Saturday 30 April 2016

Ratter - UK DVD review.

I was looking forward to reviewing Director Brendon Kramer’s directorial debut RATTER, which is out now in the UK on Digital Download and comes to UK DVD May 4th. However, upon viewing I was disappointed to discover that it’s yet another one of those “found footage” style films, that I am not particularly a fan of.

Set in New York, university student Emma (Ashley Benson - Pixels, TVs Pretty Little Liars) has just moved into a new apartment, seemingly unawhere that her phone, tablet and laptop have all been hacked and her every move is being viewed on the devices cameras by a cyber-stalker.

Made up entirely of footage from her phone and tablet cameras and her laptop webcam, which is what we assume her stalker is watching. Pretty much the entire film is basically just her going about her daily routine. IE, attending class, studying, going shopping, going for drinks, tidying her flat etc, whilst occasionally we can hear the cyber stalker at the other end of the device trying to hack her voice mails and that is pretty much it.

Occasionally, she or a friend gets a cryptic email and she eventually gets the impression that her laptop may have a virus, though nothing really comes of this. At the end, it seems her cyber-stalker may have decided to start stalking her in real life too. But for the best part, it’s just a very dull film showing this girl’s daily routine and the somewhat drawn out ending was far from satisfying and not worth sitting through the previous 1hr 10mins of tedium. 

There is a post credits scene showing a bit more of the somewhat ambiguous ending, but I would imagine most people would have switched off long before this point (Indeed, I fast forwarded through most of it).

This review may sound a touch on the harsh side, but I’m not a fan of the found footage genre at the best of times and have become somewhat jaded by the amount of these type of films I’ve been asked to review of late. Which have all been mind-numbingly boring, due to the fact that nothing ever happens in them and they mostly consist of people sat around talking.

Anyway, its out now on UK VOD and the DVD is released May 4th, which contains a couple of deleted scenes as an extra.

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