Sunday 3 April 2016

"Lilin's Brood" - A film review

"Blair Witch" meets "From Dusk till Dawn" in the Mansa Mojo Brothers (aka film makers Artii Smith and Phil Simon) found footage horror “Lilins Brood”, which has been out on US VOD since February and has also recently been released to VOD outlets in the UK.

A group of investigative journalists are looking into a number of missing persons that have disappeared around their state. Having interviewed several of their next of kin, they find that all the men involved had frequented a high class Bordello, which resides just outside of Oregon, deep in the countryside.

Suspecting the establishment is a front for an organ trafficking ring, they decide to drive out to the place and stake it out. But when their camper-van breaks down close to the property, which is located in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to go there to ask for help.

The lady running the place, Madam Phu, initially seems very welcoming, providing them with the perfect opportunity to check the place out from the inside. But as they are soon to discover, this is no ordinary bordello and they have far worse problems to worry about than suspecting organ traffickers, as they find the girls in this place will quite literally “bleed you try”….

Filmed entirely through the journalists camcorders, this is another one of those ‘found footage’ style films, which as I’ve said in numerous other reviews, I am not generally a fan of and this film was no exception.

Aping the basic the plots of both “Blair Witch” and “From Dusk till Dawn” and mixing in elements of “House of 1000 Corpses”, the main problem for me was there are these really long periods where nothing happens, with these really drawn out scenes of people just sat around talking, driving round in their camper-van or just wandering round places, which really doesn’t make for very entertaining viewing.

Clocking in at around 1hr 20mins, its not an overly long movie and things do kick up a gear towards the end, where the girls at the bordello finally “show their fangs” (so to speak) and the crew are forced to fight their way out. But in my view, the pay off in the last 10 mins or so really wasn’t worth sitting through over an hours worth of  tedium.

One for die-hard vampire film fans only. The film is currently out on VOD in both the US and UK.

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