Saturday 20 October 2018


A special school for troubled girls turns out to be harbouring a dark secret in "Down a Dark Hall", which comes to UK DVD and Digital outlets this month from Lionsgate.

Tearaway teenager Kit Gordy (AnnaSophia Robb - TVs Mercy Street) is facing expulsion from school for a number of incidents. With her mother and stepfather at their wits end with what to do with her, they enlist her in a private boarding school which specialises in straightening out delinquents.

Run by the enigmatic Madame Duret (Uma Thurman - Kill Bill) Kit is surpised to find that despite the schools size, there are only 4 other students beside herself residing there. But stranger still, after only a couple of weeks, they all start to exhibit extraordinary abilities they previously didn't have.

One of them suddenly becomes a genius at maths, another finds she can paint like a seasoned artist whilst Kit suddenly discovers she can play the piano and even compose full concertos.

But when the girls also experience strange shadowy figures prowling the corridors at night and theres more to the staff's eccentric teaching methods than meets the eye, they realise supernatural elements are at work and the staff don't have the girls best interests at heart...

Quite enjoyed this, was rather reminiscent of Suspiria in many ways. Uma Thurman was very good as the strange Madame Duret and the young cast put in a decent enough performance as the troubled teens.

The DVD is a bare bones release, with just basic menus and chapter selection pages, and does not contain any supplemental features aside from a couple of trailers for other Lionsgate horror films that play during start up.

Down a Dark Hall is released to UK DVD and Digital outlets October 22nd.

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