Monday 8 October 2018

UFO - UK DVD review.

A brilliant maths student unearths evidence of Alien visitations and a government cover up in Ryan Eslinger's UFO, which is out now on UK DVD.

When news reports come in of a UFO sighting over a busy airport in Cincinnati, maths student Derek (Alex Sharp) realises the so called eye-witness accounts, claiming it to be a drone, don't match with the video footage being circulated after doing some complex calculations regarding the objects height and distance.

Investigating further, it seems whatever it was transmitted some sort of binary code, which affected radio frequencies in the area, which may be a message as to where they're going to appear next and both Derek and Govt officials, lead by an FBI agent named Ahls (David Strathairn - TV's The Expanse, Sneakers), race to decrypt it.

Not exactly "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", this wasn't bad as far as sci-fi films go, though it did have a kind of made for TV feel to it though and was rather like watching an episode of The X Files. Which is ironic as Gillian Anderson has a supporting role in this as Derek's university lecturer, although she's almost unrecognisable here under the red wig she's wearing.

If you like sci-fi thrillers, you'll probably enjoy this. It's not an action film, but it held my attention for its duration so I'd say it's worth giving it a go.

The disc itself is a bare bones release, with just the usual basic menus and chapter selection pages, and does not contain any supplemental features.

UFO is out now on UK DVD from Sony Entertainment.

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