Wednesday 16 March 2016


I seem to recall, several years ago, there was an online petition, campaigning for notorious B-movie director Uwe Boll to stop making films. Clearly it was unsuccessful, as he’s back, albeit serving as producer, with another zombie clunker “Anger of the Dead”, which is out now on US DVD and VOD.

Set in some unspecified part of America (though probably somewhere in Europe, judging by the dodgy English accents), young mother Alice (Roberta Sparta) discovers that the recent outbreaks of civil unrest in the news are actually the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse. No sooner does she get a call from her husband, warning her to lock the door and wait till he gets home, there’s a zombie at the door, which proceeds to chow down on her daughter.

Escaping outside, she hooks up with a fellow escapee, Stephen (Marius Bizau), who's fleeing  the zombie pandemic, and together they head out into the country, hoping to survive on the road.

Flashing forward several months, a woman being held at a survivalist camp and repeatedly abused, manages to escape, much to the chagrin of the leader, Rooker (Aaron Stielstra), who sets out to bring her back.

The 2 stories eventually intersect and the female prisoner and Alice find themselves having to dodge Rooker and his militia-men, whilst fending off hoardes of zombies, as they try and make it to a place of safety.

Directed by Francesco Picone, making his feature film debut with this. The film is sadly a bit of a borefest and something of a disjointed mess, as the story constantly flashes back and forward as it tries to fill in some of the back story, throws the viewer off with a number of dream sequences and introduces a sudden sub-plot, about the prisoner at the survival compound, which doesn’t immediately bare any relation to anything that’s gone on before. 

To be fair, the acting isn’t bad for a low budget film of this sort, it’s just the messy plot and un-engaging script that prevent this from being entertaining.

Anyway, if you like low budget B-movies, you'll probably enjoy it. The film is out now in the US on both DVD and from VOD outlets.

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