Sunday 3 July 2016

Bachelor Games - Film Review

A group of drunken English lads on a stag holiday in Argentina get a nasty surprise whilst out backpacking in Edward McGown’s feature film debut BACHELOR GAMES, which is released digitally worldwide this month.

Henry (Jack Gordon – Wrong Turn 3, TVs Crimson Field), is getting married and has decided on an unusual stag holiday with his 4 friends. Back packing across the mountains of Argentina.

But when a practical joke goes disastrously wrong, leaving one of them injured and separating them from their guide, it proves to be only the start of their problems. Miles from the nearest town and in desperate need of assistance, their matters are compounded when they then find themselves at the mercy of a mysterious hunter, who proceeds to start picking the group off.

To make matters worse, rather than band together it seems each of them has been harbouring ill feelings towards each other for various reasons, and they quickly begin to turn on one another. So if the hunter doesn’t finish them off, they may end up doing the job for him.

Also starring Charlie Bewley (TVs The Vampire Diaries), Jack Doolan (Cockney’s VS Zombies), Mike Noble (TVs Mr Selfridge, forthcoming Kill Command) Whilst the basic story may ape the typical “teens in peril” formula, what sets this apart is its impressive camerawork, showcasing the vastness of the Argentine mountains. There’s also a wicked streak of black humour that runs throughout, though the booze addled Brits (and their possibly psychotic American chum) are so unlikeable, you’ll probably be rooting for the hunter.

The film is released Digitally July 8th and is available through iTunes. 

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