Thursday 31 March 2016

'Nordic Noir and Beyond' to release HEARTLESS

Nordic Noir and Beyond, the market leaders in releasing world class European TV shows to wider audiences, are thrilled to announce the release of the cult Vampire hit, Heartless, which arrives on UK DVD from 18th April.
A beautiful supernatural thriller set in an elite Danish boarding school. Twins Sofie and Sebastian (Sebastian Jessen and Julie Zangenberg, Borgen) are no ordinary students. They were born with a curse and carry a dark and fatal secret: in order to live, they need to suck the energy out of other people. 

However, if they don’t stop in time, their victims will burn to death. Sofie and Sebastian try to find a way to overcome their curse but their new life at the school does not make it easy for them, especially as they have to contend with other more normal teen emotions. However, the siblings are not the only ones with secrets – a mystery that dates back to the year 1666 emerges.

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