Saturday 30 July 2016


Out on UK DVD Monday, Aug 1st. Shark Lake stars Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) as Clint Gray, a black market dealer in exotic animal species, who is forced to dump his latest acquisition, a shark of all things, into a nearby lake after he's collared by the police.

Subsequently jailed, one of the local Sheriff's deputies, Meredith Hernandez (Sarah Lane – Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) takes pity on his daughter and decides to adopt her. So when he is paroled some 5 years later, she is understandably unhappy about the prospect of getting in a custody dispute with him. 

But it seems that's not her biggest problem. The shark that was unknowingly dumped into the lake has now grown to full size and is proceeding to chow down on the locals. Aided by a local marine biologist (Michael Aaron Milligan - The Last Heist), they attempt to hunt this thing down before it can attack again.

Not overly gory, the film is typical of the sort of film that can be found playing on the Sci-Fi channel most weekday afternoons. Though for what was obviously a low budget film, the CGI was surprisingly good.

Whilst it was enjoyable seeing Dolph Lundgren hamming it up on camera, it seems most of the plot was centred around the Sheriff's deputy and her reluctance to let her adopted daughter see her biological father, with the whole shark thing being almost secondary to the plot.

To summarise, Shark Lake isn’t a bad film, but isn’t a great one either. Would have benefited from some additional black humour as, with the exception of a scene with a stereo-typical British naturalist, who ends up coming to an untimely end, the film was pretty much played straight, which is a pity as I think it would have worked better as a cheesy comedy.

Anyway, the film is released to UK DVD Aug 1st by Soda Pictures and contains a trailer as an extra.

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