Thursday 10 March 2016

"The Pack" - UK DVD review

Arrow films unleash the hounds this month, with the release of Antipodean horror “The Pack”, which is out now on UK DVD.

Set in Southern Australia, farmer Adam Wilson (played by Aussie TV actor Jack Campbell) and his wife Carla (Anna Lise Phillips) are struggling to maintain payments on their family’s property, despite having secondary jobs as vetinary surgeons. But when they find something nasty has slaughtered their livestock, angry letters from the bank prove to be the least of their worries.

As night falls, the family find themselves under siege by a pack of wild dogs, who surround the property and attack anything that moves. Short on ammo, with seemingly no way out and dozens of feral hounds trying to smash their way in, the family,
quite literally, find themselves fighting for their lives in this brutal directorial debut from Nick Robertson.

Fast paced, and action packed, I found this to be a sufficiently gripping thriller, though it’s not the sort of film you’d enjoy if you hate scenes of (albeit simulated) animal attacks or violence against animals. As people are mauled to death by the feral beasts, who in return take to shooting, burning and bludgeoning the not-so furry friends in self defence.

The disc also contains a 7-minute making-of feature, which includes interviews with the cast and crew and behind the scenes footage.

The film is out now on UK DVD from Arrow.
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