Friday 3 February 2017

Video Nasty Lurid Trumps – Volume 4 available for pre-order

Have you been collecting the Video Nasty Lurid Trump card sets? Well Gods and Monsters have opened pre-sales for the final set.

These will cover the remaining so-called Section 3 titles, films which could have left you liable for an appearance at the local Magistrate’s Court, out of pocket and waving a fond farewell to your tape. 

The titles covered this time range from the well-known – Friday 13th Part II; Night of the Living Dead – to the downright trashy and obscure – Mad Foxes; Honeymoon Horror and Enter the Devil, to name but three. As with previous sets, we will be using the original UK VHS sleeve images.

X40 hi-def plastic-coated cards on premium games-board
Exclusive cover card featuring a key player in the Video Nasties furore
Plastic case for protection and display purposes
X200 sets worldwide
The cards will be sent to press as soon as we pay for their manufacture – the sooner we get your orders, the sooner you’ll get your cards! There may even be some surprises we can announce nearer the time.

For more info  and to pre-order, visit...

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