Monday 13 January 2014

House of Evil - crowdfunding appeal

Italian director Massimiliano Cerchi is working on his new film "House of Evil", which will be shot on 3D using 4K professional cameras.
Intended as a throw back to 80s horror films like Poltergeist and Hellraiser, the film will star Robert Lasardo ("Death Race"), US TV actor Jeff Kim, German action movie star Sebastian Van Vrey and Playboy model Tawny Amber Young ("Nude Nuns with Big Guns") .
Filming is to begin shortly, but in order to secure the remining finances needed to cover the films budget, he's appealing for your help.

"The House of Evil" is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with an aim to reach $10,000. In the first day of the campaign they have raised a total of $635 so in the first 24 hours they are slowly approaching the 10% funded marker which is very impressive.
To Donate visit the campaign right here -

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