Saturday 26 October 2019

HARPOON - A review

3 dysfunctional friends quite literally find themselves all at sea, in the jet-black horror-comedy HARPOON, which is out now on the new ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL.

Over privileged rich-kid Richard (Christopher Gray – TVs The Mist), invites his trophy girlfriend Sasha (Emily Tyra – TVs Flesh and Bone) and misfit best friend Jonah (Munro Chambers – Turbo Kid) out for a day on his family’s yacht, as a means of saying sorry. Following a “slight” misunderstanding earlier in the day, when he accused them of having an affair.

However, when Richard discovers he was actually right, it leads to a massive fight with all 3 trying to kill each other. But when the boat subsequently breaks down, leaving them adrift in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The trio end up having to work together in order to find ever more inventive, and not to mention amusing, ways of trying to stay alive when the food and water runs out. 

One things for sure, they’re going to regret letting someone with the name “Jonah” on board their vessel, in this funny, gory and deeply ironic tale. As resentment builds and some harsh truths come out, where it seems no one is as innocent as they appear...

HARPOON is available now exclusively on the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. The film will be given a wider home entertainment release onother digital platforms and on disc next year.

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