Monday 25 April 2016

"Seize the Night" - Short film review

Model turned actress Emma Dark’s directorial debut short “Seize the Night”, which she also wrote, produced and starred in, is due to be released online for free May 3rd, following its successful run on the festival circuit and I managed to get an advanced peak at it.

Set in London, the film revolves around a vampire assassin, Eva (played by the director herself), who it seems has fallen out with the other members of her coven.

Unconcerned about the other vampires, who are looking at taking her out, she sets out on a killing spree, starting off with a rival werewolf pack. Only to be stopped mid-purge by their leader Tobias (Carey Thring), who has a job offer for her.

Not used to getting job offers from Werewolves, she is forced to put her feelings aside when it seems the job may help get her old coven off her back permanently...

Mashing up elements of the Underworld films (which were clearly an influence) with the likes of Razor Blade Smile. The film boasts some impressive visuals and some excellent special effects. However, being a low budget production, the acting is, as you would expect, not exactly the best. With the cast sounding like they were reading the lines directly off the page.

Also, clocking in at around 12 minutes, it’s certainly a short, short-film, which seemed to end rather abruptly, like it was building to something, then suddenly stopped, with no explanation of what happened in the preceding scene. Kind of like it was intended as an intro to a much larger film (we can but hope).

But anyway, its certainly an impressive debut from Emma Dark, who looks pretty damn awesome as a vampire. The film can be viewed online for free from May 3rd. 

For more info, visit the Official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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And here's the trailer...

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