Tuesday 3 May 2016

Gods and Monsters release Lurid Trumps - Mondo VHS collection

Gods & Monsters are proud to announce the latest addition to their best-selling Lurid Trumps, the card game for the discerning trash fiend and collector.

Following on from the rapturously-received three volumes of Video Nasty Lurid Trumps, they have just unveiled a new strand – Mondo VHS.

Sucking deep upon the musty video libraries of yore, each card will be adorned with a lurid image of video sleeve art from the glory days of pre-certification. Featuring horror, trash, sleaze and the down-right weird, each will be scored by genre experts across four brand new categories: Trash Factor; Sleaze Rating; Rentability and Cover Allure. With 40 cards in the set and future volumes in the same line planned, they’re perfect as a stand-alone game or for sprawling week-long sieges for the dedicated trump veteran.

All cards are printed on plastic-coated, professional grade card-stock and come with an exclusive cover-card. Housed in a transparent plastic case for protection and presentation, what better game to play with infirm relatives or in your local tavern.

Limited to just 200 sets worldwide, we highly recommend pre-ordering as previous sets have sold out in double-quick time. 

To order, and for more information visit https://godsandmonstersrecords.com/ 


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