Tuesday 7 June 2016


Dark Signal which is out now on UK DVD and Download from Kaleidoscope Entertainment, is certainly one of the more unusual films I’ve had to review recently.

A radio DJ and her producer, unhappy with the prospect of being made redundant, as their local radio station is being taken over by a major network and "centralised", decide to have a little fun on their last night. DJ Laurie ditches the playlist and proceeds to play songs that she wants to hear, whilst producer Ben invites a psychic medium onto the show to see if they can make contact with any ghostly spirits.

Meanwhile, a young mother who's in deep financial trouble, is convinced by her new boyfriend to help him do a robbery at some remote mansion, which he assures her will solve all her financial troubles. Only to get more than she bargains for when they encounter a vengeful spirit, a creepy old farmer and the prospect that there may be a serial killer stalking them.

The two, seemingly unrelated, stories run parallel to each other, until the two plots converge near the end in a series of brutal confrontations.

Supposedly set in the Welsh valleys, I was extremely surprised at the distinct lack of Welsh accents in the film. Indeed, not only are most of the leads decidedly English sounding, the 2 supporting female characters, the psychic and the single mother, are played by an Italian and Polish girl respectively, whilst the creepy old farmer was played by noted Scottish actor James Cosmo.

Though hyped as being a Neil Marshall picture, it seems he had little direct involvement, serving instead as a producer. With the film actually directed by some chap named Edward Evers-Swindell, who's only other directorial credit being a 2005 direct-to-video feature called "Infestation".

The film passed 90mins quite well and is worth a watch, but was a little disjointed.

The film is available to buy online now.

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