised and hunted, Dracula (Luke Roberts - "300 : Rise of an Empire") is driven to pursue an ill-fated quest for the Lightbringer – a mythical weapon dating back to the days of Cain and Abel. According to legend only those direct descendants of Cain and Abel can wield the Lightbringer; in the hands of one it brings eternal life, in the hands of another, death…

In his ruthless search for this coveted weapon, Dracula crosses paths with the beautiful crusader Alina and a further obsession is born as she becomes the object of his desire. Kidnapped and in harm’s way, will the renowned and feared vampire hunter, Van Helsing (Voight), be able to save her before Dracula sinks his teeth in…

The film is released to UK DVD 3rd February from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.

Extras on the disc include...

-Cast interviews
-Building the Castle featurette
-Theatrical trailer

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