Saturday 5 March 2016

"Emelie" - UK VOD & DVD review

Michael Thelin’s extremely warped tale of bad babysitting is released to UK VOD outlets March 14 on the Frightfest Presents label, ahead of its DVD release in April.

A young family hire a babysitter at short notice, after being recommended by one of their friends. But, no sooner are they out the door, we quickly see another side to young “Anna” (Sarah Bolger – TV’s “The Tudor’s”) who seems more interested in seeing how much she can get away with, and how much she can shock the children with her erratic behaviour, than looking after them.

As the evening goes on, it soon becomes clear the glowing recommendations on her Facebook page don’t bear any relation to her actual child minding abilities, as we see her behaviour getting increasingly bizarre, in this cautionary tale of making sure you vet your babysitters properly, before heading out for the evening.

This was Mike Thelin’s first foray into the horror genre, being a prominent music video and TV director and was certainly a very bold film for a debut movie, not to mention a very bizarre and disturbing one. I saw this at the Mayhem film festival in Notts last October and it certainly kept the audience gripped throughout and had them cheering at the end.

If you have kids you’ll probably never want to hire a babysitter again after seeing this film.

The film hits UK VOD outlets March 14 and comes to UK DVD April 4th.

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