Thursday 11 October 2018

THE SECRET OF MARROWBONE - Out on UK DVD/Digital this November

From the writer of THE IMPOSSIBLE and THE ORPHANAGE, comes a unique and haunting psychological thriller set in 1960s rural America. 

THE SECRET OF MARROWBONE is a chilling new haunted house story featuring stand-out performances from the rising cast

After their mother's death, Jack (George McKay) and his siblings, have to learn to survive on their own, hiding from the world in the crumbling family house and with no other place to go. 

When their peaceful existence is threatened by a local lawyer wanting to repossess the house, their mother’s death is only the first of many secrets kept within the walls of the old Marrowbone House that will be revealed. As a menacing presence takes hold, Jack must fight against the demons to protect his siblings.

Starring George McKay (Captain Fantastic, Defiance), Mia Goth (Suspira, Everest) and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) THE SECRET OF MARROWBONE is out to own on DVD and Download this November

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