Friday 26 October 2018

The Snarling - UK DVD review

The producers of a zombie film encounter problems on set when a werewolf proceeds to run amok, in the nearby village in Pablo Raybould's feature film directorial debut The Snarling which is out is Disc this month, ahead of its forthcoming Digital release. 

A group of bar-flys in a village pub get roped in to being extras on a low budget zombie film that's shooting nearby. But unfortunately for them, someone, or something, has been going round bumping off members of the cast and crew as well as preying on some of the locals.

Matters are not helped when the lead actor, Greg Lupeen (Laurence Saunders - The Seasoning House) is hospitalised, following an unfortunate incident with a sausage wrapped in tin foil. But nothing is going to stop the director finishing his movie, even of he has to rope one of the extras in to stand in for him (Saunders again). 

When the bungling cops (one of which played by the director) investigating the spate of bizarre deaths notice a pattern of similar deaths whenever the films lead actor was appearing in a film during a full moon, they suspect they may have a werewolf on their hands, but have they got the right man?

Aping "American Werewolf in London" and other old Werwolf films, this was really more of a campy comedy than a horror, and was actually bloody good fun. Was surprised to see Chris Simmonds (who played Mickey Webb in TV's THE BILL) in this, along with TV presenter Julie Peasgood, who has a minor role (Albert Moses who had a brief role in American Werewolf also makes a cameo appearance).

If you like horror comedies, I'd say The Snarling is definitely worth 90mins of your time! The film is out on UK DVD from October 29th and will be available Digitally from November 5th from Left films.

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