Friday 25 March 2016


The delightfully, deadpan, darkly comical HE NEVER DIED from director Jason Krawczy FINALLY gets a UK release on VOD.

Former punk rocker Henry Rollins plays a socially awkward man, who rarely speaks and spends his time either sleeping in his flat, eating at the local diner or playing bingo with the old folk at the local church.

But when his estranged daughter gets embroiled in some dodgy dealings with some low-rent mobsters, it kick starts a chain of events that makes you question just who or what he is, as events between him and the mobsters escalate and they seem unable to take him down no matter how many times they try.

The humour is as dead-pan as it can get and Rollins is just excellent as the mysterious misfit, who seems more Terminator than Human.

This one has been playing the festical circuit to much acclaim and comes highly reccommended.

The film can be viewed online or downloaded for all good VOD outlets including

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