Monday 7 March 2016

"Alienated" - A Review

Just because you believe in Aliens and a lot of bizarre conspiracy theories doesn’t mean you’re necessarily wrong is the basic premise of Brian Ackley’s “Alienated” which comes to US VOD outlets and selected US cinemas this Month.

Nate (George Katt) is minding his own business, when he spots some strange lights in the sky whilst outside his property one evening. Catching the lights on camera, he tries to show his wife Paige (Jen Burry), who seems largely uninterested. Having become tired of her husbands obsession with wild conspiracy theories, she simply dismisses what he saw and refuses to watch the recording, even though the somewhat deranged next door neighbour (Taylor Negron) claims to have seen them too.

This causes some consternation, putting pressure on their already strained marriage and they spend pretty much the entire rest of the film arguing over what he saw and whether any of his bizarre beliefs could be true, and that’s pretty much the entire film.

Needless to say, I was somewhat under whelmed by this. Thought I was going to see a film about an alien invasion, instead I got 90 mins of this couple arguing and abusing one another, interspersed with discussions about Ufology and various so-called government conspiracy theories.

To be fair, the film is competently shot and the lead actors all put in respectable performances, being made up of mostly regular working actors from TV and film and there is a twist at the end (that I won’t spoil for you) which may indicate he could be right about what he saw. But to be honest, the pay off is not worth sitting through 90 odd minutes of this couples tedious arguments.

“Alienated” is available from VOD outlets in the US this month from Gravitas Ventures.

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