Friday 3 June 2016

PARAMEDICS picked up for Girls and Corpses Presents Label by Tomcat Films

PARAMEDICS from Writer/Directer/Producer Rodney Wilson and Producer/Set Designer Don-John Kulish is a terrifying horror film about two heinous serial killers who masquerade as rescue paramedics preying on the injured to obtain their organs for the black market. 

When they capture a beautiful woman, things go astray as both men fall for her and she manipulates them to survive their horrific agenda. 

Joe Bocian (After Dust 2) and Brian Landis Folkins (The Clearing) star as ambulance drivers in this gory Horror/Psychological thriller. Jenice Marshall as Cindy is known for her work on Reunion (2008), Automatic (2005) and Epicure (2001)

Special FX and gore galore were handled by Midian Crosby’s Monster Makeup FX, Todd Debreceni and Kevin Ward (Face-off).

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