Tuesday 7 June 2016

The Reprobate - New Print Magazine Coming Your Way

We live in a world of sterile culture, vacuous conformity and relentless thought control – the dull thud of empty thought; the crashing inanities of bores; the ill-formed opinions of nitwits. You deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

And The Reprobate plans on giving you EXACTLY what you deserve.

From the people who brought you Divinity and Headpress, and writers who have worked on titles as varied as Loaded, Penthouse, Skin Two, Redeemer, Real Crime, Brutal as Hell and Rapid Eye, this is the magazine for the modern contrarian. The malcontent who knows that the good life always needs a decidedly bad side. The decadent elite who know that a life devoid of risk is a life devoid of pleasure – and pleasure is the only thing that really matters.

Issue 0 of The Reprobate is available to read online now, free of charge: 88 pages of essential goodness, including features on Alexander McQueen, Ugly George, Laurel and Hardy, Jack the Ripper, the mysteries of perfume sensuality, Ouija boards, strange medical experiments and the lost world of the Salton Sea, plus reviews of cult movies (Beat Girl, Orion, Mary Millington), music (Wendy James, Babymetal), books, food and drink, exotic places and much more.  Everything the sophisticated lady or gentleman could need in one convenient place.

Read it, enjoy it and then pre-order the first print issue with exclusive extras and offers. Single issues, subscriptions and collector packs all available. Issue 1 includes Human Centipede director Tom Six sharing sartorial tips, noise merchants Whitehouse examined, Tiny Tim remembered, a detailed look at Hammer’s unmade Vampirella,  fetish clubbing explored, Russ Meyer, Modesty Blaise and much more art, fashion and lifestyle goodness (contents subject to change, of course).

That all-important viewing / pre-order Indiegogo address...

And visit the website: http://reprobatemagazine.uk

Uncensored, unrestrained and unrepentant, The Reprobate is coming.

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