Thursday 4 October 2018

Lake Placid Legacy - UK DVD review

Well it seems 3 sequels and a crossover movie with the Anaconda franchise wasn't enough for the overly long series of Killer Croc films as we now have a sixth installment, in the form of Lake Placid Legacy, which is out now on UK DVD.

Ignoring the sequels, with a plot that tenuously links it directly to the first. A group of eco-warriors receive a challenge from one of their former members as to who can be the first to check out an abandoned research facility, located in the middle of a lake, which is hidden from maps and GPS devices.

But they arrive only to find not only did their former assosiate beat them to it, but him and his group have been torn to pieces by something very large and unfriendly. It also seems that the research facility they went to investigate was also abandoned in a hurry.

Yes, its seems a remnant from the facilities experimental days, namely a giant killer croc, is rampaging around the island and following an incident with their dinghy, the group find  themselves stranded there, as they try to find a way back off before they all get eaten, as various members get picked off in loving detail by the giant croc.

Starring Katherine Barrell and Tim Rozon from TV's Wynona Earp along with former Hollyoaks actor Maxim Baldry and a bunch of other people you've probably seen on some TV show or other. If you like the other Lake Placid sequels, you should enjoy this, it does take a while to get going though, but is otherwise relatively entertaining for what it is.

The disc is bare bones, with just the usual basic menus and chapter selection pages, and does not contain any supplemental features.

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