Wednesday 6 April 2016

FAITH AND GRACE - New Horror short film

Digital Mass and Tehillah Production in association with Slasher Media are proud to announce the head over heels movie "Faith & Grace". A dark, comic short horror utilising the diverse multicultural talent of the country. Starring Justnara Zaman, Claudia Nettleford, and Ivan Troopa. Directed by Shean Roberts.

Faith & Grace (2015) 3mins 25 seconds

Faith and Grace are best friends since, well for as long as they can remember. They have plenty in common, they love fashion, good food, wine and men. Unfortunately, the men they date never really seem to work out, so they always end up dumping them. In the ground. Grace has just ended her relationship with Dave and Faith is there for her, with a shovel. But, is Dave dead enough?

Inspired by the ‘me me me’ culture Faith & Grace is an original script highlighting how materialistic the world is becoming. Faith & Grace represent people who are lacking in empathy for others that are ploughed down in their pursuit of luxury. As nations steer ever further into a corporate world, it’s the Dave’s of the world that end up in the dirt, whilst the Faiths and Graces carry merrily on.

You can view the film below on YouTube...


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